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MAXIM - Natalia Barulich is much more than a stunning woman, has a path that has led her to be a model, actress and DJ.

If we look at the face of Natalia Barulich, we will find features worthy of a Slavic beauty, but if we pay attention to the natural tan that accompanies her smooth skin around the contours of her figure, we have a couple of signs about its origins. Her mother is originally from Havana, while her father is of Croatian descent.

Barulich was born on January 13, 1992, very close to San Francisco; The memories of his childhood are full of quality time with his family, trips destined to the fishing and the camping. "I have an extremely adventurous family, so my best memories and moments are outdoors with them, in nature," she says.

The beautiful angelina of 25 years is totally successful in its facets like model, actress and DJ. She has appeared in campaigns for Guess, Apple, Bentley, Nike, Samsung, in addition to participating in music videos "Blame" by Calvin Harris, and recently starred in the video "Felices los 4" with Maluma, which is reaching 500 Millions of views on YouTube alone. Natalia is able to enjoy every edge of her life. "When I act, I enjoy the experience of becoming other people. By modeling, I like to feel beautiful, I love wearing sexy lingerie and feeling like a goddess, and singing and being a DJ fascinates me with the energy of the crowd that vibrates with my show. "

Natalia Barulich - MAXIM
Although considered a woman with enviable sensuality, for her that is an intimate affair that goes beyond appearance. "Sensuality does not require a woman or a man to be beautiful externally. Beauty comes from within and sensuality as well. I actually think sex is more enjoyable when lovers take care and respect each other. "

From ballet to modeling

Although today known worldwide as a role model, Natalia always had a clear inclination towards the arts, when she began with an early exposure to classical dance. "I started ballet dancing when I was three. My mother took me to see The Nutcracker and I told her that I wanted to be one of those girls on the stage, so I enrolled in classes. "

Natalia Barulich - MAXIM
By the time she was 16 she had already become a professional dancer for her dedication to art. Despite this, Natalia was a girl with concerns and a lot of way to go. "To tell you the truth, she was no longer in love with ballet. In fact, I had always wanted to move to Los Angeles and pursue the entertainment industry. "

In a bold move, she went to try his luck at the city of stars. Her foray into modeling came about through an unexpected proposal, as she sought to earn a place as an interpreter and dancer. "At first I did not even think about modeling. My agent found me when I moved and he said it would be great for commercials and videos. At that time I was dancing and acting, so I thought I'd try. "

Natalia Barulich - MAXIM
One of his main aspirations as a model was to work for Guess. In its beginnings, Natalia liked to cut the photos of the catalogs of bags of the brand and put them on the wall of her room. "My dream was to become one of those girls," she says.

However, her first collaborations were in print and advertising and although she had already been on several magazine covers, it was on Instagram where Paul Marciano, co-founder of Guess, found her inviting her to participate with the brand. Such was the impression that Barulich caused in Marciano, who in addition to being invited to model, was also hired as a DJ at the anniversary event in Barcelona, Spain. "Paul loves passionate women and they enjoy what they do, he can see that in me, not only in modeling, but also in my music." It was clear that his career was going well: Guess reserved the lingerie campaign, and again assigned a space for his musical project in the event of this year's anniversary in Barcelona.

Musical duo with colombian colors

After some years as a model, Natalia is happy. "I love my life and my career" and adds: "The past five years have been wonderful, but the music fascinates me, it fills my soul and heart." In recent weeks, Natalia gave much to talk about after appearing in the video "Felices los 4" in Maluma, where she appears to be naked in the shower with the Colombian reggaetonero. "Maluma is a very talented artist; In addition, the director of the video, Jessy Terrero, is incredible, so I was very happy and proud to be part of the project. "

Natalia Barulich - MAXIM
The projection that has given him his appearance is unbeatable to underpin his career as a model and the consolidation of his EDM music project called Atmsphre, which is a duet with Colombian violinist Esther Anaya, with whom she is currently finishing the first Of two EPs that will see the light in the next months. "Esther and I have been friends for over seven years. We met at a pool party in Hollywood and always talked about music, but I was modeling and she was working on another project at that time. Last summer the stars lined up and we decided to form our musical duo. "
The passion and the development of her musical skills arose when she was still a child, because the Barulich dance attended different festivals and it always caught her attention the ability of the DJs to cause an explosion of energy when mixing. This is how she began to learn musical production; At first deejing was a fun affair that, over time, took on seriousness.

Natalia is the DJ, but also is responsible for writing the music, which also has interventions as a singer. "I have a peculiar tone ... Everyone says my voice is velvety," she says; Esther, for her part, intervenes in a melodic way through the violin. "I grew up dancing ballet, I've always loved being on the stage, expressing myself through music and movement. Now I play in front of the crowds in a similar way and it's the most beautiful feeling. " Atmsphre is manager of the legendary Randy Jackson, and currently hosts regular appearances at Wynn, one of Las Vegas's largest hotels.

Natalia Barulich - MAXIM
One of his most recent songs is "No time for love", which addresses how difficult are interpersonal relationships. "We are always moving, traveling, to a new city every week, a few days here and there, is not it healthier to stop and make time for love? Deep down, I think I'm a hopeless romantic. " We have just stopped in this last reflection and think that perhaps it is crazy, because it is clear that more than one would be willing to regain confidence in that conviction. While there is time or not for love, the real thing is the assent of Natalia, as a model, in acting and music, and that causes us to be happy all. (Maxim Colombia)

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