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Croatia’s acclaimed wines (image courtesy of Edivo Vina)
The Adriatic Sea’s turquoise waters provide the perfect conditions for aging Croatia’s acclaimed wines. Our correspondent goes diving for the best bottles.

Text by: Jake Emen

Legend has it that there’s treasure resting off the coast of Žuljana, a tiny town with roughly 250 residents located along the southern side of Croatia’s Pelješac Peninsula. And I’ve come here to fnd it.

Scuba gear strapped on, I dive below the waters and come upon a cage resting at the bottom of the sea—the buried treasure, at last, in the form of seashell- and coral-covered bottles of wine.

The treasured wine isn’t the remnant of some ancient shipwreck, however. It’s been placed there
purposely by upstart winery Edivo Vina. Because who needs a subterranean wine cave when you have the stunningly beautiful turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea?

“It’s the perfect storage for the wines because the temperature is constant for the whole year,” says Dora Mratović, manager of the Edivo Wine Bar in Drače, a 15-minute drive away from the current dive site in Žuljana, and adjacent to the actual winery in Janjina. Mratović says the water constantly hovers around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s right in the sweet spot of the temperature range the wine industry has long coveted for storage and maturation.

Treasure Sunken (image  courtesy of Edivo Vina)
Dubbed Navis Mysterium, Latin for Ship’s Mystery, the wine spends between 18 months and two years underwater before it’s ready for release. With enough time, deeper and more nuanced flavors develop, and rough edges are rounded out.

The wine itself is made from the plavac maligrape, a ubiquitous varietal in and around the Dalmatia region of Croatia, and one that has risen in global prestige in recent years. “Plavacis related to zinfandel,” Mratović says. So it is that zinfandel, long the pride of American winemakers, actually has its origins in Croatia, where it’s known as tribidrag or crljenak. That history wasn’t successfully hashed out until about 20 years ago, led in part by California-based Croatian winemaker Miljenko Grgich. As for plavac, it’s a cross between tribidrag and another ancient Croatian varietal.

Edivo isn’t the only winery that has dabbled with aging wine underwater. “But not with amphoras,” Mratović says of the two-handled clay jugs Edivo deploys, reminiscent of what the ancient Greeks and Romans used to store wine. “We have a patent and protected our process.”

Meanwhile, deciding to mature wine underwater was also a surprisingly natural ft for this family business, inspired by the diving background of one of the co-owners, Mratović’s cousin, and their grandfather’s roots in winemaking. “The traditions of sea and wine, with fun and business,” Mratović says. “It’s business and pleasure together.”

It was the pleasure side of the operation that took charge at frst, resulting in some casual experiments before any business plan was hatched. “We started the project in 2009,” Mratović says. “A few bottles were sunk underwater for fun.” In 2012, the business began producing wine in earnest, with the wine bar opening in spring 2017.

Dubbed Navis Mysterium, Latin for Ship’s Mystery, the wine spends between 18 months and two years underwater before it’s ready for release.
Edivo currently partners with Diving Centre Barbara in Žuljana to lead would-be explorers to the dive site. There, a single cage of wine rests about fve meters below the surface. The bulk of the winery’s underwater production remains elsewhere, though, with several thousand bottles maturing in several semi-secret locations between 18 and 25 meters below the waters of Mali (or Little) Ston Bay, on the other side of the peninsula. Mali Ston’s waters are known as the source of some of the world’s most sought-afer oysters, and the nutrientrich conditions are ideal for the wine, too. Because with Edivo, it’s not solely about the taste, but also its presentation.

The bottles and amphoras themselves are covered with layers of shells, coral, and debris—the wine can be purchased as a standalone bottle for $81 or with an amphora for $337—delivering  showstopping souvenirs with a one-of-a-kind presentation. Visitors to the wine bar pick the pecifc bottle or amphora they’d like based on its appearance; therefore, storing the wine in the type of conditions that help build that aesthetic is crucial.

The deeper and murkier waters at Edivo’s main areas of production prevent novice divers from exploring them, even with a guide, so any other treasure hunters out there will have to settle for the gorgeous environs of the winery’s public site for the time being, though Edivo isn’t stopping there. “We are also starting to organize dives in Dubrovnik,” Mratović says. “It will be  spectacular". (Maxim)

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Bree Condon
Rising star Bree Condon on working with Tyler Perry, adventures in India, and why it’s good to be bad.

