Karina Zvereva.

Interview: Anton Gorodetsky
Photo: Yevgeny Konasov

We saw actress Karina Zvereva on TV - in the show "Once in Russia", and then they did not notice how they were with her in the same studio. When the inevitable happened (photo session), we decided to get to know each other better.

"I need to walk this my sexuality. I'll go crazy if they forbid me to show it!"

Karina, first tell our readers where they could see you?

Most often - in the show "Once in Russia". From recent works - in the series "Method", "Friendship of Peoples", "Widow". Also, several full-length films with my participation will soon be released. In one of them I was lucky to work with Dolph Lundgren himself, the idol of my youth! And in general I am known for a variety of humorous programs. Just type on YouTube Karina Zvereva!

How did you get into this abyss of show business?

It's just that: she married an artist! Well, that is, first I entered the university for a producer course - it was beautifully called "Management in show business." But all the time I was drawn to the stage, and I began to perform in university amateur performance. There she met my future husband - Gennady Vetrov. By the way, he is nineteen years older than me. So, with him we were on the stage. This is a terrific person! When I left him, I left him everything, in general everything. He told me this: "No, well, let you have an apartment, I want to give it to you." I answer him: "I do not need anything, I'm leaving, I will feel guilty." In short, we had the most peaceful sharing of property on the planet. Everyone would be so.

Judging by your Instagram, you found consolation in the sport?

Yes I love sport. I even often use expression: girls, make the world more beautiful - rock your ass! My current guy is a performing athlete in the Men's Physique category. This is a new category, much more aesthetic than bodybuilding, there even go in shorts, and not in thongs. He and his brother are professionals of international level, and, what is more important, they never used chicken. And they talked me out. And then I was already inclined, I thought, maybe I should start, I'll perform later ... You know, I come to any club, and everyone starts: "Are you getting ready?" They're crushing. In general, I began to slowly think about hormones of growth, all that. Thank God, I met Rafael, who said: "Are you even crazy? Do you plan to give birth? What hormones of growth ?! "He discouraged, in short.

The fans are not jealous of you?

I'm not sure that anyone who follows your profiles and posts can be considered admirers. There are so many strange people in the world! Comments are better not to read at all. I did not see a single photograph of a beautiful girl in Instagram, under which there would not be offensive comments. What kind of guys? It feels like they get some pleasure from this. I've now blocked messages from strangers in "Contact": what kind of fashion is this - send any muck, your members are erect? They, probably, in kaif simply, when they see that the message is read.

It's terrible to think what will happen next! After all - it's time to open this secret - you will soon be our new nurse. What sensations?

Yes, I can not wait! I'm no longer acting in explicit photo shoots, but I can not refuse you. In addition, I need to walk this my sexuality. I'll go crazy if they forbid me to show it. In general, MAXIM is the top, very glad that I'm on your team now.

And we are like! And the last question: is this?

Done. This is an exceptionally physical moment: I had my own, in principle, the same, but I myself was more complete. I began to play sports, and the breasts very quickly left, literally in six months. I did not personally see any sports girls with a big real breast and a flat stomach. It can not be, except as an exception. In general, had to do, and then a miserable sight was ... Do you think, not in vain?

As the poet said, everything in the world was not in vain!

( Maxim Russia )

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