Penelope Cruz 

At the time of filming, the actress was only 18 years old.

Text: Maxim Rafstein

Maxim - The famous actress, a woman of fiery beauty and just the pride of the Spanish nation, Penelope Cruz, described how the first erotic scene in her career was filmed. It was the scene in the movie "Ham, Ham," 1992.

"I did not wait for erotic scenes with impatience, that's for sure. But I still played in them, - the actress admitted in an interview with the British Esquire. "Everyone behaved respectfully, mindful of the fact that I'm eighteen."

Nevertheless, the actress was visibly nervous: "I remember, the last day of filming, I cried and repeated:" What if I will never again be filmed? "

We recommend you, by the way, to watch the whole film - it not only gave a powerful acceleration to Penelope's career, but also is good in itself. If your plan to watch movies is half a year ahead, then here is one of the erotic scenes from "Ham, Ham," with Penelope and her future husband, Javier Bardem.

Well, if you prefer photos to any video, welcome to the gallery with the 13 most sexy pictures of Penelope. (Maxim Russia)

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