Text by Lucy Silberman
Photographed by Antoine Verglas

If Bree Condon looks familiar, there are a few possible reasons: She was a Guess campaign girl for almost a decade; she famously sported a whipped cream bikini on  the  updated version of the classic album Whipped Cream & Other Delights; and she has appeared on shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Young and the Restless, and, most recently, the Tyler Perry drama The Haves and the Have Nots. On that  last one, Condon plays Sarah, the new dis- trict attorney in town. “She’s determined to make  a  name  for  herself  at  all  costs,”  says Condon of her character. “She is ruthless and conniving, which is so much fun to play. It’s always more exciting to be bad.”

Condon has never shied away from the spotlight. When she was little, her parents took her to see Siegfried & Roy; after getting pulled  onstage,  Condon  didn’t  want  the moment to end. “When the act was over, I was  running  back  and  forth,”  she  laughs. “They  had  to  chase  me  off  [the  stage].” Modeling and acting gigs followed for the California native, including a commercial shoot for lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, directed   by   Penélope   Cruz.   “I’ve   always admired and dreamed of working with [her],” Condon   tells   Maxim.   “Never   thought   it would be wearing lingerie in the middle of the desert!”

That’s  just  one  of  several  noteworthy adventures for Condon. Last year she went on an epic, monthlong motorcycle ride through India. “It was one of the most incred- ible experiences of my life,” she says. “When you’re riding a motorcycle, you are part of the landscape,  not  just  looking  at  it.  I’d  take  a Harley  over  a  Bentley  any  day.”  A  certified scuba diver, Condon has also swum with stingrays and dreams of diving the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

But for now, she’s focusing on The Haves and the Have Nots. “He’s such a force of nature,” the actress says of Perry. “Not only is he an incredible and kind director, but to witness what   he   has   created   in   Atlanta”—where Perry’s production company is based—“was really inspiring.” We could all do with more goodwill, an idea Condon embraces. When asked about her goals for 2018, just one comes to mind: “To make America sane again.” (Maxim)

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Luke Rockhold
Champion fighter Luke Rockhold won over UFC fans with his steely resolve and deadly submissions. His movie-star looks didn’t hurt, either.

Text by: Thomas Freeman

As mixed martial arts, once maligned as “human cockfighting” by Arizona senator John McCain, has been accepted as a more mainstream sport, its most ferocious fighters have become house- hold names. But it is Luke Rockhold who could become MMA’s best-known face.

Raised in a surfing community in Santa Cruz, California, the 33-year-old Rockhold speaks with the nonchalance of a West Coast beach bum, but his track record reveals an unrelenting determination to be at the top  of his sport. After training in judo as a kid and in Brazilian jiujitsu after high school, he made his MMA debut in 2007, at the age of 23. He became the Middleweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2015 after defeating previous titleholder Chris Weidman in a fourth-round technical knockout. “I was always driven, and I was passionate to achieve and to be the best,” Rockhold tells Maxim. “I never thought I would ever be second best in anything.”

It was not only MMA fans who took notice of the rising UFC star. Modeling agent Jason Kanner, founder and CEO of Soul Artist Management,  saw  potential  in  Rockhold’s  6'3" stature, rugged good looks,  and fortunate  lack  of cauliflower ear (an all-too-common side effect of his sport), and he approached the handsome fighter about a potential side hustle modeling. The fashion world had unofficially given MMA its blessing, but Rockhold was hesitant. “I was just more focused on my career at that point,” he says of his early trepidation. “At a certain point, whenI had achieved the pinnacle of the sport, won multiple world titles, I didn’t think it could hurt.”

Before the UFC, Rockhold was one of the top-ranked fighters in the now-defunct MMA organization Strikeforce, earning the most wins by submission in its history. During his nine- fight win streak, he defeated Ronaldo Souza to become the middleweight champion, a title he defended twice before the organization folded in 2013.

Rockhold was among the few Strikeforce alumni to be taken in by the UFC, the largest MMA organization in the world. It was a wind- fall for the then 28-year-old fighter, but his start was not an auspicious one. At his debut in May 2013, he was defeated in the first round by Vitor Belfort with a swift head kick—a loss Rockhold later attributed to high emotions leading to a lack of technique. He quickly redeemed himself, win- ning his next four fights and steadily pushing his record to its current 16-3. Of his UFC victories, seven have come from submissions and eight from knockouts, including his first-round TKO, of Costas Philippou, at UFC Fight Night 35 in 2014 in Duluth, Georgia, his first UFC victory.

