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MAXIM - In the US, a military camp has opened, in which they are allowed to throw bombs from the aircraft of the Second World War

Wishing to repeat the feat of grandfathers who fought, in the US, too, a lot. Even for fun, but in conditions close to real, in the open sky.

That's why the so-called "fantasy camp", which provides services for simulating WWII military aircrafts, was created there. You are given a B-17 or B-24, dummies bombs and forward, bomb Hamburg or Japs according to archival combat missions.

So far the camp operates on an irregular basis, this year it has already curtailed its activities, but it is possible to enroll for the next year. Events Bomber Camp will be held in the city of Stockton (California) and will cost $ 2,200 per seat.

The program is complex. We report the main thing: during the flight they give us a wander around the plane, shoot with the onboard machine guns. The most desperate brave men are allowed into the shooting tower under the fuselage. It's really scary there.

It is difficult to say what the right to steer a bomber will cost. But the fact that you're flying a real World War II plane, and it's not a copy made on a 3D printer, ignites a fiery motor in the heart! (Maxim Russia)
Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

As it turned out, for most it is the same.

MAXIM - Of course, the sexual habits of all are different. They depend on temperament, age (if you want to find out how much sex is supposed to be at your age, to you here) and whether some kind person will sit down with your five children. But, as the new study has shown, there is something in the sexual behavior of people that coincides. In what day of the week is considered the most non-sexual.

The application for express delivery of products from the nearest Instacart stores published an analysis of three million products ordered by Americans in 2017. This analysis allowed to determine the demand for different products and household items in different months and days of the week. Among the products, there was also such a thing, necessary in any economy, as condoms. (By the way, we hope that using condoms you do not make these 10 common mistakes). And that's what happened.

The boom for buying condoms falls on weekends, which is understandable: it is on weekends that we go to clubs and restaurants, inspired by hopes, dreaming of acquaintance, which will change our life (or at least night). However, and couples get the opportunity to be alone on the weekend, when the already mentioned grandmothers come to help with the offspring.

But the most unpopular day for buying (and, apparently, using) condoms is Monday. Yes, the same Monday that does not already enjoy our love because of the fact that it opens the working week. And if on Monday you feel that the libido has sunk under the couch and even the prospect of sharing porn with a girl does not raise the mood, do not worry: you are far from alone. (Maxim Russia)
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Usually in such cases it is customary to write: "It seems summer will be hot!" But we will abstain.

MAXIM - For us, people living in Russia, there is nothing surprising in that summer is the time when sex smiles to us more often. In the end, only in the summer we have a chance to go out into the street in something not reminiscent of the skin of a dead bear (and often it is she) and not die. Only in the summer we warm up so much that we remember the existence of such a beautiful phenomenon as flirting alive, and not in "Tinder". Only in the summer ... In general, basically all the pleasant things happen in the summer.

Therefore, when the doctor of medical sciences of the Harvard Medical School Ashvini Nadkarni told why in the summer we want sex more often than in the winter, we were not particularly surprised. And now came a new study related to summer sex. And it arrived from there, where they did not expect - from Australia, where, it seems, the whole summer. That is, to start the summer there when we have winter. But even in the summer there is summer (because +25 in the shade is, of course, not winter, do not mix our woolen socks).

It turned out that even in hot Australia, summer and winter are distinguished in the context of sexual activity. Moreover, Australian scientists conduct full-fledged studies of the impact of the season on the personal lives of people. So, the employees of the Melbourne Sexual Health Center, who are mostly treated by those who are worried about their sexual health, analyzed the patients' data from 2006 to 2014. Apparently, they analyzed as much as four years, since the results of the study arrived only now.

It turned out that both women and men who turned to the clinic with sexually transmitted diseases had more partners in the summer than in the winter. Also in the summer in men, neonococcal urethritis was particularly popular, and in women - inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

In general, before a hot summer day to respond to suggestions of half-naked beauties to get acquainted and have a good time, think carefully! Remember: non-gonococcal urethritis! (Whatever it means, do not want to have it on the medical record.) (Maxim Russia)
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Illustrations: Sergey Radionov.

A chapter explaining things that surround you, again with you!

MAXIM - Before the birth of birth control pills, in order not to become pregnant, women had to go to horrible things-for example, to deny men sex. And all because, according to the doctor-gynecologist of the highest category, Li Khitarishvili, every 21-28 days in the ovaries of the female the ovum ripens, which then falls into the fallopian tube, where for 2-3 days, looking at the clock, waiting for a meeting with a beautiful sperm. This process is called ovulation.

The basis of contraceptive preparations is the synthesized analogues of female hormones for estrogens and gestagens. "An artificial hormone inhibits the production of its own hormones of a woman, suppressing the process of ovulation," Leah explains.

It would seem that this could be stopped, but to guarantee soulless scientists came up with several more traps. Due to the action of the tablets, the viscosity of the mucus of the cervix increases. Unable to move, unfortunate spermatozoa die in thousands, like partisans in the swamps of Karelia.

Yaytsekletkaleniv and moves to the place of encounter with the spermatozoon only by cutting the walls of the fallopian tubes. Artificial hormones turn off the contractions, leaving the immobilized egg quietly dying at the place of maturation.

In addition, the pills cause such changes in the mucous uterus, which, even avoiding all obstacles and encountering a sperm, the egg is unable to stay on the uterine wall.

Next time we will explain how the condom works. (Maxim Russia)
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Scientists again proved what you already intuitively guessed

MAXIM - Scientists from the University of Buffalo (USA) have conducted two studies to find out whether narrative abilities (that is, speaking more simply, the ability to speak fluently) affect the attractiveness of the opposite sex.

In the first experiment, participants showed a certain number of photographs of people of the opposite sex. Simultaneously with the demonstration of the pictures, they were informed whether the person was a good storyteller, where he came from, how old he was and whether he liked spaghetti. All the photos were conditionally divided into three parts: "good storyteller" (in the description of this type phrases like "rich vocabulary", "his stories at parties are always popular", "he always knows how to laugh"), "ordinary narrator" (about oratorical abilities were not mentioned separately) and "a bad storyteller" ("in companies it is often kept silent", "it is sometimes difficult for him to find words to express his thoughts").

After that, the participants of the experiment needed to evaluate the photos in terms of attractiveness for dating and sex, long-term relationships and as a friend. As a result, it turned out that the ability to tell stories well makes a man more attractive in female eyes when it comes to long-term relationships.

But men absolutely do not care. On their perception of the attractiveness of women, the quality of the talented storyteller was not reflected in any way.

In the second experiment, questions about attractiveness were added to the questions: "Which of them do you think has the makings of a leader?", "Who is worthy of admiration?", "Who can lead?" As in the first case, women have higher good scribes received scores.

This is explained by evolution. Men spread their genes widely (at least try), and women - sighting. Also, men and women spend different amounts of effort on offspring: the first can confine themselves to only sexual contact, while women's investments include a multi-month pregnancy and rearing offspring. Thus, men can afford to choose a partner quite frivolously, and women subconsciously look for someone who could help with raising their offspring.

Scientists suggest that in primitive communities, one who could explain supernatural phenomena automatically received power and privileges. Therefore, women on a subconscious level believe that such a partner is more promising.

It seems that it will be necessary to postpone the crowning reception of seduction - a significant sniff. (Maxim Russia)