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When the sommelier begins to describe the taste and aroma of wine, it seems as if he mistakenly attempts to transfer the cipher to the wrong person. So that you do not get confused by all this fullness and tannin, we have made up for you a small dictionary.

Completeness. It's not so much about taste as about the sensation - how much wine seems dense in your mouth and viscous or light and flowing. Depends on alcohol and sugar: the more of them, the more thorough the wine.

Tannin. This means tartness. Tannins are substances with astringent taste, as in persimmons. They are in red wine and a little - in pink. If it comes to white, raise an eyebrow in surprise.

Acidity. It is measured in grams per liter and is present in wine always. But pay attention to the nuances. If the sommelier looks down and mentions acidity as "frank, bright and refreshing," then the wine is either young and undeveloped, or already halfway to vinegar.

Roundness. Here, the sommelier's face should soften and become dreamy. For roundness is the balance of the main elements: body, acidity, sugar, tannin. If the sommelier calls the taste roundish, you can end the conversation and start drinking. (Maxim Russia)
Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today
Yulya Vasilieva

MAXIM - Some make a wish when they see a falling star. But we are sure that the rising star will cause you much more desires, so we continue to follow the orbit of Yulya Vasilieva, already familiar to you on a bunch of commercials, serials and our magazines.

We have not seen each other for two years. It's clear that you did not miss, but did you do something all this time?

I was actively engaged in my career, I filmed a lot, got some new knowledge ...

That's about new knowledge is especially interesting. What are they, this new knowledge?

During the filming of the film "Forest Lake" I not only learned a lot about horses, but also learned to ride them.

Without clothes, I hope?

In clothes, of course. Why should a girl ride a horse naked?

Well, just so beautiful. Romantic, or something ...

And now I'm gone from romance. It used to offer me the roles of different air-loving creatures. And now I'm trusted by images of crafty and cunning villains who are carrying revenge plans, and their play is much more interesting.

Clear. What other knowledge did you get besides the mounted ones?

I read many books. I began to like Murakami.

Why do you read books when you have a movie? There everything happens much faster and the picture moves.

In the movie, taken from the book, you see her reading the director. And when I read it myself, I can imagine my own film about it. No director will not take it off.

This is for sure. Let's go to the advertisement "Loska". Explain, please, the meaning of the video to those who did not watch it.

Come on ... The action takes place in the theater. I first came to the play in a beautiful beautiful white dress. And I was so worried that I spilled a glass of champagne, a cup of coffee, dropped a sandwich with a tomato, and then smeared with mascara. And also my flowers, which I wanted to give to the actors, also left a mark on it.

It's just a story from life. What kind of idiot is writing these scripts?

I do not know. I'm just a blind tool in the hands of the director.

But in real life you ever managed to get so messy?

No, only in the movies. There was a film where I kidnapped myself and was in terrible dirt and blood.

Apparently, you still beat yourself and raped. Another warm greetings to the writers. Let's move on to advertising "Activia".

This video was filmed in Thailand.

As in Thailand? There is also an ordinary Moscow apartment!

Yes. But there is a street where I ride a bicycle. And in the winter you could find such a one just in Thailand.

Very close. And finally, the movie about "MTS". You are with a guy abroad on the beach, but he listens to football on the phone, because those entering in roaming are zero rubles. And you ask: "Did our people win?"

Yes. It's just the truth here, because I like football and I'm very interested in it. And my dad worked with the football team "Chernomorets", so I know football also from the inside.

Clear. What's with your private life?

All is well. I have a wonderful guy, and we are happy for eight years.

Eight years?! Are not you tired of it? And you also do not change the car for eight years?

No, the car - somewhere in three years. But the man does not break? And if it's good, why change it?

It is logical. Do you have a hobby?

Yes, after work I often crochet. A lot of good things connected her husband, friends.

I do not understand. Why after work for a long time to crochet, if you can immediately make love with your loved one for eight years her husband?

And he is playing computer games at this time, so everyone is busy with his own business. But there's a whole night for love, so we're all right, do not worry.

What's new with you in the title role can see your fans right now?

From the New Year on "Russia-1" will go 110-serial series "Dar". I play the girlfriend of the main character.

