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Maria Kravchenko

MAXIM - It's much easier to suffer in a shot than to make a beautiful laugh. Not fair! We believe that female comedians are also worthy of chanting in such a serious genre as erotic photography. And now let's see if you recognize Maria Kravchenko, the star of the show Comedy Woman, in a new role!

What did you do on the day you were invited to the Comedy Woman show?

She worked as a methodologist at the Institute of Public Administration. And then Katia Barnabas called: "Natalya Andreevna wants to meet you!"

Maria Kravchenko

What bribed you at that meeting - future glory or a sweet fee?

Neither one nor the other. By the way, the fee was not discussed. And in general, the first fees were negligible. And bribed that playing skills in KVN could turn into work. Former kavenschiki so fanatical about their business, that they never doubt the success. Therefore, I did not worry that the new at that time show Comedy Womanmay be weak ratings and will be closed.

Maria Kravchenko

And before shooting in MAXIM you also decided: once Katya Barnabas and Nadi Sysoeva got it, why not?

I did not stand in line for Nadia or Katya. When the editor-in-chief proposed a survey, my condition was "do without a slingshot." The editor-in-chief laughed, just like you! I remember the day before I thought that I would die from constraint. And on the shooting, everything went very comfortably.

Maria Kravchenko

And the invitation to MAXIM surprised? Still, in Comedy Woman, you have the image of a patsanka.

I really started with a girl, but now I'm playing the role of wives. It's clear that my image is far from a sex symbol. However, I was both a fine prostitute and a very good stripper. Apparently, the editorial board fell precisely on these broadcasts. Although my "Instagram" @kravacomedy could also play a role: I'm not at all there who I used to see on TV. I agreed to act in order to get this magazine in forty years and show my grandchildren that their grandmother was very little even thirty!

Maria Kravchenko

And how did you get used to the role of slutty women? Intruded into a sex escort or spent hours spending money in strip bars?

Since we are amateurs, none of us have an acting education, we do not analyze our roles. I wrote a number, and that's how I feel a prostitute, so I embody her. I do not justify it for myself, as professional actresses do, I do not mess around in brothels. We have a variety show, where everything is much simpler: we can afford exaggeration.

Maria Kravchenko

In winter, the Ingush community in Moscow outraged the sketch about the escort agency. True, without your participation. Did you personally receive strict letters about the roles played?

A couple of times letters came from the zone - bribed the image of gopnitsa. But I was not allowed to read letters: are there threats there? And in "Instagram", as a rule, they write: "Hello, I love you! Marry me! Habibi! "But I abstain from correspondence.

And what about the gifts of fans?

They flew with Barnabas to St. Petersburg with the performance "Angels on the Roof." And after the performance, we were presented with two packages. They opened them and gasped: there were vibrators, lubricants and condoms. And this is after a good performance about pure love without vulgarity!
Maria Kravchenko

Who handed the presents? An angel child with a bow?

Handed the girl. I will not offend her: I left the presents in the dressing room, which was probably surprised by the theater workers.

Do you drink before the performance?

I do not drink at all. A maximum of a glass on the New Year and the name day of her husband. Even on my birthday do not drink. Ten years ago, they drank in clubs, but after the birth of a child, sport became doping. Five times a week without protein and L-carnitine! I do not strive for grief of muscles, I am for the feminine contours of the body. Just watch for health, I love racing on exercise bikes. Sorry, did not understand the sport buzz in his youth. In the tenth grade, she ran a 3000-meter baton, ran up the last one and collapsed into a faint at the judges' table.

Maria Kravchenko

You participated in the show "Superintuition". Is it well developed?

Still would! I reached the final of the show. True, she lost to Misha Galustyanu. Misha has jinxed me! As for gambling, where intuition helps, I do not play in them. I'm a boring person, right? Not gambling, I do not drink alcohol ... The fact is that I know the value of money and I'm not ready to lose it. I'm a workhorse: I can not relax and get tired. But it's better than sitting down and being stupid. With all my respect for women, at home we are stupid. Therefore, I do not play in the casino, I find other entertainment: in Las Vegas it's Cirque du Soleil, and on the tour in New York - musicals. In general, I prefer to lose money in expensive stores.

