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MAXIM - Tattoo with information, masking tattoo, tattoo repair, tattoo for dating ... Finally, your mother will be delighted with a new pattern on your body.

If you still do not have a tattoo, you are either a hermit, expelled from the monastery for conservatism, or you have innate immunity to fashion. But after what you learn about the benefits of tattoos from the master Anna Darbitskaya, working with a scattering of stars, you probably give up and go under the needle.


During World War II, many officers in Europe and America stabbed their name and blood type. Having such information on your chest or shoulder is always helpful. If you get into an accident, doctors will save time on tests and even praise. And praise from a medic is even more rare than an yeti albino. “Such data can be entered into a drawing associated with a profession,” says Anna. “For example, if a person plays hockey, a blood group can stand among sticks, masks, and other attributes.”


If you have scars, scars and other consequences of participating in the Kulikovo battle, you can do plastic surgeries or use it for years to contract contracting, or you can just close it with a tattoo. “This is my profile, but in general rarely anyone takes on this,” says Anna. - Scars and scars are three-dimensional defects, skin texture changes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the color and intensity of the paint so that the shadows hide the relief. But if done correctly, the defect in the support will not be visible. "


Perhaps you decided to fill yourself with a cheerful blue dolphin, resting in Thailand, and now a spreading purple lizard with a fishtail is smiling from your shoulder. “A color tattoo cannot be removed completely,” the expert says, “but it can be greatly lightened to be closed with a new pattern later. Usually, an old tattoo is not embedded in a new one, but completely overlaps with a darker image. It is both simpler and more aesthetic. ”


tattoos are often ordered by very young people. Even Timati, whom she thoroughly scored, does not only make traditional rapper tattoos for herself.
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MAXIM - It would have been better if Chip and Dale were killed by the death of the brave from the clutches of Fat Cat, than to survive it!

Disney announced the restart of the Chip and Dale cartoon and even showed the first frame, only the spectators are unhappy. In social networks, they have already been called "mutants", "eerie freaks" and "cheap fake." And the indignation of the fans can be understood! The favorites of all children who grew up in the 90s are easy to understand!

In the new series, Chip and Dale do not know. They will lose their usual outfits: Chip - leather jacket and felt hat, like his favorite hero Indiana Jones. And from our friend Dale will only his red nose, goodbye, Hawaiian shirt! About Rocky, Gadget and Vzhike, too, it seems to have to forget.

As it was already explained in DisWorld, the new series will not be related to the popular in the 1990s cartoon “Chip and Dale rush to help”, but will be a continuation of the cartoon about two friends-chipmunks, which was released in 1943 True, in those years, the chipmunk friends were not the main characters, but appeared in episodes about Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Here's what the new Chip and Dale will look like!

It is known that in the new series will be released 39 seven-minute episodes, which will show on their own streaming Disney - service Disney +.

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MAXIM - If you think your answers are flawless, why does she cry in the corner every time, running an ashtray at your head? A girl who has lived for many years among her own kind shares her invaluable experience.

Text: Natalya Radulova

The day will come, and she will ask you. The most innocent, at first glance, question - which, upon closer examination, will be more dangerous than cholera. Unless, of course, you can not find the right answer to it.

Not only women ask strange and inappropriate questions. Tax inspectors, investigators, and embassies of foreign powers, in which you are trying to get a visa, often commit the same sweet weakness. So no need to slander women's obsession - we, at least, very rarely shout at you “Ausvays!”, Demanding that you list the maiden names of all your great-grandmothers in alphabetical order. When we ask you our eternal questions, we often crave not for information - but for the right reaction. And usually do not wait for her. Perhaps this is what we need ... but, generally speaking, both sides would be happier from a compromise. You would stop being angry, she would be offended, and valuable porcelain plates would remain safe and sound. And there are only a few questions for these unfortunates - that you should learn the right answers to them once and for all? Well, please, aah! Well, what should you do?! .. And on earth, happiness will immediately come, and all of us, holding hands, dance the harmony and common delight on the green meadow.

"Do you love me?"

As usual you answer:
a) yes.
b) What do you think I'm doing now?
c) Well, you know why ask!
d) Who? I?