Are there any explicit scenes there?

Yes no ... Well, there are some shots in bed, but there is nothing supernatural about this?

Yes indeed. In bed, everything is always natural, you're right.

And can I say hello? The acting agency "M-Globus" and Anaide, who opened me. Thanks to her I have so many interesting roles!

Can. Anyone else need to send something?

Yes! To all the directors! Give me the main roles - and your films will always collect full rooms.

Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today
Regina Todorenko

MAXIM - The singer, composer and burning TV presenter Regina Todorenko is certainly loved by you thanks to the program "Eagle and Tails" on the channel "Friday!". Winding circles around the globe, she stopped for a couple of days in Moscow to take a picture for you.

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Yury Koltsov
Style: Irina Volkova

How did you, a decent Odessa girl, get into the TV?

I also sometimes think how many people watch my programs and say: "This bitch slept with everyone to get on TV!"

Do you want to make a confession?

Yes. Actually, I honestly went to castings. I was poor, hungry, but I went everywhere. And then, if we were taken across the bed, only boys would work everywhere. And I probably need to look for some female producers, so they want to sleep with me. But I did everything without it, for some reason. I have a secret: at all castings, I behaved quite simply. She mixed people, she laughed - and that's all that she achieved.

But did you study as a builder of ships?

Nearly. First, at the Odessa Maritime University, but left there and graduated from the Kiev University of Culture in the specialty of "directing".

Is there already your bust at the entrance?

Certainly. But only the bust of my priests, because this is the most attractive part of me. Well, I think so. Operators constantly remove it, but the director cuts out almost everything.

Why in your program so little is told about sex tourism?

First, not a few, and sometimes. We go to brothels, like all normal people. For example, in Frankfurt I really liked how everything is organized. And secondly, perhaps, we will make a separate application about it. "Eagle and tails: sex tourism", for example.

Excellent. And with the same condition - take a walk for a hundred bucks or ten thousand. Only who will let you in with the camera?

No one, we're taking it off. Yes, they can kill for this, and that's why it's especially interesting for me.

Let's talk about your cameraman. About the one who walks with you, lives and spends the night, so that the viewer sees all your adventures. How does he stand it?

Of course, it's hard for him, because he has to get up early and later go to bed. And he hates me, because I'm more often poor than rich. No, he can not be my young man, because he knows too much about me. I see how I cut my nails, pick my nose ... That's why we're just friends.

Did he never attack you when he shot you in the shower? Is it possible to do this with friends?

And what remains behind the scenes? Tell us about what the viewer does not see.
He does not see how the leader is arguing with the operator because she does not have long legs in the frame and she can not be removed better than she is in life. And I also have a paranoia: I'm always afraid of an unplugged microphone. And even when I'm naked, it seems to me that I have a little buttonhole somewhere and everyone hears what I'm doing. This is partly true: I constantly forget to turn it off. Sometimes people are shocked.

What is written on your hand?

I can not say it, but I can tell you how it came about.

You drank ...

No, everything was conscious. I just took one secret mantra and translated it into Farsi. The only problem is that I made it Google-translator. Now the inscription can not be read by anyone, not even the Arabs: "Amesh hambbe marztysh ..." What ?! No, they say, we do not know what it is, but it's kind of the truth. Since then, I decided to stop with tattoos. Especially since my audience is mostly not men, but girls are 12-15 years old, and I have to think about which example I'm giving.

Then tell me on what date the girl can already have sex?

Yes, at least on the first, though right now. All the same depends on passion! The spark is - go! The main thing is that for love. Well I'm not a prude. Sex should be as much as the girl wants. For health in the first place, of course. I try not to forbid myself anything. Yes, if I want something, I get it. But I'm too lazy to go out on dates and there's no time. It's a long, boring, and I know how it ends. And in general I am a female mantis, that's why I'm still not married.

I correctly understand that most of the time you spend on traveling?

Not that word. I'm leaving for a round-the-world trip. We stay in each city for three or four days. We shoot, then fly on. And so eight months.

How do you stand it?

Fine! If it was a holiday, then, probably, one could complain. But this is work. I'll rest in retirement!

What was the most interesting disease you brought?

