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MAXIM - Track down a fearful carrot into the thicket of the forest, kill it with a shot from a double-barreled gun, refresh it and roast it at the stake ... (From a real man's survival guide.)

When it comes to the heat treatment of food, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge steak oozing with meat juice (although it always comes to mind first, so the sample is not representative). Be that as it may, the stereotype that vegetables are the foods that are supposed to be eaten raw and straight from the garden is widespread and ubiquitous.

Let's say right away that there is some truth in this. Heat treatment really has a detrimental effect on the amount of vitamins in vegetables. For example, according to a study by the California Institute, when cooking spinach loses 2/3 of its vitamin C, and carrots - 95%. For vitamins A, D, E and K, this percentage is lower. But at the same time, the temperature destroys the thick cell walls in vegetables and releases other beneficial substances.


Asparagus is rich in vitamins, but its main value is in trace elements, especially the record silicon content (327% of the daily value), which is involved in bone growth and maintaining vascular elasticity. Asparagus also contains other elements of the periodic table that your body needs: chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium. To free them, the asparagus must be boiled or grilled.


Everything is simple here: starch, which is rich in potatoes, in its raw form leads to bloating and flatulence.


We are afraid now to strike a sensitive blow on your worldview, but cooked tomatoes are much healthier than fresh tomatoes. When fried, they are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that also fights several types of cancer. An important detail: for lycopene to be better absorbed, it must be consumed with fats.

Brussels Cabbage/Brocolli/Cauli Flower

The situation with these types of cabbage is not easy. On the one hand, scientists believe that they retain more useful qualities when fresh. But here's the problem: the human body cannot cope with their digestion. So instead of giving you super power or some other qualities, raw Brussels sprouts only lead to bloating and severe pain. So find a compromise - steam the cabbage.


As we wrote above, spinach loses almost all vitamin C during cooking, but it is not appreciated for this, but for the calcium, magnesium and iron it contains, which are released just during cooking.


Actually, mushrooms are not a vegetable or a plant at all, so consider that they have entered this collection solely due to our loyalty to them. Nevertheless, the rules are the same for them. First, eating raw mushrooms is dangerous. And secondly, eating them raw, you deprive yourself of the proteins and potassium they contain. (Maxim)

Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

MAXIM - It seems that even your years playing poker won't help you.

Sad news from the fields of science! According to a study published in the Royal Society Open Science, you can easily figure out a cheater by looking at his face. And, even sadder, this only applies to men.

The experiment involved 1516 adults (61% of them were men). During the study, participants were shown photographs of men and women of the same race as they were and asked the same question: "How likely is this man / this woman to be unfaithful." Answers ranged from "Unlikely" to "Most likely."

All people who agreed to submit their pictures for the experiment were cheating. Moreover, the authors of the study emphasize that it could be a classic betrayal, that is, having sex with a stranger, while being in an exclusive relationship (just in case, we will explain that this is sometimes called monogamous relationships - ed.). Or the situation, which the authors of the experiment call "poaching", that is, having sex with a person about whom you know for sure that he is in a relationship.

It turned out that most of the men and women can easily identify male cheaters just by looking at their faces in the photo. However, neither men nor women were able to recognize deceivers among women.

The study authors suggested that this ability developed over the course of evolution to reduce the likelihood of having an affair with the wrong partner. The authors, however, have not yet figured out why this applies exclusively to male physiognomy.

The study authors also state that since the experiment was conducted exclusively among white cisgender men and women, then perhaps the conclusions can only be applied to this group. But in any case, the authors note that even if the ability to determine the propensity to cheat in appearance does exist, then it is rather limited. (Maxim)
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MAXIM - Happy birthday to Emily and we wish her to post even more sexy photos on Instagram!

On June 7, Emily Ratajkovsky, a model, actress and activist, celebrates her birthday (this is what she says on Instagram). As a model, Emily is often shot for underwear advertising campaigns, and we are very grateful to her for this. As an activist, she advocates for gender equality and, in particular, for the right of women to be sexual and to demonstrate their sexuality without condemning others. And, more importantly, Emily confirms her words with a deed: last year there was even an exhibition of her photos, and the year before. And this probably will pass.

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We cannot imagine a person who, being in a sober memory and at least to some degree of sound mind, could condemn Emily for her sex appeal.

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As for the acting career of Emily, she starred in the videos of several musicians, and in one even topless. She even managed to get into Dima Bilan's video “Indivisible”. Of course, you can find it on YouTube, but we still recommend admiring Emily on her Instagram. Moreover, we have already selected the hottest photos.

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Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

MAXIM - It will certainly help to cope with many diseases. But the world will never be the same.

When Apple first built a fingerprint sensor into the iPhone, the conspiracy theorists immediately began to say that governments are thus collecting the world's largest fingerprint database. When Apple built in the FaceID sensor, the conspiracy theorists said that fingerprints were collected, now you can collect casts of faces to find any person anywhere in the world under surveillance cameras.

What's next? So that conspiracy theorists do not get bored, scientists from Stanford University announced the creation of a smart toilet. According to the researchers, the concept has been in development for 15 years.

The authors compare their invention with a smart watch. A smart toilet should be an important health care partner for every person. He will have to make a quick analysis of human excrement. The list of diseases that can be diagnosed is not at all small: from infections and fungi to worms, cancer of the genitourinary system and kidney failure. For several months, the toilet was tested by 21 people. As for psychological comfort, technology adherents said that using such a toilet bowl not only does not repel, but also adds confidence that it will be possible to diagnose a serious disease at an early stage.

But there is a caveat: usually in the house there are several users of the toilet and they must somehow be distinguished. Identification by chemical composition is too complicated, by weight - unreliable. And the choice fell on periodic photographing. However, it is better not to even think about what the camera looking from the toilet will see.

Scientists say that a smart toilet at an early stage of development and before the appearance of a commercial design for a few more years. But we are ready to wait as long as you want to realize one of the most important jokes in the field of high technology.
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Telegram Illustration
MAXIM - The mode of self-isolation and remote work in connection with COVID-19 has forced thousands of companies around the world to establish communication between employees through video communication services. One of the most popular was ZOOM, which, however, quickly learned to deceive and create their own fake presence at meetings or studies. Now Telegram is thinking about group video calls.

The current global lockdown has stressed the need for a reliable video calling tool. Video calls in 2020 are very similar to messaging in 2013. There are applications that are either safe or usable, but not both. We would like to fix this, and we will focus on providing you secure group video calls in 2020. When they will be ready? You will be the first to know when we are done.

The company's blog, among other announcements, says that in 2020 Telegram will focus on secure group video chats, although the exact release dates are not called.

As for the safety of the same Zoom, doubts are not only in the company of Pavel Durov. When employees of various companies began to use the service on a massive scale, several countries banned its use, as it later turned out to be unreasonably afraid of leaks or data transfer to third parties.

For developers, the service opens up wide scope for life hacks. For example, this programmer created a neural network that can instead communicate at conferences, moreover, fully, with video. So now there is always a reason to suspect: do you really communicate via video link with a living person.