All of the above answers are not answers to this question. In fact, she suspects that you treat her well, but she passionately wants to listen to all beautiful and promising words. A lady needs a sip of attention, and you offer her a few drops. Therefore, she will repeat again: “Do you love me?” Further dialogue is not difficult to predict:

YOU: I said yes!
SHE: That's not what I asked. I asked: do you love me?
YOU: Yes-ahhh! Love Almost like myself. You are happy?
SHE: I just asked if you love me, and you immediately start yelling!

The next half hour you spend in silence. Her conviction blazes with neon letters. You nervously click the TV remote. She slams the bedroom door. You sleep on the couch in the living room. After a week of hassle and showdown you finally reconcile. And live quietly until the next "Do you love me?"

How to answer this question: There is such a term in linguistics. "Expanded sentence" is called. That answer must be just with the help of these proposals. Avoid humor, do not give up before utterly slobbering and make heartfelt pauses in those places where you start to get off the point. The general idea of ​​the statement should be reduced to the fact that without it your life would be deprived of purpose, joy, and any meaning. (If you are very ashamed, you can cross your fingers behind your back.)

Why do we need to answer this way: Only twenty-two words instead of one pathetic guerrilla "Yeah" - and you can assume that our diplomats have made significant progress in the peaceful resolution of the military conflict.

"What I look like?"

As usual you answer:
Oh good.
b) Great.
c) Normal.
d) You do not say anything, you depict everything with mimic muscles.

How to answer: We are trying to collect a generous tribute from you, and you want to get off with a dry statement of fact. Will not work. Be sure to emphasize the most successful details of her appearance, point out the overall completeness of the picture and finish the event with a kiss. By the way, if you notice any defect (puff on the stocking, the button has come off, the skirt is tucked into the pantyhose from behind), report it only in cases where this defect can be immediately eliminated. Otherwise, be blind and dumb.

Why do I have to answer this way: A woman is very dependent on male opinion. With one or two words, you can either raise it on a pedestal of radiant narcissism, or throw it into the abyss of self-deprecation. And to be in the company of the ladies in this abyss is very unpleasant. At our times, the character is extremely spoiled.

Be sure to emphasize the most successful details of her appearance.

"What are you thinking about?"

As usual you answer:
a) eh
b) What?
c) About anything.

She, like you, knows perfectly well that a person is not capable of thinking “about anything” (exceptions are victims of a catatonic stupor, yoga, some members of the ruling party). The thought process always goes on - even in flashes, even in queuing queues ... So the answer “about nothing” is automatically translated as “untie”. What is bitter and insulting.

How to answer: It’s better to answer the truth: “About zigzags on the floor, about duties on foreign cars and how I poisoned kefir in the third grade”.

Why do you need to answer this way: She decides that you are sincere and direct and will no longer painfully suspect you that right next to her you dream of some stranger.

“Why are you always like this?”

How do you usually answer:
a) No, not always.
b) No, not always.
c) No, not always.

A woman speaks words with poetic liberty. For the sake of heightening effect, she is even ready to exaggerate something. For example, if you break a glass, she will kindly ask: “Why are you always so awkward?” Of course, you will immediately make an assault face and begin to insist on the accuracy of the wording. Open the cupboard doors and show off the other surviving glasses that you used more than once. Maybe even drag in Ozhegov's dictionary, in which it is written in black and white that “always” is “at any time, constantly”. But she will remain deaf to your arguments. Moreover: the more violently you insist on your own, the more its irritation will grow. As Dovlatov wrote: “You appeal to logic and common sense. And suddenly you discover that the very sound of your voice is disgusting for her. ”

How to answer: "Carefully my dear, do not hurt yourself about the fragments."

Why do you need to answer this way: By refusing protection, attack, counterattack and brilliant parry, you will save your and her nerve cells, a bottle of valerian and gasoline, which you would need to bring it back from your mother. And at the same time prove that you belong to a tribe of strong, laconic men who do not quarrel with women because of any nonsense.

"Which dress should I wear: blue or red?"

How do you usually answer:
a) Blue.
b) Red.
c) Oh, my God!

How to answer: This is the case when you have to answer the question to the question: “And what would you choose?” After her unsure: “to-red”, you must continue the offensive: “Why?”. After listening to the explanation: “I haven’t worn it for a long time ... it shades my fair skin well ... I want to make up my lips with dark lipstick ... this color generally suits me more," loudly exclaim, "A wonderful choice!"

