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Charlotte McKinney

Written by Abraham Kozlov

American actress and model Charlotte MacKinnie became famous thanks to Instagram, although her path to Internet fame was not easy. At first Charlotte tried herself in the actor's craft, but she didn’t go further than inconspicuous bit parts. Then Charlotte went to the fashion world, but even there her success was avoided. (To be honest, we are amazed: what, people who worked with the girl had a feeling of beauty completely atrophied?)

It was then, fed up with rejection and desperate to achieve fame in the old fashioned way, Miss McKinney resorted to new technologies - began to post her seductive photos to Instagram. Here, the triumph was not long in coming: thousands of new users subscribed to Charlotte every day (now the Instagram model has as many as 1.3 million subscribers).

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Success in the web was followed by the success in the real world longed for by a girl: MacKinnie began to invite each other to shoot films for magazines and movies. So, the girl starred in the freshest "Rescuers Malibu." In an interview with American Esquire, Charlotte called herself a “seductive blonde with a huge breast.” It is obvious that in these four words lies the secret of the girl’s well-deserved success.

Back in the spotlight! Although, let's be honest, when she was not in it? This time the reason is not only aesthetic, but also news: Charlotte McKinney, in collaboration with the brand of underwear Wolf & Whistle, launched its own line of underwear. According to Charlotte, the models of her name are designed for "girls with an outstanding bust." And anyone who has seen at least one photo of Charlotte, understands why.

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“When Wolf & Whistle contacted my team about cooperation, they stressed that I would have full control over the situation. So it was! I followed all the stages, from drawing sketches to choosing a photographer Mark Skuers ”- this is how the model commented on its design experience. We congratulate Charlotte with the launch of the line and we hasten to look at the models that the star of “Instagram” itself advertises. (Maxim)
Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today
Ksenia Zueva

Usually we shoot actresses, but this time we decided to shoot the one who shoots actresses himself - the director! Yes, yes, Xenia Zueva herself makes the movie as a screenwriter, director and producer. The photographer for the first time in his life was afraid.

Interview: Rybik
Photo: Roman Gorchakov
Style: Catherine Troshko

How do strangers react when they find out that you are a director? Usually the director is a tough man, bald, with a mustache, or Kim Ki-Duk.

Calmly react. Especially not faced with some kind of inspired or surprised reactions. A bald spot and a mustache are stereotypes. We live in a time when the appearance often contradicts the profession or the inner content of a person. A man can be in a tattoo and a mod, but at the same time have a professorship. And in Cannes, I met a gentle Belgian, like an angel, who removes hyper-hard movies on scary topics.

Ksenia Zueva

What did you do in Cannes?

I went with the short film "14 steps", in which she played the main role. My first education is acting. In Cannes, it's beautiful: bright parties, cool pictures, unique people ... I want to strive there.

Interestingly, did you look at the Cannes porn festival?

No, but maybe someday it will be interesting to visit there. For example, I love Nympho. This is the coolest movie about sex. About sexogolism - the same pathology as gambling, drug addiction or alcoholism.

Ksenia Zueva

Do you suffer from any of the above?

No, thank God. My main defect is impulsiveness. If I'm angry, I can smash everything!

So you're a psycho?

No. I react purely on business. As a rule, injustice. Or stupidity. On the set, I can smash my colleagues if they do. The technical group is all men. I treat them with respect, but I do not accept it when they argue with me and present me. I immediately replied: "Irreplaceable no!" In this case, our disputes should not hear the actors. With artists, I appeal differently, these are fragile organisms. And even if they need to be brought to the frame in a hard condition, I do it gently, without raising my voice.

And to what did you bring the actors?

In my last short film "Twinkling" there are several bed scenes. To make the scenes organic, we had to get the actors to do a nehly petting so that the camera could catch real sexual energy. Before that, everything was very modest and in general there was a kindergarten. But it turned out as a result abruptly. And it would be necessary - generally forced to have sex.

Ksenia Zueva

At one time, Francis Ford Coppola and George Clooney laid down their own homes for the sake of filming their films. Are you ready to make such sacrifices?

I'm against extremes. It is necessary to act sensibly. Let's say that if you require an out-of-budget budget, which is not, you can cut it three-fold. And I did not plan to mortgage the house, to sell the kidney.

