Maxim - Waiters, what does this model do in my soup?

The world of big fashion does not cease to surprise us - and this time to surprise, we really mean to surprise, not to please. Do not get us wrong, we are always happy to see both Emily Ratakovski and Bella Hadid, but the recent photoshoots of girls to this pure untainted joy added a sense of aesthetic confusion.

So, recently Emily Ratajkowski starred in an advertising video for the British magazine Love Magazine in a very unexpected role - a naked girl in pasta. Here is a photo from the photo shoot, you can see the video here (believe me, it's worth watching).

By the way, not only we were surprised by the video with Emily and pasta. It has been the subject of numerous controversies and parodies, including this one - performed by British TV presenter Lisa Appleton.

And now Bella Hadid - among other things, one of the most popular models in Instagram after the results of 2017 - allowed to immortalize herself surrounded by provisions. Bella starred with a colleague in the supermodel shop Taylor Hill in a product photo shoot for Vogue Italy. While we have two photos from this session, the front and backstage. Pleasant appet ... viewing, that is.

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In general, of course, this is an inappropriate treatment of food. Especially if you know that somewhere in Moscow there is a starving edition of the male website. (Maxim Russia)

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