Why it is necessary to answer this way: For women, the process of dressing is real creativity. With agony, a sense of lack of fulfillment and incomprehension ... everything is as it should be. By causing it to clearly articulate your ideas, you will achieve their speedy implementation, and you may not even be late for the cinema.

"How was your day?"

How do you usually answer:
a) normal
b) So so.

Being such, to put it mildly, a laconic interlocutor, you risk imperceptibly turning into one of those villains that women usually complain about in the sections of “Cry of the Soul”. Well, you know - "my boyfriend constantly neglects to communicate with me, and because of this, I do not want to have sex with him."

How to answer: “In the works of the righteous, but boring. What new things did you have? ”However, you should be prepared for what you will have to listen to after a long, heart-rending story about what is happening in their office, under the office, above the office, and what a strange trolleybus painted in pink , drove today at three fifteen past the cafe in which she dined.

Why do you need to answer this way: Because you will pay attention to her, express your submissive readiness to make contact and at the same time get rid of the need to take on yourself the difficult role of the author of the story. Saying that the “woman loves with the ears” classics somewhat unilaterally highlighted the situation. Language we love even harder. Especially after dinner for a cup of tea with buns.

"You are listening to me?"

How do you usually answer:
a) Yeah.
b) Yeah. in what?

How to answer: "I just thought for a second - why was he in a pink checkered pattern?"

Why do you have to answer this way: Even if you utter this phrase after her remarks: “Dear, stop nodding, I haven't spoken for ten minutes,” you still have a chance not only to get out, but also to score points. A woman will make sure that you do not ignore her. On the contrary, her words have sunk deep into your heart, and you reflect on them. She looks at you with new interest and thinks: “It’s worth how wonderful, sensitive and thoughtful I am. Not like the rest. ”

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MAXIM - Before shooting in our despicable magazine, the goddess of Instagramma has condescended, her most beautiful living thing, Her  Hanging from a Skyscraper - Vika Odintsova!

Vicki, there are as many followers in your Instagram as there are 4,800,000 residents in St. Petersburg! It turns out that you are a profitable bride: both beautiful and earn good money!

Profitable. Instagram is an important working platform for a long time, but the main part of my work is related to shooting for various foreign brands. I fly a lot in connection with this.

We are not going anywhere. What is interesting in the world?

First of all, my work is an opportunity to see the world. Another nice bonus of my work trips is that I often meet famous personalities. Recently, in the south of France, I accidentally met Samuel Jackson, the funniest thing was in the lingerie store.

I hope he chose underwear not himself. Do you advertise only bodices and swimsuits, or are you ready to star in an advertisement for a cafe of Uzbek cuisine?

I am not only involved in the linen campaigns. For example, the company BMW, with which I cooperate, does not release swimwear. But you, by the way, guessed: at the very beginning of my career, I became the face of the Uzbek restaurant. The ad was funny, so I don’t consider that experience to be a mistake.

Do you like pilau itself?

Not. And, by the way, it has nothing to do with diets. I eat everything I want and am in the best shape because I regularly go in for sports.

Which room to buy a subscription to better consider your classes?

Do not believe it, but I am engaged in a very small and unpopular hall near the house. I put on headphones and do not get distracted by anyone. Now, for example, I am fond of barre.

So you go to the gym with a guitar?

Not! My barre is a new direction in sports: classes exclusively with their weight. I have back problems, so I do not pull the bar. I also like boxing: the body is in good shape and the negative is spilling out. Besides, I often hear stories about how girls are persecuted by maniacs, so that if something happens I can stand up for myself. But in general I'm a non-conflicting person, I'm a girl.

Did you break your nose on boxing?

I protect my face, and only the pear and the coach got to me.

And say again to the "coach"!

Coach ... And what's wrong?

Just you so sexy burr!

We will consider this a compliment. As a child I worked hard on pronunciation, but I could not fix it to the end. However, others consider it my highlight.

Do you easily contact with others? Or avoid people?

I am a rather closed person: I don’t go to clubs, I don’t excite shopping, I order clothes on the Internet ...

Let's talk about the sublime. Three hundred meters - this is the height of the skyscraper in Dubai, from which you hung on one hand without insurance. This was seen by 7 million 500 thousand YouTube viewers and your mom.