By the way, where can I see your pictures? Is this a festival movie or a movie at the box office?
The movie "Close" had a rental in the winter, and now it is watched in iTunes and on torrents. 

Honestly, I deliberately did not read reviews about "Close" on the Internet, because I heard a lot of aggressive feedback. My film is not a tender lavstory, but a tragic reality: in the family everybody hate each other and come to their senses only after an unexpected death, which they themselves allowed. It's nice when they say: "Damn, this is catharsis! I'll go with my mother and grandmother to hug, they did not call them for a year. Thank you, I understood everything! "

Ksenia Zueva

I hope this is not an autobiographical picture?

This is a fantasy with elements of autobiography. Teenage stories are taken from my youth. I was an ugly duckling with pierced lips, nostrils, hostile attitude, misunderstanding in a new school and fights with girls. It's unpleasant to remember.

you will listen to yourself - and a severe picture of life looms. And can you wear a short skirt or behave lightly not only on the set of MAXIM?

Haha of course! Harsh realities only in my paintings, but in general I am primarily a mother. And I cultivate the image of a gentle girl, I feel comfortable in it. (Maxim Russia)

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Anastasia Ivleeva

In our tenacious lenses came Anastasia Ivleeva - witty girl with a stunning figure.

Text: Igor Cher-skiy

At what point did you decide that everyone should know about your life?

It turned out quite by accident. Just made a video with a friend without any plan and script. I'm sitting there so lonely in a bar and I drink first from one straw, and then immediately from two. And immediately went husky, feedback. And when I shot the second video, he got into public, where millions of subscribers. And then I realized that you should not abandon this matter. If people go, we must show them something! In the second clip there were already words and a script: "What do I like more - you or sweets? Maybe you or the gym? You or new clothes? And you'll leave without knowing that I love more than anything in the world ... buhaaaaaaaaat! "

Really so you like to thump?

In fact, I do not even like this word, it's pretty rude. I, of course, like to drink wine in the evening or on weekends. But sixty percent of the content of my videos is still an image, otherwise I would already look like a station alcoholic. In addition, I can not drink a lot: I become too gay, and then fall asleep. Well, I also sometimes go in for sports. I'm different. Not a stubborn supporter of healthy lifestyles and diets, but normal and lively.

It will be great if you promote the trend, that it's cool to be normal and combine different things. Today vegan, and tomorrow eat a bear cub. Today, a fighter for the protection of nature, and tomorrow dumped in the river three bags of garbage.

And people are just like that. It's just that not all admit, but I try to be sincere and bring everyone to the surface. True, I mainly have a female audience. Now I want to pull up the men's.

Anastasia Ivleeva

After the magazine is published, people will reach out to you. But actually you could have pulled it up earlier: you just had to take off more often in your underwear and bathing suits.

Yes, probably. It's just that I did not immediately realize that this is so important for a male audience. But now I will add, of course, this subject. I really like the beautiful sexuality, I'm not shy about it, I just can not always use it. I'm different!

And what else can you do?

I'm studying on TV presenter. I really want to go to the TV. I am ready to work a lot and start with small projects to grow to large.

Please arrange a short tour of your tattoos. What does that mean?

Let's start with the left hand. Here I have a nest with a swallow, a rose and a ribbon. They do not make much sense: I just scored the old blue inscription in Hebrew "The family is my foundation." Why in Hebrew? I do not know. I made her at the age of eighteen in Chelyabinsk - she wanted to seem dangerous and bold. On the right hand is an owl. It means not only wisdom, but I will keep the true meaning in secret. On the right hip is a portrait of a woman, but it's not me. There is such a style - Chicano. Initially, these tattoos were worn by Latin American gangs in America, but now they are doing everything because it's beautiful. And it went from Mexico, where each figure on the face carried some meaning. And my woman has everything on her face. I also have a butterfly on my shoulder, also from the age of eighteen. I, of course, love her, but soon I will either delete or interrupt.

Anastasia Ivleeva

What's with your private life?

This can be partially learned from my posts. But with me there can be only one who respects what I do, and does not try to remake me or teach me how to live.

Our readers also have wives with accounts in Instagram. Give them a couple of tips how to attract a million audience.

If the husband is rich, you can just buy it. And to honestly attract, you need to come up with some kind of your own theme, which will immediately interest everyone. It's easier, of course, for those who live beautifully and expensively - people are usually interested in all this luxury, palaces, yachts, furnishings, cosmetics ... But if this is not, you need a creative.

