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MAXIM - Obtaining unbiased statistics about the use of sex accessories is not so easy. First, you need to find volunteers willing to talk about their sex life. Secondly, make sure that they are telling the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth, making them swear on the Bible. In the end, even the most sincere participant can omit the delicate details - for example, about the fact that he literally got a butt plug the size of a fire extinguisher just last week. Etiquette textbooks do not usually include such details in the list of topics for discussion at the table.

The largest British sex toy retailer Lovehoney recently conducted research and invited journalists to their warehouse, where, in addition to ordinary vibrators, dildos and lubricants, outstanding samples are stored in all respects. You can guess their merits by their names: 12-inch Adonis fist, megamasturbator, four-stage dildo rocket.

Here are the most interesting statistics outlined by the mean language of numbers.
  • Since 2004, 4.5 million sex toys have been sold. For example, only erection rings for the last period of statistics were sold 12 thousand. That's where the real brotherhood of the ring is - where the hobbits are.
  • If all these rings were melted into one, then the Empire State Building could have been wrapped 20 times, and in response it would have become stronger and taller.
  • If you put anal plugs, dildos and vibrators, sold for a year on Lovehoney, one after another, they will stretch for 58 kilometers.
  • The batteries for the most running vibrator "Jessica Rabbit 2.0" will last for 250,000 hours, or 28 years of continuous operation. The average woman needs an average of 5 minutes to reach an orgasm (with a vibrator, not with you), so there’s enough battery for 5 million orgasms.
Impressive. Although it is not clear to whom and why such statistics were needed (and how Lovehoney uses it when no one sees it).

By the way, we mentioned above a butt plug the size of a fire extinguisher, and if you did not pay attention to it, then you need to check with a specialist for concentration. A black butt plug weighing 5.5 kg and a length of about 35 cm really exists and is called Super Victor Giant Black Dildo (we do not know who this Victor is and are not sure if we would like to meet).

Who buys all this wealth? Independent journalists conducted a gender survey of sex toy buyers. The dreary statistical work and analysis of online sex shop forums revealed shocking news. Indicators of sex toys among men and women were divided in a ratio of 50/50.

Although there is still a difference between the orders of male buyers and women (and not only that women buy dildos, and men buy lubricants and erection rings). Men often order express delivery, and women are asked to leave the goods not at their front door, but next door or give special instructions in case they can not personally meet the courier.

All products sold in sex toy stores can be conditionally divided into products for stimulation (for example, vibrators) and simulations (such products include toys for men that mimic parts of the female body. Well, or not female, because Lovehoney has an assortment of the alien’s vagina is pale blue, like the Govorun bird, colors).

There are also toys without a specific gender - these are butt plugs and stimulants. In general, they have a special attitude, like a pensioner who first heard dubstep: people recognize the fact of their existence, but say they did not use them (although, according to Lovehoney statistics, 29% of buyers get anal plugs).

Interesting facts can be found by studying statistics on sales of items for BDSM games. Women more often buy a lady’s costume: corsets, stockings, gloves. But do not rush to rejoice: according to the same statistics, most corsets are plus-size. But among buyers of men's wigs about 70% (now live with this knowledge!).

Now the obvious facts. Single men are more likely to buy male sex toys than men in relationships. Single women are more likely to buy vibrators. Anal toys are bought at the same frequency by men and women, both single and having a pair. As we said, there are 29% of them (so that you do not look anxiously at the neighbors in the subway).

As for the size of sex toys (dildos and butt plugs), men often set records. Among them are buyers of the legendary Super Victor Giant Black Dildo, as well as his brothers. We don’t know what to associate it with. Most likely, with the eternal pursuit of something more.

Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

MAXIM - New issue of the acclaimed “Cotopes” column. In it, we introduce you to the inhabitants of Moscow shelters, who are ready to go home.

But before we take you closer to Sirius and Mara, a small but very important digression. MAXIM warns: a pet is not a piece of furniture or a toy. A pet is a member of a family. Never give a pet, because the desire to take him home should be voluntary and informed by everyone who will live with him.

Remember that it’s bad to treat a pet or get rid of it is the worst thing a person can do. But take a pet from a shelter - the best. Especially since you will receive unconditional love, which is so rare among our brothers in appearance.

Now to the heroes of this week.

One glance at this cat is enough to understand that he was clearly brought to our planet from space. Perhaps his ancestors were ship cats on some flying UFO. Now Sirius is on the ground, but, alas, he has no home.