Maria Kravchenko

You remembered Cirque du Soleil. Unfortunately, in the spring in America, the artist of this circus crashed during the numbers on the air belts. Would you like to die out on stage?

Such a desire has not yet been observed. But the ideal death - this is when I'm 93 years old trying on shoes Chanel in a boutique, sitting in a comfortable chair and falling asleep forever!

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Anna Khilkevich

MAXIM - Anna Khilkevich: "Well, on the plane - it's unoriginal ... Once I did it on stage!"
TV series and films from cinemas are reliable suppliers of sex symbols. We meet the star of Univer and Lucky Islands, as well as our girl from the cover - Anya Khilkevich!

Anya, in fact you're not new to the movie?

I'm a veteran! I'm now 25 years old, and I'm shooting from fourteen. Theatrical school, theatrical institute. Films, serials. "Barvikha" here is a pretty notable project ...

Who does not know Barvikha? Even the village in honor of the series called?

But I accidentally managed to finish Plekhanovka as an "economist-advertiser". At some point, I began to languish in the thought that acting is a very forced profession, where producers and producers decide everything, and actors obediently agree.

In the world of economists, advertisers, everything is not so?

Yes, now I know that when I want independence in work, I can always something economically to advertise. I hope this will never happen.

Now you are busy in the daily series and by tradition should complain about a difficult life: how do you lack time and that you sleep for forty minutes a day?

Nothing! I have enough time for everything. I'm generally very energetic, my friends call me a "lighter". I come from the set and run around the house, cook something, clean up. And in general I'm just married. We were married six months ago with my young man Anton, so I do not have anything to complain about. I'm sorry I disappointed you.

Anna Khilkevich

Anton, then ... Maybe you also take pictures for other magazines?

No, MAXIM is my first, honestly. I used to think that I can bare myself only before my husband ... Well, well! I posed and fotkala myself. I wanted to see how I look from the outside. I wore sexy underwear, such cotton, soft, coral, and kept it on my computer in the folder "Anya sexy". The most interesting thing is that I lost this computer!

The most interesting thing is that the one who now has this computer, probably answered the offer to buy MAXIM words: "Che, I have not seen it?"

Judging by the fact that those photos did not appear on the Web, this person went mad from my beauty and went to a Tibetan monastery, and there he will not be offered a magazine.

On the Internet, there is fantastic information that you told your parents five years ago that you will be married at twenty-five and your husband will be called Anton?

Yes, I even think about going to the Battle of Psychics. In fact, I'm just a very romantic young lady. In five years I fell in love for the first time, very seriously, in my classmate in the kindergarten. His name was Anton. I had a birthday, he gave me a rose - I kept it - and kissed my cheek. And I did not wash this cheek for a week.

Anna Khilkevich

I understand you correctly: if in your 23rd year your favorite actor Javier Bardem came to you and asked to marry him, then in response he would hear: "Handsome, wait a couple of years and change your name to Anton! What is this Javier ?! "

Of course! I think if a man loves, he will easily go to such a small concession - change the name to Anton!

Have you already quarreled with your husband for these six months?

Well, not without that ... Quarrels are sometimes needed to release steam. Especially with my hyperactivity. Besides, I'm jealous ...

What an abomination, Anya! Do you abuse your husband when he looks at other women?

Watch is please. But when something more ...

Anna Khilkevich

Type of what? Talking? And if this is an old friend? It's not polite to say hello ...

Then he should be very cold to say hello to her, letting him know that he dislikes the fact of the existence of other women on the Earth, except his wife, but we must observe decency.

And invite to the dance? "Dear Anna, will you allow me to dance with Glafira, the wife of my friend Gennady?"

Let go, but I will reproach him with eyes. And what are you doing with those eyes? In my opinion, this is normal female behavior.

No, Anya, not normal! There is nothing good in jealousy, it is generally a threat to relations!

Yes, yes, I know. And now I control myself much better, I struggle with jealousy, I have not maimed anyone for two years, and in general I am very kind, sweet, white and fluffy. Let's talk about something else.

How has your life changed since the launch of Univer?

Firstly, I now hear the word "university" every hundred thousand times: at work, from friends, everywhere. Secondly, I was recognized on the street.