Tell me about the reverse side of popularity. Negative writing?

Yes, especially not. But pictures of their penises are sent very often. It's a tin, I already have a whole collection. I wanted to make a detailed report, but I'm afraid of offending someone.

That is, members you better not to send? On the other hand, if so many people send them - it means, on some girls this works? Have you ever seen a member - and immediately a spark? "This is the same one I've been looking for all my life!"

No. I first need to see the eyes and face. These guys just start from the wrong place.

Anastasia Ivleeva

Perhaps, in vain? After all, then the girl can see him and be disappointed.

Yes, this has happened to everyone. Although more often disappointment is not a member, and inability to use it and make love in general. Fortunately, this happens rarely. But if this is a real feeling, then you can still come to harmony. Where it is more difficult, if a person does not have a sense of humor. This is where no member will save.

About creative plans you tell?

In the next month I plan to pass the practice, which will offer "Ostankino", on one of the TV channels. I want to become a show-gerl and the best videobloger in the humor section! (Maxim Russia)
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No offscreen laughter and clothes! ... Who is she? The actress, who played in a dozen excellent performances, or an actress who played in fifty films and serials? Read carefully - and you will understand.

Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Mikhail Korolev
Style: Irina Volkova

You played more than a hundred different roles. Which one did you like and remember the most?

It's very difficult to say from the start. But, naturally, the one that gave me fame is in Voronin's. And to what I would like to return - at the moment it is "Reflections", where the major of militia played. A more rigid, more collected person than a soft, kind mother.

So, you like being a police major? Is it more like your character? Or, on the contrary, you have a soft character, so you want to play harder?

I am a militia major closer than a kind, fluffy mother, because in life I am a more collected and even harsh person. And in the series I created the image of a soft, kind, loving wife who gives Kostya a thousand indulgences.

This screen husband in the "Voronin".

Katya, we have one small problem. You speak as if the TV series "Voronin" were watching everything. But the audience of the magazine MAXIM does not watch all the series, to put it mildly. That is, beautiful girls like, but all the series can not master - there are many of them! Therefore, I will have such questions. This is a series where there are five daughters? Lasts already how many episodes?

Two hundred and ten series. Will continue to continue.

Clear. And now tell me the latest news from the series. What's happening to you there?

Finally, Lenya married. This is an older brother who did not have a personal life.

Perfectly. Simply amazing. Then everything, the series can be finished? Where will you find the stories for another two hundred episodes?

Sixty episodes are the maximum we'll take. But this is already our writers, along with Sony Pictures, American colleagues, write the series, in any case it did not differ from the American version. But we will add our characters, invent something. They say that it is already written, and it turns out to be very cheerful.

And you are allowed to kill actors?

No no. Fortunately, no, because this series is already filmed in America, and we can not depart from the history that they have. But since the series is family and kind, we can not kill anyone there.

Do people in the street get you so much with their love?

We, when we go into this profession, achieve something, we want recognition. When it appears, it's first euphoria, but then you get tired. Now more often children learn when I walk with a stroller in the morning near the school. Sometimes classes are lined up for autographs. That's a little bit tiring.

With my personal life, I understand that everything is boring: husband, children ...

Maybe it's boring for you, but for me it's great and fun! More valuable family at the moment for me there is nothing. I have already gone for a walk out of my wild life, got married, gave birth to a daughter, and everything revolves around this.

In the photos that come across on the Internet, you're a blonde then a brunette. But who really is?

I'm a brunette. But she was both a blonde and a redhead. Each time it was repainted for projects. The color of hair changes - the character also changes. Blonde, I was soft, gentle, affectionate. When the red - more bitchy, tricky. A brunette - calm, reasonable. When I became a brunette, my life became exhausted.

That is, if the wife yells, then, most likely, she is red-haired and needs to be repainted?

My husband does not like blondes. I had a period when I asked: "Andrew, please, can I be repainted in a blonde? I want so much! "He says to me:" You can paint yourself in any color, but I can not stand blondes. "

I with it in this very solidarity, we here coincide. In addition to the series and family life, what other joys are there in your life?

