Dautzen Cruz 
Maxim - We continue to acquaint you with the most beautiful models in the world. This time we asked to visit the Instagram Dautzen Kroes - the angel Victoria's Secret, by the way!

Dautzen was born in a small town in the Netherlands, since childhood she has been involved in a variety of sports (including cycling and skating), but she decided to dedicate her life to beauty. That is, to make a career model.

By the way, Dautzen is not Dutch, she belongs to a small (only 420 thousand people) people friezes. Actually, you will not find the name Dautzen anywhere except in the Frisians. The model is an activist of its people and even participates in the campaign "Praat mar Frysk", that is, "Just speak Frisian".

In the world of fashion, Dautzen is considered a unique. Usually, future supermodels do not take any action to be discovered by model agencies. Dautzen, on the contrary, was active herself, sending her pictures right after graduation to the modeling agency.

Judging by the fact that Dautzen became an angel of the linen brand Victoria's Secret and is considered one of the most highly paid models of the world, she did everything right.

In free from earning millions of dollars, Dautzen brings up two children together with her husband, DJ Sannery James. We wish Dautzen further prosperity ... well, she does not have a birthday. However, we wish in any case. And we watch sexy photos from her Instagram. ( Maxim Russia )

A post shared by Doutzen Kroes (@doutzen) on

A post shared by Doutzen Kroes (@doutzen) on

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