Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa on work-life balance, animal rights, and living the American dream 

“I’m a totally diferent person when the camera turns on,” says Joanna Krupa. It’s hard to imagine the powerhouse model, actress, and activist as anything other than the stunning woman you’ve seen in magazines and on TV, but Krupa prioritizes inding a balance between work and life. “I love my work, but when I’m home I turn of the business part and just get into my sweats, put my hair up, no makeup, and chill on the sofa without a care in the world.”

That’s not to say she’s taking it easy. Ater years spent traversing the globe, stints on Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami, and a longrunning gig as the face of Poland’s Next Top Model (she jokes that she’s the “Polish Tyra Banks”), Krupa still manages to ind time for her other passion: animal rights. “I have always loved animals, but it wasn’t until I learned about the horrible animal cruelty that goes on that I decided to spread awareness around the globe.” Krupa uses her considerable platform to advocate for those without a voice, famously posing for PETA and vofounding a nonproit organization, Angels for Animal Rescue.

In addition to her advocacy work, she’s about to start ilming season 7 of Poland’s Next Top Model and is in the process of developing a show about her life post-divorce, focusing on motivating others rather than dwelling on drama. Krupa is inspired by her mother, with whom she emigrated to the States from her native Poland when she was ive years old. “Watching her sacriice her life so she could put food on the table for us makes me respect hard work,” Krupa says. “I’ve accomplished things I never thought would be possible and could only dream of. I am living the American dream.” —Lucy Silberman (Maxim USA)

To help support Krupa’s nonproit, visit; 100 percent of proceeds go to animal rescue efforts.

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