I am engaged in fitness, I play in the Theater actor. I also presenter on the TV Center channel, in the program "For a long time no see". It leaves on Saturdays at 19.30. Directors, producers, sometimes businessmen, and politicians come to us. We communicate with them on various pleasant topics. Such domestic, warm. Sometimes we pull out from the guests something tricky, entertaining and interesting.

I really want to draw from politicians something tricky, cunning and interesting. About when we will have any changes.

Well, I do not know, we do not talk on such topics. We talk more with politicians about personal matters, about the family, about children, about some stories that happened to them in childhood. The transfer is kind, evening, positive. Without intrigue and scandals.

Do you somehow react to the situation in the country or do you have a different life and you are not up to it?

I have a different life, I do not care. But as a normal, sensible person, I'm worried about what is happening in our country. This is my life, and the life of my child. I want to get better. But this is impossible. In our country, it seems to me, this will never happen. We will always live like a powder keg.

Then back to the fictional world. "Is the Alibi agency a serial?

Yes, I played the hostess of the agency, I had three assistants, and each time a new person came to us: "Help, I need an alibi!"

And what was the Kolyma pelmen?

Forgive me, what?

Here it is written that the second series is called "Kolyma pelmen".

We had a hundred or so, I do not even remember. It was filmed many years ago.

So, the "Sapper Error" does not tell you anything? And the Ensign on the carousel?

We shoot quickly, in a non-stop mode, so I do not remember the names of the series and what they are about. Just like sometimes I do not remember in Voronin's that we're shooting.

And you are helped by serial solutions to solve problems in real life?

Maybe at some point, yes. There were a couple of times when something was happening at home, I came to the set, I was given a script - and it was the same situation that happened in the morning. And, coming home, I already look at this with humor and do not get obsessed at all.

Can you give an example?

My husband throws a cotton swab. In his ears he picks, well, like. It shakes me, I find them everywhere: in bed, in my car. I come to the set - and Kostya has the same situation!

In the series for sure the problem is solved?

We decided. Faith raspsihovalas, said that more of this was not. But I'm sure that everything will continue: it's impossible to fix this.

And the last. Wish for something to our readers.

I want to wish men that they look at their wives as coveted as they look at photographs that are in magazines. Because it's a very big work for a woman, I know by myself - to be always welcome for my husband so that he looks at you like the first time. I really want every man to look at his chosen one for all the years that they are together, not just the first six months.

Thank you, they will try. And you happiness! (Maxim Russia)
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MAXIM - At once we will say that with the guests this term of modern relations is not connected in any way.

Text: Maxim Rafstein

More and more foreign words break into our lives to change it! (And we naively believed that we would limit ourselves to "baguette"). We recently told you about the latest trend of modern relations - stashing. Now it's time to tell you about the no less recent trend of modern relations - the guest.

The concept of "ghosting" (English ghosting - from the word ghost, "ghost") - appeared in the everyday life of the English-speaking public due to the increasing role of social networks in the life of the individual. Actually, without social networks, a hotel would not be possible, or at least not be so bright.

So, what is a welcome and how do you understand that you became its victim?

Let's say you're dating a girl. Suddenly it disappears. And disappears not as a detective - without a trace, from the life of relatives and friends - and specifically from your life. First, she ceases to lykat your cool posts in the Instagram about how to cut sausage, then for some reason does not respond to the comment that you left under the photograph of her cat, and then does not respond to your messages (note, given the rhythm of modern life , all these dramatic events may well be within a couple of hours).

At the same time, you see that she is not just alive, but leads the former socially active way of life: repostit in "Facebook" other people's publications on renovation, husks photos of her friends, retweet funny tweets. But your messages to her in instant messengers are still unread.

Then you decide on a desperate step at this time - to call the girl. She does not answer the phone. And does not call back. Of course, one could assume that she does not know that a smartphone can also be used as a phone, and not just sit with it in social networks and instant messengers, but you should not rely on such luck.

In general, congratulations: you became a victim of the guest.

The girl continues to maintain a relationship with the rest of the people, and as if you do not exist for her at all, you seem to have turned into a ghost. Well, or it turned into a ghost for you - it's impossible to connect with her, as with most ghosts.

But there were times when to part with a person using a message was considered a bad form! The only thing we can advise is: even if you became a victim of a guest, do not go down to such a low level of inter-sex communications. Do not you know how to leave a girl, so that it would not be painfully painful for her or for parts of your body? Easy, here you will find detailed instructions. (Maxim Russia)