Daphne de Baat 
Maxim - Despite taking years in front of the cameras, Daphne de Baat continues with the same passion she had when he started and with his feet on the ground.

The Dutch model Daphne de Baat is not a new face; was barely 15 years old when it was discovered. since then, has lived in New York, Milan and Paris, walking the world's largest fashion shows and appearing in the most brilliant and prestigious fashion campaigns. in this interview the model shows us a little about the lovely young woman who is behind the glamorous images.

Daphne de Baat 

Tell us a little about your childhood ... 

I was born in the Netherlands where I lived for 7 years until my parents, brothers and I packed and moved to Canada.

I am very fortunate to have lived in many places during my childhood, including different cities in Canada and a year in Aruba. Being traveling made my family very close. Now I live in New York City, which is the one of my dreams.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I'm not working or exercising I love to relax alone and read or watch TV; I'm obsessed with Scandal. But I also love spending time with my friends and doing activities. In short, I need a girls' night from time to time.

Daphne de Baat 

What is your favorite music? 

I like almost every type. I like to listen to hip hop, but my roommate is Spanish so we hear a lot of reggaetón and cubatón. It fascinates me, as soon as I listen to the music, I'm automatically happier.

Any guilty pleasure? 

(Laughter) That question always makes me laugh. I love reading relationship books! Very strange, I know. But I love it, it's very interesting for me.

Tell us about your favorite food ... 

I love the food so much ... I love eating healthy because it makes me feel good and gives me energy to take advantage of my day.

Most days like lots of vegetables and fish. But man, I love pizza and ice cream!

How would you describe the perfect man? 

I love a man who is passionate and determined. I love a man who has goals, because he motivates me to follow mine even more. I am fairly independent, so I do not look for someone who wants to be stuck with me every day of the week. But I love to laugh and do fun activities and just enjoy together. A friend and a lover in one is the perfect man for me.

About your profession ... what are the most difficult and funniest things about modeling for you? 

The most difficult thing is definitely the appearance of the food. I love exercise so it's easy, and I also work with a trainer. But to have one of the best figures I have to live with a very strict food style.

Apart from that I love, love, love modeling and all the opportunities I have. The most fun is undoubtedly the works in which I am in a video and I can move. I love being in front of the camera. Also the travel aspect is not so bad ....

How do you see yourself now? 

I can honestly say that I am happy with who I am as a person. I am proud of all the hard work and time I have invested in my career. I am proud of my heart and my personality. I try to live a kind and humble life. But I always know there is room to grow and learn, I can not wait to see what the future holds for me. In short, there is much that I still want to achieve in life and at work. I feel very blessed.

( Maxim Mexico )

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