In November 2014, hefaced Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 55 in Sydney, Australia, setting off his famous rivalry with the bullish Brit. Bisping  preceded  the  headlining  bout with his typical trash-talking, which prompted Rockhold to issue fighting words of his own: “I am going to make him suffer.” It was no empty threat. Rockhold took Bisping down in a second-round head kick, but he did not relent.   He followed up with a guillotine choke, forcing Bisping to submit for the first time in his career. “Some fighters deserve to be trashed,” Rockhold says. “ There’s a certain level of respect when you get into that cage and you share that space with somebody. When people break that code, I don’t think they deserve any respect.”

A world away from the ring, Rockhold’s first major modeling coup came in September 2016, when he appeared on the cover of independent men’s  fashion  magazine  At  Large.  In  February 2017, his work for boot company Frye’s Spring/ Summer campaign alongside supermodel and Maxim cover girl Devon Windsor was met with  some  jeering  on  Twitter.  “Are  you  star- ring in Zoolander 3?” one UFC fan wrote. “How about you focus on getting back into the cage?” another scoffed.

The online derision came after Rockhold’s biggest career setback: a stunning  loss  to  his old foe Bisping at UFC 199 in June 2016 that stripped   him   of   his   championship.   “You’re always  going  to  have  haters,”  Rockhold  says. “You can’t lock me down in a gym 24-7. Doing some fun stuff in the modeling world, going to tropical locations and shooting with beautiful women, is fun. It reinvigorates me to get back into the gym and learn more.

Luke Rockhold
Ralph Lauren found Rockhold’s cool resolve to be a perfect embodiment of Polo Blue, its top-selling cologne, which evokes the calm and power of the sea. He asked Rockhold to serve as the face of Polo Blue and the new Polo Ultra Blue, a lighter, citrusy interpretation of the scent. Rockhold described shooting the cam- paign,  in  which  he  is  straddled  by  Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd (yet another Maxim cover star) on a sailboat in Montauk, New York, as unexpectedly grueling.

“ These were intense. I haven’t had a problem with many shoots that I’ve done, but we started at the crack of dawn and ended at dusk. It was almost five days,” Rockhold says. “I can torture myself all day and still have energy in the gym, but it absorbs a lot of energy when you’re posing and running back and forth between different shoots and looks.”

He has since rebounded. While promoting Polo Ultra Blue in  November, Rockhold  spoke with unmistakable enthusiasm about his imminent fight with middleweight champion Robert Whittaker at UFC 221 in Perth, Austra- lia. “Whittaker is a very tough competitor. He’s not gonna come scared. He’s gonna be precise and  tactical,  and  that’s  what  gets  me  excited about a fight,” he said.

“I see myseLf at tHe very top. I don’t tHInk I’ve ever been better tHan wHere I’m at now.”

Rockhold spent much of the past year convalescing from a knee injury and bad- mouthing Michael Bisping from the sidelines, notably  calling  his  title  reign  “the  worst  in UFC history.” But he insists he does not dwell on  his  setbacks.  “It  hurts,  but  that’s  part  of life,” Rockhold says of his title loss. “If you just won all the time, you wouldn’t know what that feeling was like. I’m very focused on being the best that I can be.”

An endorsement from Ralph  Lauren  has  surely lent the fighter fresh confidence. “I see myself at the very top. I don’t think I’ve ever been better than where I’m at now,” Rockhold says. “I’ve  always  said,  ‘Look  good,  feel  good,  fight good.’ It’s part of the program.” (Maxim)

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Miss Maxim 2018 beginning of applications for participation 

MAXIM Magazine announces the beginning of applications for participation in the country's most awaited competition - MISS MAXIM 2018

From February, 19th till April, 16th all adult beauties can submit the application for participation in competition MISS MAXIM 2018

This year it became even easier to become a contestant! Now you can apply in social networks: for this you need to put in your "Instagram" or "VKontakte" your photo (you can have several) with a hashtag # missmaxim2018russia. The main thing is that the profile should be open.

A hundred of the sexiest will be selected according to the results of the readers' vote, which will be held on the site from the middle of April to the end of May. Voting takes place in the format "Who is hot?": From the voting participants the algorithm generates random pairs. For each victory in such a pair the participant receives one point, for the defeat - loses one point. So the rating is formed.

Girls with the best rating MAXIM will invite to Moscow for a photo shoot, and according to her results the editorial board will select 10 finalists who will become the main contenders for the victory. A dozen will be presented to the guests of the grand final of MISS MAXIM, which will traditionally take place in the middle of July and will become one of the brightest events of the summer.

