And now you want to move there, because Ekaterina Kotaro lives there and reigns Miss MAXIM 2017
Ekaterina Kotaro
Maxim - How much did you know until this day about Shadrinsk, except that it is the most beautiful city in the Kurgan region? And now you want to move there, because Ekaterina Kotaro lives there and reigns - "Miss MAXIM 2017"!

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Yury Koltsov
Produced by: Anna Mira
Style: Irina Volkova

That's the main annual beauty and sexuality contest MISS MAXIM 2017! We have a little bit of a rest, have breathed a spirit after the grandiose finale and we acquaint you with ten finalists. For two weeks we spread photos and videos of participants. And today - a crown: meet "Miss MAXIM 2017" Catherine Cotaro!

To become "Miss MAXIM", Katya learned to become a lawyer, started an account with Instagram and experimented with diets, trainings, hairstyles and make-up for two years. Before the victory there was very little - just to bypass thousands of other beautiful rivals.

VK: / katyakotaro
Instagram: / kotyakotyara

You did not doubt the victory?

I did not think about the victory - I was interested in the very participation, new experience and acquaintances, an excuse to break into Moscow. But what is noteworthy, from the very beginning of the competition put in the "Instagram" under their photos the very first hashtag # missmaxim2017, and to the question of the presenter on the stage, who will win, without hesitation replied.

What did you feel a day before the finals, an hour and three minutes before the announcement of the winner?

The day before the finals, I was wrung out and exhausted, but from the last effort I was preparing for the finish jerk. An hour before the finale, I literally felt the euphoria of what was happening around me, felt satisfied that I was where I had found my place. Three minutes before the announcement of the winner, I was curious, I just froze in anticipation and wondered who would take the crown.

How did your boy react to the decision of the jury?

I'll never forget how I saw the shining eyes of my man in the crowd. He is happy, like me, and maybe even more. I envy him: his girlfriend is Miss MAXIM!

What are you going to do now?

I will continue to work on myself and pull up my creative ideas. I write poems, I really love to sing and, perhaps, I will be engaged in music. Or maybe I'll start a humorous blog. For a long time I wanted to do stand-ups, even started collecting material and enlisted the support of the comics I respect.

What do you know best and what can you do best?

Selfy. In this I'm special. No one can take me down better than me, and I know what people like. I also fed a cat to eight kilograms. Now he loves everyone and collects far more likes.

Do you have any shortcomings?

Problems with self-identification. Today I'm recording a cool song, tomorrow I'm winning in a dance competition, and the day after tomorrow I make the most amazing Ikebana from the bouquets received. But I can not stop on one thing.

What is your favorite treat?

Beer and fried tomatoes.

And the crown dish?

Julien and cheese-creamy soup.

What do tattoos mean?

Two mandalas on hands and a cat with ears from a hare on a leg help me to believe in myself and the bright future!

Do you like only men or someone else?

Girls, too. But when I'm sobering, I want them to leave quickly.

Do you want to say hello to someone?

Of course. I want to convey my greetings to everyone who stood in my way. I was teased as a child, at school was a gray mouse. Psevdodrugi, psevdomuzhchiny, all the way was a lot of negativity in my address, and nastiness in my life did me a lot. Greetings to you, guys! Health and good mood! ( Maxim Russia )

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