This cosmic beauty cat already has two of its terrestrial feline years living in a shelter and is waiting for it to be adopted by a family of people. Sirius, for his part, promises to bring unearthly comfort to the house.

Space cat microchipped and sterilized. View other photos and videos with Sirius, as well as contact his curators here.

If you want to have a cat or a cat, but you feel that Sirius is not your cat, look in the cats catalog of the Kozhukhovsky orphanage. In it, you will definitely find your future pet.
Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

MAXIM - Take a look at how other stars do it (and not only). Not only the legs and voice, but also the rest of the body (and not only) are already being used.

“Open the bottle with your feet” Bottle Cap Challenge (in this publication we told you the story of its emergence and development) is a super dupergame that continues to conquer the planet! The victims of his charm are not only ordinary earthlings, but also famous. Recently, the singer Mariah Carey did not survive and joined the healthy craze.

She approached the task with the characteristic highlight of the creative person and rethought it in accordance with the profession. In the course was launched a legendary voice that took stadiums, corporate parties and Christmas trees! The video posted on her Twitter account in less than a day gained almost 20 million views and more than 1.3 million likes. And this we have not mentioned nearly 500 thousand retweets.

By the way, not only citizen Carey has subjected the challenge to rethink. The captain and defender of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid Real Sergio Ramos also saved his legs and unscrewed the lid ... with his tongue! Less than a day, as a record in the "Instagram" football gathered 8 million views without a hook. Change the dreamy sigh to the envious girls: Sergio is married.

And the Russian figure skater Stanislav Konstantinov made it a skate blade.

Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

MAXIM - Tattoo with information, masking tattoo, tattoo repair, tattoo for dating ... Finally, your mother will be delighted with a new pattern on your body.

If you still do not have a tattoo, you are either a hermit, expelled from the monastery for conservatism, or you have innate immunity to fashion. But after what you learn about the benefits of tattoos from the master Anna Darbitskaya, working with a scattering of stars, you probably give up and go under the needle.


During World War II, many officers in Europe and America stabbed their name and blood type. Having such information on your chest or shoulder is always helpful. If you get into an accident, doctors will save time on tests and even praise. And praise from a medic is even more rare than an yeti albino. “Such data can be entered into a drawing associated with a profession,” says Anna. “For example, if a person plays hockey, a blood group can stand among sticks, masks, and other attributes.”


If you have scars, scars and other consequences of participating in the Kulikovo battle, you can do plastic surgeries or use it for years to contract contracting, or you can just close it with a tattoo. “This is my profile, but in general rarely anyone takes on this,” says Anna. - Scars and scars are three-dimensional defects, skin texture changes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the color and intensity of the paint so that the shadows hide the relief. But if done correctly, the defect in the support will not be visible. "


Perhaps you decided to fill yourself with a cheerful blue dolphin, resting in Thailand, and now a spreading purple lizard with a fishtail is smiling from your shoulder. “A color tattoo cannot be removed completely,” the expert says, “but it can be greatly lightened to be closed with a new pattern later. Usually, an old tattoo is not embedded in a new one, but completely overlaps with a darker image. It is both simpler and more aesthetic. ”


tattoos are often ordered by very young people. Even Timati, whom she thoroughly scored, does not only make traditional rapper tattoos for herself.
Best international media for entertainment news photography model shows movies and music publishes editions in much countries worldwide today

MAXIM - It would have been better if Chip and Dale were killed by the death of the brave from the clutches of Fat Cat, than to survive it!

Disney announced the restart of the Chip and Dale cartoon and even showed the first frame, only the spectators are unhappy. In social networks, they have already been called "mutants", "eerie freaks" and "cheap fake." And the indignation of the fans can be understood! The favorites of all children who grew up in the 90s are easy to understand!

In the new series, Chip and Dale do not know. They will lose their usual outfits: Chip - leather jacket and felt hat, like his favorite hero Indiana Jones. And from our friend Dale will only his red nose, goodbye, Hawaiian shirt! About Rocky, Gadget and Vzhike, too, it seems to have to forget.

As it was already explained in DisWorld, the new series will not be related to the popular in the 1990s cartoon “Chip and Dale rush to help”, but will be a continuation of the cartoon about two friends-chipmunks, which was released in 1943 True, in those years, the chipmunk friends were not the main characters, but appeared in episodes about Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Here's what the new Chip and Dale will look like!

It is known that in the new series will be released 39 seven-minute episodes, which will show on their own streaming Disney - service Disney +.