She was very scared. I promised that this will not happen again. I apologized for a long time. It all happened spontaneously and lasted no more than three seconds. Thank God, ended the way it ended. In no case do I advocate such tricks, nor do I regret having such an experience. But I’m not going to repeat this again.

How did you overcome the fear of heights?

Why did you decide that I overcame him? I'm still afraid of heights. Once I jumped from a bungee in Sochi from a height of 69 meters. Despite the beautiful view of the Akhshtyr gorge, I was so scared that I understood: I will not jump anymore! But on a roller coaster in Disneyland Paris liked. Although there are slides, too, not for the faint of heart. Real adrenaline!

Adrenaline adrenaline, but what about sexual fantasies? What you have not yet embodied?

There is one. I am seriously thinking about Ilona Mask. I want to agree with him about flying to Mars!

(Maxim Russia)

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Mariana Ro

MAXIM - At the age of 19, Mariana Ro owns the minds of seven million of her YouTube subscribers. She briefly climbed into the real world to take pictures for us, and then flew off to the islands and from there told us about her amazing past and not less surprising present.

Interview: Alexander Malenkov
Photo: Roma Petrovski
Style: Catherine Troshko

I was told that you are on an island where there is no Internet. Can you live without the Internet?

Actually, yes. I'm not a fan of surfing the Internet, as it may seem, to update the Instagram tape every second or look at posts about how smart and cool people are ... When I fly away somewhere, I just relax, invent some ideas, thinking about my life, what and how next ... I can read a book in the end.

And which book has made an impression on you lately?

"The Covenants of Youth". She shocked me. I spent a whole week very badly. The book is about how the girl waited for her boyfriend from the war, but she didn’t wait, and then all that was left of the boy arrived, and it was really creepy.

About thinking about life. What routes, what crossroads?

I would like to come to grips with music. I recently released a new song and a new video. This, of course, banter. In general, this year I plan to release a whole album. There will be more lyrics than in my usual repertoire - hee hee da haha.

Tell your story. How did you manage to grow up in Japan?

I am from Sakhalin, from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. In the nineties, my dad worked in parts and cars, and our family moved to Japan when I was six months old. All my preschool childhood was spent in Japan. My parents decided that I should go to school in Russia, so from the first to the fourth grade I went to a regular Russian school. I didn’t like it, I often skipped it, in the end my dad decided: ok, move here and go to a Japanese school. And I went. We live on the island of Hokkaido, in the port city of Otaru, it is small, I was one foreigner in class. At first it was very difficult, I knew only “hello - bye” in Japanese, but after a month I spoke, I made friends ... In general, I grew up in Japan, this is my home.

Do you know how to write in Russian?

I write not without difficulty and only in block letters. Reading Russian handwriting is also difficult for me.

Mariana Ro

How do you feel in Japan and how in Russia?

In Russia, a little is not my atmosphere. People are embittered for themselves and their lives. In Japan, I feel much lighter, but it’s still a foreigner for them. In Europe or in America, you can still pass for your own, knowing the language, and here because of my appearance I am always a stranger.

How are the Japanese different from the Russians?

The Japanese are very closed. You can communicate politely for a long time, but in order for a person to become your friend, I do not know how many years must pass. They express emotions very vividly, but at the same time some kind of unemotional ones, I don’t even know how to explain it. When they are sad, they keep it to themselves. Joy is also not particularly demonstrate. But wonder they love. For example, if you try some kind of food, you are immediately surprised, shouting “Oh my God, how delicious it is!” And almost hit the floor.

What is their sense of humor?

Russians love black humor. And if you make a joke with a Japanese man, for example, about a disabled person, he will tell you: “Dude, why are you doing this?”

Mariana Ro

What does an ordinary Japanese person dream of?

Oh, I do not know ... I have many acquaintances who, it seems to me, do not dream of anything at all. If you ask any girl what she dreams of, you will easily hear in response: “I don’t dream of anything, I just live and wait for it to end.” Mostly they are pretty depressed guys.

Tell me about your Japanese friends. Who are they, what are they doing ...

