A Chivas Regal XV bottle redesigned by tooth jewelry star Dolly Cohen.

The premium whiskey house has unveiled its brand new artistic collaboration: a Chivas XV bottle redesigned by tooth jewelry star Dolly Cohen. 300 copies available in a Parisian pop-up store

To highlight its legendary Chivas XV bottle, the whiskey house of the Pernod Ricard group called on the talents of artist Dolly Cohen. The Frenchwoman thus created a tailor-made golden case reminiscent of her own creations: the grillz. These tooth jewels, very popular in the world of hip-hop, have made this jewelry enthusiast famous. Madonna, Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna and even the rapper Asap Rocky have been wearing his unique creations for several years.

The brand has therefore bet on a collaboration with urban and contemporary accents to highlight its scotch whiskey born in 1801. "This pioneering and mastered art of blending malt & grain whiskeys resonated particularly with creativity and the ultra-modern vision of French artist Dolly Cohen who has shaken up the traditional codes of jewelry", explains Charlotte Guillemot, Senior Brand Manager of Chivas.

Inspired by the Chivas blend, Dolly Cohen designed and worked a unique piece using the same process as her jewelry creations. She modeled and sculpted the organic shapes surrounding the bottle by hand, a process that took 38 hours of work. The piece was then plated with gold and then polished. It is this unique masterpiece that was used as a model to create 300 skins.

A limited edition which will be available in a dedicated pop-up store located at 11 rue des Déchargeurs in Paris, from December 7.

Through this new artistic partnership, Chivas Regal is strengthening its notoriety and brand image while hoping to expand its customer portfolio. A new young and urban target audience, as Charlotte Guillemot explains to us: "Through the creativity, gesture and vision of Dolly Cohen, we also wanted to shake up the traditional codes of whiskey by continuing to anchor Chivas Regal in a territory brand shaped by the modern ecosystem of luxury and urban culture."

This is not the first time that Chivas Regal has worked with artists to reinvent the boxes for its whiskeys. In 2021, stylist Olivier Rousteing was invited to rethink this same bottle. (journal du luxe)

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