You in vain think this question ridiculous. In fact, I brought various allergies to some local insects. Especially after the initiation ceremony in the Amazon. Now I belong to the rank of fearless women, although this ceremony is held only by men, and women - at will. A large mitten, woven from palm leaves, is stuffed with fierce bullet ants. It is an insect whose bite is considered the most painful in the world. A glove is put on hand, and a hundred huge ants sting you. As a result, some go into trance, and some go to the hospital, but I survived. And now I'm a man, and cool. It will be easier to sleep with female producers.

The greatest pleasure you experienced while filming?

It was a volcano that spewed joy and happiness! Right with me, four hundred meters! True, I had to wait a few hours until he could. I still remember his name. His name is Yasur.

Those who do not watch the "Eagle and Tails" program know you about participating in the "Voice" project.

Yes, I managed this too. I have been performing for a long time as a singer. I used to sing with the band Real O, now myself. I am a producer, composer, and author of words. My music is both English and Russian, but since it is dance, it sounds better in English. February 14 I'm going to release an EP on iTunes - a half-ally in English. In the meantime, you can watch my videos on YouTube. After a round-the-world trip I plan a world tour with my music. And at the same time I will untwist my clothing line.

Do you have your own line?

Yes, with sales, bringing ... I'm kidding! Really do a clothing line for Travel Generation TR. Comfortable, beautiful, I will soon write in my social networks about her.

But in general, why did you come to us? To you it is not enough glory?

I came to please my grandfather. He is a dentist in Odessa, he is seventy-five years old, and he is a great connoisseur of female beauty. But about all my slightly frank footage in clips and serials, he always says: "Well, did not finish it! It was necessary to light more! "Now, I hope he will be pleased!

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Marusya Zykova

MAXIM - Etheric creation: Marusya Zykova. It turns out that all these sexy girls in our favorite funny programs "Big Difference", "Give the Youth!" And "Video Bite" - this is the same sexy girl Marusya Zykova

Interview: Alexander Malenkov
Photo: Oleg Zotov
Style: Irina Volkova

She's just always changing clothes. We managed to capture this process in the photo.

It all started with a parody of advertising in the "Big Difference": "Mouth - Lubok. Lips - Ljublubs ", where you acted as a teacher ...

In general, it all started much earlier. I always dreamed of becoming an actress. My uncle, director, all my childhood prepared me, put sketches. It was somehow childishly interesting. With age, this interest intensified. Then I got carried away by television, worked first in Tula, then became bored in Tula, and I went to Moscow. At first I was not taken to the frame, I went to castings, everywhere they said: "We will call back ..." Well, in the best traditions of castings.

My question has matured. Question-pun! Have you come with your samovar from Tula?

It's original! And about the carrot will be questions? Although, you're right, with your own. At that time I was not alone and to conquer the capital, we also came together. I was 18, that is, five years have passed ... Well, can I not talk about this? I have questions about my personal life and all sorts of topics at a dead end. Let me as if elegantly left the answer.

Do you seriously think that we are interested in your career? We are primarily concerned about the man Marousi Zykova. What kind is he? How to become one?

I do not know. I do not have any clear type, if we talk about appearance. I like men who want something. Something, except me ... Which represent something apart from me. And then people have the property to cling to each other, grow together in a single tangle and so exist on trips to the "Auchans" on weekends, in "Megi", in "Ikeya" ... I immediately get bored. I want everyone to have their own battlefield. It's always interesting to discuss. These are two independent states, between which there are established diplomatic relations. Something like this.

We have an interview with a Lithuanian model in this issue. She was the first of all to say: I have no sense of humor. The main thing is to have a good body! This is not your case?

It's great when a man can laugh ... Surviving without humor is very difficult. But I'm generally against choosing a man as a car, under the list of options. A person either catches, or does not cling. So this is the dumbest question.

Thank you. I have one more. Here you are almost a professional humor. Say, sex and laughter are really incompatible or do you, humorists, have it?

Well, maybe there are clinical cases ... I read there, somewhere there is a man who has been laughing ceaselessly for several years now - apparently, during sex too. No, of course, these are very different things. With some giggling, this can begin ... And then what kind of laughter? Next is not to laugh! Why make a vinaigrette from all the joys of life?