The winner, chosen by the star jury, will receive a crown, gifts from sponsors and, most importantly, become the heroine of the cover of the September issue of MAXIM! The remaining finalists will receive gifts from sponsors and photos on the pages of the magazine.


MISS MAXIM is an annual contest, which MAXIM traditionally holds since 2006. It involves girls from different cities of Russia - regardless of the place of residence of the contestant have an equal chance of winning. The winners in different years were Alice Shamai from St. Petersburg (2006), Tatyana Andriyash from Krasnodar (2007), Evgenia Neronskaya from Moscow (2008), Olga Kozobina from Tomsk (2009), Valentina Kolesnikova from Moscow (2010), Natalia Vyrykova from Tyumen (2011), Karina Gurina from Yalta (2012), Anastasia Filimonova from Ramensky (2013), Ekaterina Surgucheva from Moscow (2014), Natalya Martynova from St. Petersburg (2015), Natalya Shuvalova from Nizhny Novgorod (2016), Ekaterina Kotaro from Shadrinsk (2017). (Maxim Russia)
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Megan Fox
Maxim - At the upcoming "Oscar" actress probably will receive a statuette in the nomination "For achievements in the field of candid photoshoots."

All last year, Megan Fox dedicated a noble goal - promoting her own underwear brand Frederics Hollywood. And although we were desperately bored at times when Megan was still in the movies, her photo shoots in underwear were at least partly able to disperse our melancholy.

And so, with the coming of the new year Megan, obviously, decided that you should not sit idly by and on the threshold of February 14 - You Know What a holiday, and laid out a new photo session in seductive underwear sets.

Megan Fox
We did not fully understand who Megan is addressing - whether to men with an appeal to give their girls all these things, or to the girls themselves, so that they immediately put on this underwear. In any case, we like the train of thought of Megan Fox. 

Megan said of the underwear: "I think being sexy and comfortable in your body in a wonderful thing, and I don't mind being acknowledged or appreciated for it."

The line starts from (£20) $26.50.

The pics were first posted last year, but she gave fans another eyeful as they look to hit the shelves.
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 Alena Vodonaeva, MAXIM
MAXIM - Desperate to persuade Alena Vodonaev to come to us for a photo shoot, we filmed without permission, sitting on a tree in front of her windows. The result was so impressive that we thought: why did we all these years run with studios, make-up artists and stylists? Now we'll shoot just like that!

A post shared by MAXIM (@maxim.model_) on

What has changed in your life since the last shooting in MAXIM in November 2012?

On the part of frank filming, nothing has changed, all exclusive only MAXIM gets. I remember how on the very first cover in Photoshop I was drew panties, since in 2005 censorship prevented the naked hip. In 2012, shooting in Mexico, no panties, too, but this has not saddened anyone.

A post shared by MAXIM (@maxim.model_) on

And you are sad of paparazzi?

No, I'm used to them. True, on this shooting I was embarrassed to stand naked in front of four men from the film crew. But then I relaxed. Apparently, I remembered how twenty years in the "Dom-2" show I was constantly watched. At the same time in real life, I'm so antisocial and closed that no paparazzi will get to me.

A post shared by MAXIM (@maxim.model_) on

So you have an apartment with curtains?

Good question! The only room without curtains in my loft is the living room, where there is a lot of piquant. Simply curtains in style do not fit there. On the contrary, there are three houses. I remember how in my childhood I looked at my neighbors through binoculars. And if the Soviet binoculars gave good visibility, then for sure modern binoculars are even more progressive. But it does not bother me. I'm sure I bring happiness to those who are watching me, especially when my child leaves for his father for the weekend.

A post shared by MAXIM (@maxim.model_) on

And what did you want to see with binoculars in your childhood?

I was interested in the life of tenants. And to my childish regret, I have never seen a naked man. At us in Tyumen nobody was naked at home naked - apparently, it was cold.

A post shared by MAXIM (@maxim.model_) on

Is it true that my parents wanted to call you Vadim?

Yes, because in those years there was no ultrasound. And while my mother was pregnant, I was called Vadim, since I behaved in the stomach rather temperamentally. I think that Vadim has a little left in me: for example, I drive very well. When I got in behind the wheel ten years ago, I was christened as a real motorist with twenty years of experience. I can turn on the coin! And this is a man's trait. When I severely pruned on the road, non-Russian people from Gelendvagen came out to block the road. And then in front of them is a deeply pregnant girl in the ninth month, and they were speechless.