And your heroine has some specific word, as was the case with the heroine Masha Kozhevnikoy - "pipets."

My heroine always says "cool!". Here is such a creative.

Anna Khilkevich

Yes, actors are really people who are bonded. In our shooting you are also a student, and you are preparing for the exam in the library. Have you ever been to the library?

You're a provocateur! What's the difference where ?!

And yet: the most interesting place where you had it?
Well, on the plane - it's unoriginal ... Once I did it on stage!


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MAXIM - The rules of a good semitone. 5 shameful mistakes when dealing with a woman
How to open doors correctly, leading to the woman's soul.

You, men, adore coming up with rules. If you find something more complicated than a cotton swab, you immediately try to compose an instruction manual for this. Past such a complex engineering facility, as a woman, men, of course, could not pass. Therefore, once upon a time there were invented rules for dealing with a woman called etiquette.

But! Firstly, women have since slightly (you noticed the irony with which I use this word?) Have changed. Secondly, these rules should not be taken literally.

No, I'm not going to teach you how to behave. You are already so gallant to the point of impossibility. Especially I'm afraid of your gallantry, when it turns out in front of me ...

Closed door

Very nice when you open it in front of me. Thank you. And then I would have sat in front of her forever.

Although, if a secret! - I also know how to open the door. Yes, yes, yes ... and sometimes I even get it well. When no one sees, I always open the door myself, boldly leaning on the wings of a fragile shoulder. (Shoulder, yes, not a shoulder pad, as you like to say.) The shoulders, so that you know, it's such a thing that clothes hang on.) I'm sorry, sometimes this habit manifests itself in the presence of a man . And very often I am immediately punished for arrogance. Since my companion, in a good impulse, to seize the initiative in the battle with the door, usually rushes forward, simultaneously stepping on my foot, dislocating my hand and giving my knee to the backside.

Be more simple

Let all the doors be open to me in a metaphorical sense. But if I myself attempted to attack the input device, let me finish this operation. Especially be careful with the doors opening in both directions (certainly there is some term for their designation, but I do not know it, I'm sorry). Men usually push such a door. Women have a habit of pulling on themselves. At me this wont has not passed or has not taken place even after that shift of a radiocarpal joint ...

Or, for example, I can perfectly handle the toilet door. She just looks heavy. Therefore, do not think to open it in front of me. And it will be absolutely superfluous to open it carefully when I'm inside, even if it seems to you that I'm going to leave. The most correct thing is to ignore my visit to this place. Girls do not go there at all. You have misunderstood it.


Your ability to beautifully shake me out of clothes can be useful in life for both of us. But a little later, when we come to your house. If we come.

In the meantime, we just went for a snack. So do not hurry. You've noticed the strange movements that your companion is doing, already unbuttoned the fur coat, but not yet taking it to the end? Perhaps you thought she had fleas. Or she is a member of the sect "Ritual dances as a path to excellence." So, you were wrong. This sheburshanie under cover - just an attempt quickly and unobtrusively ...

A) correct the straps;

B) pull up stockings;

B) pull the underwear out of ... well, it does not matter;

D) and so on.

You see, I must get out of the fur coat, like Aphrodite from foam, in all the splendor. If you hurry this coat off me, God knows how I'll appear before you or other visitors of this eatery.

Be more simple

Do not run behind my back, even if I have already unbuttoned all the buttons on the outer clothing. If I expect chivalry from you, I will turn to you myself (at least sideways). Or I'll drop my hands along the body, slightly pushing my elbows back. Noticing these signs, boldly pick up my outer clothing.


Previously, a man was forbidden to climb the ladder behind a woman - he, poor, could, uneven hour, see her ankle and forever be damaged in the mind. After the sexual revolution, the situation with my ankles became noticeably simpler.

And now I'm risking on the stairs to see a strip of your pale hairy skin between the toe and the edge of the trousers. This often happens when you jump up the stairs with vigorous leaps ahead of me.

Be more simple

Forget the old-fashioned rules of etiquette and remember the following. On the stairs, it is more appropriate for a man to be always below a woman. That is, you should follow me up, and go down, on the contrary, ahead of me. Theoretically, this is all done so that you can pick me up if I stumble. In practice ... well, in practice, I usually just fall softer - also bread. (Maxim Russia)
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Yanet Garcia, The hottest weather forecast leader.