Women are divided into dependents and business. How do you see yourself in the future?

Life has its own plans for you ... I do not really think about the future. But I know for sure that this is a very unstable position - to charge one's expectations to another person.

So be it, back to your career. You worked on television in Moscow behind the scenes and suddenly it happened ...

Nothing suddenly. In fact, I was always very interested in how someone had happened in their lives, read biographies, interviewed actresses. And I found out that there are some patterns of these "like" accidents. For example, someone fell ill, and they say to her: Come on, try it. And here it is - a chance. And I dreamed: that would be great as well! I dreamed, and myself worked behind the scenes as an administrator, assistant, producer, editor ... And we did a "big difference", and two days before the shooting, when this story was being prepared, "La Llabra", I was told: "Come on, you will try. " I, shaking and stuttering, read it for the first time, then three days I slept this roliushka, then - ah-ah-ah! - They took me off. And then I was invited to "Give the youth!" - and it raced.

Do you have a stupid blonde?

Here and no! If only at the very start in "Give the youth!". There are, of course, stereotypes, I am frightened of them, and the writers already know and write less and less for me such sketches. It's very hard to play dur - to cut off your brain and try to think like a man who does not think.

What is your favorite image in the "Big Difference"?

For me, the most organic image, the simplest and most successful, is Ksenia Sobchak. I'm having fun in it. It's so ... without brakes, so you can do anything, anything, and it will be in its organics. All the rest are more complicated. That's how tomorrow to reincarnate in Sergei Zvereva - I will not put my mind to it.

You have so many different images! Do you ever get to know when you are in your neutral everyday form?

In "Give the youth!" I always paint and dress very brightly - in my life I do not look so. In the "Big Difference" noses are glued. So they recognize me infrequently and, as a rule, at the most stupid moments of life, when I least want it. I always dreamed that it would somehow be on hand. The policeman there stops: "Oh, it's you ... sorry ..." Aha! There was a situation recently. I have repairs at home. I went to a nearby store for some kind of spatula ... I go: tail, jeans in paint, down jacket, sneakers - anti-glamor, as it is. And a guard starts to follow me in the store. I think: wow, if a person does not look good, this does not mean that he will now steal some kind of oil dish there. I already even got a phone to show that I have a phone. That I'm a respectable man! Then I look - he already approached the manager, and they began to follow me. I think: what kind of business! Well, I took everything, knocked it out at the checkout, I go to the exit, and it blocks my way. And I think: Well, the dog, if he asks me to show his pockets, I'll tell him everything - where he was born and how he will die. Already did an evil face, and he is this: "Excuse me, please, I could not see you on TV?"

Do you watch your programs yourself? Do you like yourself?

"Big Difference" and "Give Younger!" I look mostly calmly, but "Videobytva" ... When I'm leading it, I do not have any text, all on improvisation, so I do not remember much. It's like if a person drank heavily, and then they tell him how he was strange. Therefore, the "Videobytva" broadcast for me is always full of surprises.

Tell me about this photo session. No, come on like this: Are you an exhibitionist?

You're just like us in the "Big Difference": Fedor, are you gay? No, not so: why movie? You know, I'm very calm about my own body. It justifies my personal expectations, and thank him for that. I do not suffer from exhibitionism, rather an easy dysmorphophobia, if such a heated conversation has already taken place. I was a bit strange all this, because men and women have different ideas about what is sexy and what is not. It seems to me that sexuality is natural, relaxed, and not in a deliberately curved back or passionately bitten lip. When women have sex with you, they do not bend the back to the verge of vertebral fracture?

I do not remember now, but it seems that I welcomed this behavior in every possible way, when I was concerned about kindergarten entertainment like sex. Thank God, I now have a Wii game console, and I do not care. And you even care about women's beauty?

I think men are more beautiful than women.

What, and never kissed with girls?

Absolutely not! And she did not dance drunk on the bar. I'm not very interesting to you in this respect. Well, here I am. Not that I'm white and fluffy ... I'm very angry. In traffic jams, for example.

Do you swear with a mat?

Of course! I'm an intelligent person. Only the finished ones ... the bulls do not swear at mate!