Do you pay big fines?

I have huge monthly packs of fines for excess.

What do you do for fines?

In 2012, my fee for conducting a "Vacation in Mexico" was seven million rubles. And this was just the beginning. Of course, Instagram brings money, plus I'm the face of different brands of clothes, recently starred for a casino. And she started with the fact that she worked as a journalist of the Tyumen News at the age of twelve. Its first fee spent on bagels with poppy seeds and a couple of glossy magazines.

Glossy magazines now write about Olga Buzovaya, with whom you started in "Dom-2". What do you feel about her: envy, indifference or good feelings?

With Olya we are on good terms. She, like me, made herself! A woman who earns her own big money, a priori, is worthy of respect. Although evil girls are haunted by girls who do not meet with ugly elderly rich men, but they go their own way and know how to monetize themselves. I've never sat idle. She worked as a crime journalist for four years: she shot down accidents, fires, murders, communicated with criminals and the prosecutor's office.

When we were doing a story about people who boiled in the heating main, lying there for four months, my operators were sick after the camera, even though they were in respirators. And I came from the last couple, and I did not care at all, I just wanted to do good stuff. I'm stress-resistant. I would still be engaged in criminal journalism, if something like "Road patrol" appeared in Moscow. I like investigations, it's interesting to understand the psychology of maniacs.

Can you name the most striking arguments of the killers?

They have no reasons. These are sick people. I signed into the Instagram for accounts that tell about serial killers. I remember that I happened to see my parents at home ...

... a video tape "9 ½ weeks"?

No, a thick book about maniacs. I was impressed by the story of Chikatilo, and I wondered why people do it ... Of course I hate them all.

And you pursued a maniac?

Once, on the way from the university, a strange peasant was following me with stupid questions. And although I was only seventeen, I realized that he was unwell, that my wrong answer could provoke him to aggression. And then I began to babble: I began to ask questions to which he was not ready. The man got off, and I quickly ran to the house. Even on the Internet, people wrote with a sick imagination: they drove as if we had a relationship. But I do not react to such people. As a rule, those who write a lot are safe. Dangerous people act immediately, and do not arrange foreplay.

Do you like foreplay in sex?

I do not like, it's unnecessary things. I'm very quickly getting started and accelerating, like my sports "Porsche". You can get a huge pleasure for a minute in the elevator, while you climb to the twelfth floor. I know what I'm talking about.

With your experience, could you be acting in porn?

By the way, for some reason they never called. Of course, I would not agree - but what kind of injustice?

Do you often watch paid channels in hotels?

In hotels I prefer to practice porn, not watch. By the way, people who often watch pornography are blown away by the possibilities of their imagination. But my husband and I are fine with imagination, and I always get exhausted when he flies for a few days on tour.

Is he a drummer?

He is a well-known musician in Europe and America.

How many years have you known the joy of sex?

At eighteen. I met the first guy for three years. The first sex did not understand. And I have not yet met a single woman who would have liked him. And since we touched on the topic of the first (the first guy, the first sex), I want to point out that on February 1 I'm starting to go crazy: I find insane inspiration and a desire to fall in love. Wildly sexy mood! For me, the beginning of spring is February.

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Drinks (illustration).

MAXIM - Forgive us for not having written this before. We hope none of your friends drank gin in the New Year.

The Independent, referring to the Australian study, talks about the relationship between drink preferences and mental disorders. Innsbruck University analyzed the tastes of 953 respondents, focusing on such pleasant traits as sadism, narcissism, psychotism, Machiavellianism (the tendency to solve problems by brute physical force).

In one survey, people preferred different tastes, in the other they answered questions that characterized their person. Scientists managed to get a strict dependence: the more a person gets pleasure from the bitter taste, the more - from the bitterness of the human.

Do not hide their sadistic nature, respondents opted for gin and black coffee.

The regressive analysis of the data only confirmed the previous results, as stated by Dr. Christian Sangioglu and Tobias Greatmeier - the authors of the scientific work. In the explanatory note, they emphasize that the results obtained allow us to re-examine the behavioral patterns and addiction to bitter taste is an extremely accurate indicator of the individual's inclination to sadism.

Therefore, if the maniac locked you up in the basement, but you managed to notice that next to the palette of sharpened knives is a can of cola, there's nothing to be afraid of. He generously intends to treat you to a delicious steak. (Maxim Russia)