MAXIM - The hottest weather forecast leader Yanet Garcia became the hottest cover girl of the new Mexican MAXIM. The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns that this is an abnormally hot news!

Sooner or later it was going to happen. And it happened! The hottest weather forecast leader Janet Garcia, whose fate we've been watching tirelessly for a long time, has become the hottest of the cover of MAXIM!

As they say, a sexy girl is sexy in everything! Knowingly Janet at one time led the list of the most seductive leading weather forecasts around the world!

A post shared by Yanet Garcia 🇲🇽 (@iamyanetgarcia) on

Here, however, it is necessary to make a reservation that we are talking about Mexican MAXIM, but we are proud of our overseas colleagues who managed to distract Janet from stories about cyclones and variable clouds on Televisa Monterrey to capture her in a swimsuit in the colors of the national flag (and not only! ) for the cover of the July issue.

Un día decidí darme por vencido... renuncié a mi trabajo, a mi relación, a mi vida. Fui al bosque para hablar con un anciano que decían era muy sabio. -¿Podría darme una buena razón para no darme por vencido? Le pregunté. -Mira a tu alrededor, me respondió, ¿ves el helecho y el bambú? -Sí, respondí. -Cuando sembré las semillas del helecho y el bambú, las cuidé muy bien. El helecho rápidamente creció. Su verde brillante cubría el suelo. Pero nada salió de la semilla de bambú. Sin embargo no renuncié al bambú. -En el segundo año el helecho creció más brillante y abundante y nuevamente, nada creció de la semilla de bambú. Pero no renuncié al bambú. -En el tercer año, aún nada brotó de la semilla de bambú. Pero no renuncié al bambú. -En el cuarto año, nuevamente, nada salió de la semilla de bambú. Pero no renuncié al bambú. -En el quinto año un pequeño brote de bambú se asomó en la tierra. En comparación con el helecho era aparentemente muy pequeño e insignificante. -El sexto año, el bambú creció más de 20 metros de altura. Se había pasado cinco años echando raíces que lo sostuvieran. Aquellas raíces lo hicieron fuerte y le dieron lo que necesitaba para sobrevivir. -¿Sabías que todo este tiempo que has estado luchando, realmente has estado echando raíces? Le dijo el anciano y continuó... -El bambú tiene un propósito diferente al del helecho, sin embargo, ambos son necesarios y hacen del bosque un lugar hermoso. -Nunca te arrepientas de un día en tu vida. Los buenos días te dan felicidad. Los malos días te dan experiencia. Ambos son esenciales para la vida, le dijo el anciano y continuó... -La felicidad te mantiene dulce. Los intentos te mantienen fuerte. Las penas te mantienen humano. Las caídas te mantienen humilde. El éxito te mantiene brillante... Pero solo Dios te mantiene caminando ✨
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We hope that Janet will share the rest of the photos from the shooting in her Instagram. Although there are many curious things there now! (Maxim Russia)

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Nicole Kidman

MAXIM - The best way to congratulate the actress on her birthday is to once again lose her gift of speech from her beauty!

The owner of the Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and other awards does not need to be represented. Honestly, how much we remember ourselves, so much admired the beauty and talent of Nicole.

As it sometimes happens with actresses, Nicole came to a big movie from a big ballet, which she had been practicing since the age of four. Kidman's childhood was overshadowed by the mother's illness, which was discovered shortly after the family returned from Hawaii, where Nicole was born, to her native Australia. The first big role came to Nicole when she was 15 years old, and since then the flow of offers has not dried up.

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You probably remember the most notable works of Nicole - in the films "With wide eyes closed", "Watch", "Dogville", "Others", "Australia", "Cold Mountain". From the last from Kidman we strongly recommend you the series "Big Little Lies", and not only because half of its screen time in this series the actress walks naked.

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In her personal life, Nicole is still as fruitful: together with her husband, musician Keith Urban, Nicole brings up four children.

We wish our beloved actress further personal happiness and new career achievements! And we want a pleasant viewing of the sexiest photos of Nicole Kidman. (Maxim Russia)