But some girls think that sagging back is not vulgar, and swearing obscenities is vulgar.
Well, let them lie further. This is part of the Russian language, and I respect it. In addition, these words carry a great emotional burden. Swearing mat is useful for complexion and peace of mind.

You so easily and sincerely answer such difficult questions! Do you know yourself so well?

On the contrary, it seems to me that I do not know myself yet. Probably, by virtue of my age, I'm having a hard time making decisions, always thinking them over carefully, turning them around like that. I do not know yet how right. I'm so ... doubting. But nothing, it will pass. In thirty years ... at the age of thirty I will finally understand that there is no "right", and finally I will relax.

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Tatiana Kotova

MAXIM - Tatiana Kotova hid in Spain, thinking that our lenses will not reach there. Naive! If we love anybody, then there is no salvation.

Tatiana, you recently returned from Marbella. What did you do there?

I madly love Spain! But this time I went not just to rest - I was in a detox clinic.

Why such a beautiful detox girl? You're perfect.

To start running and eat right again. Detox is a restart, and I spend it every year.

Visitors to the clinic were certainly delighted with your jogging. And where can you meet domestic fans of the race?

I'm just going to start running around Moscow. Today Google, on which quays can be recharged from jogs.

I recommend Luzhnetskaya. I just run there in the mornings, every Tuesday and Thursday. Write it down.

No, thank you. I have dances on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

By the way, about dances. In your "Instagram" @kottova there are a lot of videos on which you dance with the girls from your ballet. All these stunning movements on his heels ... Are not you afraid to break anything?

In all my life I have not yet broken a single heel. I have been dancing since my childhood, the first dance with which I entered the stage is the Lambada. In the video, we are preparing for my show. There are many different interesting receivers, so girls who are fond of dancing, these videos can be interesting. At us concerts as a holiday, as a carnival - it would be desirable to have fun round the clock.

Spain, Lambada, also a new song called "Adios".

Yes, yes, yes, it's funny. It seems that in a past life I was a Spanish dancer.

Have you ever had anything with a Spaniard?

Never. For now, at least. Although I'm going to fly to Colombia, but I'm not sure that I will have time to evaluate the Colombians, I'm going after other impressions.

The song "Adios" is based on real events?

Each of my songs is based on real events, only they are from the future. For example, I recorded "Adios", I was still in a relationship. And then the song came out and in a strange way ... Well, you understand.

So now you're free?

Yes, my heart is free, but it does not mean that it is open to everyone.

As our readers, given your employment, competition from the Spaniards and other Colombians, to get your attention?

First you can send a huge bouquet of peonies. Here in Spain a bouquet was brought to me, and I thought it was from someone local. And there was a note: "From Moscow with Love". I never found out from whom he was. But the whole directive and comments finally in the "Instagram" re-read.

The world embraced the scandalous trend of accusations of everyone and everything in harassment. Have you yourself ever harassed anyone?

No. Probably, because I often take a blow at myself. But if I do not see reciprocity, I'll step aside.

And can this be?

Once. That man was not free, and I knew that someone's heart would be broken. And why should I? On the other hand, as a creative person, I need a whole range of emotions. Probably, that's why I sometimes sing songs to him. It's a pity he does not know about it.

Poor thing. And how do you cope with especially annoying fans?

I do not pay attention. If everyone takes it to heart, you can easily go crazy. However, it happens in many ways. Here in the New Year, for example, I received a call a minute after midnight - it turned out that the courier brought a gift. And do not ask what was there: I will never say.

Maybe it's time to change such a dangerous activity? You've already starred in movies and TV shows ...

I am always open to cooperation. And on the mail often come proposals to do a movie, but they do not correspond to what I would like to do. Most often they are related to my external data. I'm waiting for a proposal that will interest me.

And what would you like?

To be filmed in a real drama or high-quality comedy.

We are read by filmmakers and screenwriters - there is not much time left to wait. Tanya, it's been three years since our last shooting ...

Unfortunately yes.

Why "Unfortunately?

I really like to be photographed for MAXIM. It should be more often. Your glavred knows this, but pretends that he does not know. We'll give him!

(Maxim Russia)