Awesome Photo Session and Video by Yana Koshkina for MAXIM has played them all, all in all she has about fifty roles in films and serials
Yana Koshkina
Maxim - Yulya (friend of Vary), Larissa, Liza (the wife of Voronezh bandit), Rita, Marina, Stesha (singer, Arseny's girlfriend), Alla, Marina, Snezhana, Natalia, Julia (Roma's wife), Tonya, Angela, Marina ... Yana Koshkina has played them all, all in all she has about fifty roles in films and serials. And since September, she begins to lead on the First Channel a new show - "Kings of plywood."

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photos: Ilya Vartanyan
Style: Irina Volkova

How did it happen that the main Stars of the First Channel were thrown out, and they took you? This is cleared for you?

I do not know how it happened. In fact, negotiations with me and Pasha Priluchny about the new show were much earlier. The project "Kings of plywood" - the Russian version of the legendary Lip Sync Battle, a new format for Russia "anti-cara". The participants reproduce on the stage world music hits and participate in a series of crazy competitions. The winner of each issue receives the champion belt "King of the plywood".

Yana Koshkina

But are you always on stage? Or, as in the series "Chop", flashed occasionally with its beautiful forms, and the rest of the time people will look sad?

No, you! I will always bring joy to the scene. Both forms and deep inner content. And the outfits there I have quite frank. In general, the First Channel lacked such sexual leaders, but now this problem has been solved.

Thanks to which series you began to learn on the street?

The most amazing thing is that they started to recognize me after "Interns", although there I played a small part in one series - friend of the character Christina Asmus. But what a story was, it's hard for me to remember. The spectators remember, it is necessary to ask them. And, of course, I was glorified at the age of thirteen by a St. Petersburg TV series about schoolchildren.

You went so well into the image of a schoolgirl?

No. I just had a major role, and the show was going every night of four years. I think that I was remembered even by those who always switch when the series begins.

Wait, then it turns out that at the age of thirteen you were loved for the actor's data, not for the bust, as some consider. After all, you did not have it then?

How could it not have happened ?! Was! It was just that he was still small. In addition, I am a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics and in those years actively trained. And when you constantly crawl on the carpet, your chest is afraid to grow. Well, or erased about the carpet, I do not know. But, if you quit, everything starts to grow at once. Some experience, try to lose weight. But I was lucky. At me all is harmonious. Maybe that's why I got such success after the series "ChOP", where the whole accent is just on my forms.

Yana Koshkina

You have the same actor's education. What animals and objects did you depict in the first year?

First a puppy who very much wants to go to the toilet, but his hosts do not take him out for a walk. Then the sheep the wolf wanted to bite. And from the objects I was best able to succeed a drop of water, which flows out of the tap and for some reason drips onto the hot plate. From laughter lay all.

What are the premieres for the audience this fall?

I now have eight projects in my work. September 4 - the premiere of the new season of the series "Molodezhka." Since September 14 in all cinemas in the country, the full-length film "Partner" has been released. In the main role - Sergei Garmash. And I'm very beautiful there, I run the whole movie in my underwear.

Excellent! And what else is your role?

I'm a secret agent! Looks like a cute fool, but in fact everything is much more complicated.

Hardly you do without social networks. Where can you communicate with you?

You can write in the Instagram to direct. I regularly look through it.

Yana Koshkina

So, you already have a large collection of penises from various nerds and generous offers to come to their sauna for a hundred bucks?

A hundred bucks? Offending. One of them offered me eight million dollars for dinner in Dubai! So that I just flew in, had supper and left.

Did not promise to pay in advance?

Did not specify. I always ignore such proposals without thinking.

Think. Still eight million dollars! In the film "The Indecent Proposal", Demi Moore herself agreed for one million. Especially since it's just dinner.

And how can I eat if a person turns out to be unpleasant to me? No, I do not need this kind of money. In addition, in my personal life, I'm all right.

All actors dream of playing Hamlet. You too?

No. I dream of playing Nastasya Filippovna.

Yana Koshkina
List your shortcomings.

I can easily endure the brain. And now I very easily cross out people from my life. If earlier I could forgive even a lie, now right away goodbye. I hate when they lie. When they pontify. When a person says that he is like that, but in fact, no. And I can not stand greed. I myself am easy to spend money. I love making gifts to people close to me ... Well, or I can just fly to the casino with friends and go to White Castle.

Have you already starred nude? The web sometimes comes across your nude photos, but there for some reason all the time a different body.

Because I've never acted like that. And even in the series "Second Chance", where I stick out of the hatch of a topless limousine, they specially invited a doublet for this purpose. However, when she was brought to the site, it turned out that she was half the size of me, with a zero breast size and blonde. And when I asked the director's assistant, by what criteria she was selected, he said: "So her name is Yana too!"

It's funny. By the way, have not you started singing yet? Now all the actresses also record singles.

Exactly. I promise to surprise everyone. You can already turn on your TVs. ( Maxim Russia )

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