For example, my best friend. Her name is Ike, we immediately became friends when I joined their class. In the seventh grade, we dreamed of going to Tokyo together, finding some guys and living next door for the rest of our lives. But she still lives in Otaru and now works in a store. On Fridays and Saturdays, she rests with friends, drinks, and then goes back to work. I also have a couple of friends who, from school, strongly wanted to move to Okinawa - this is something like Japanese Hawaii. They loved the whole subject: the sea, surfing, the beach, white hair - and really moved there. And I am very happy for them.

Personal life What place does the mind and heart of the Japanese?

Not very big. In Japan, it is very often possible to meet a man in his fifties who will happily say: "I live alone, I have never had a girlfriend, I have not even dreamed of this." I think family is not very important for them.

Mariana Ro

Mariana, did you have a Japanese boy at school?

I do not even know, fortunately or unfortunately, but no, it was not. I liked someone, I liked someone, but to meet - this was not. I had such a strange experience: we communicated on the Internet with a boy from school, but every time we saw each other at school, we pretended to be unfamiliar. It was pretty dumb.

You did not even kiss the Japanese?

Oh, no ... Yes, they are some strange, to be honest. It is clear that it is impossible to generalize, but in most cases they are used to the fact that the woman is dominant in their relationship. They are ... mattresses.

Tell us how your conquest of the Internet began.

At the age of nine I already had a website where I sold Japanese goods and earned it.

Wait like this? How can a child at nine have his own website and an idea to sell something ?!

I do not know ... Probably, this is due to the fact that my dad is a businessman. I also wanted to do something like this. When I was nine years old, I figured that once I live in Japan, it makes sense to sell Japanese goods: they are always appreciated. I found a website on the Internet where you could make other websites using templates and created your own. I turned to my mother, saying that tell your friends that you can now order goods like this. Everything began to turn, and in the end I earned my first hundred thousand in nine years.

Mariana Ro

You wunderkind! This does not happen!

For me it was also a shock. About a year doing this, and then decided that I zadolbalas. But when Dad gave me my first iPhone, someone advised me to download the Vine application. I tried to shoot something there, and I had an audience. People started writing to me: you are so charismatic, post some video on YouTube. I learned how to mount and shot my first video. People began to look, comment ... Since then, I have not stopped, and now I have 6,800,000 subscribers.

What is your video blog about?

Yes, nothing. What I see, then shoot.

And when did you become a star?

I never thought to myself: "I am a star." I am an ordinary person. Well, yes, all this movement began quite quickly with popularity, it was pleasant, I was surprised. Then it became frightening. They began to recognize me when I came to Russia to visit my relatives, and I simply could not leave the house. Fifteen or twenty people were guarding me at the entrance, it strained. Probably because I have already lived in Japan and love more when people do not notice me.

Are your audience mostly teenagers?

No, not only. There are, of course, those who are thirteen or fourteen, but there are also those who grew up with me, who are now twenty or twenty with something.

Are you still upset when you read hater comments?

In the beginning, when I was fourteen years old, I sobbed into a pillow because of this. For what? Why do people think I'm so bad? They wrote: "You are a whore, a prostitute." It's fourteen years old! It was so funny and insulting! And now, it happens that you read a malicious comment and say to yourself: well, okay, how many people, so many opinions.

Mariana Ro

You earn a lot, especially for your age. What does money mean to you?

Of course, I understand that today I earn, and tomorrow I can run aground. Therefore, I postpone, I have an account. This is very funny, because most Russian teenagers have a feeling that millions are something to spend.

Your most stupid expensive purchase?

This bracelet, which cost three million rubles. I don’t really need him now, and I don’t know what to do with him. I even deleted a clip for a song dedicated to this bracelet. And it is very stupid.

You have a boyfriend? And isn’t it a rapper?

Yes exactly. In general, I am Monogamous. If I meet a man, then a long time. My first relationship lasted more than three years. And in my current relationship, we have more than a year.

What is romance for you?

I do not even know. Romance - just sit in the arms, watch some cartoon. Something to drink and eat ...

Mariana Ro

Just like us! Tell me, why do you shoot in a paper magazine?

I knew that there was such a magazine - MAXIM. The guys from the Yoola media network, who help me with development, came up with such a project, and it was very interesting for me to play on the cover and see what happens. I always liked this genre of photography - the naked female body. (Maxim Russia)