Dana Borisova.

We have not seen each other for ten years. What have you been doing all this time and what is your most important project now?

Now my six-year-old daughter is in the first place. I totally dedicated myself to her, and started myself. I had thirty extra pounds and a big depression about it. Therefore, I turned to the best Russian dieticians, and now I have everything right with the figure. In addition, I increased my chest!

Do you want to tell everyone about this?

Of course. After all, about the chest is always interesting to everyone. After feeding, they were two cloths, and now it's beautiful again. And if earlier they looked me in the eyes, now it's lower. So I decided to sing. I am engaged with teachers on vocals, I record a new clip. It's called "Hold me!". There will be a decent version and indecent - for the Internet. And I came up with a new style - sexy pop.

What is it?

This is the style that I came up with.

Clear. And what's the point? People are very inert, and most still represent you in a vest and in the army. Few people remember that you have long been busy with something else. Why do you have to start all over again and try to punch yourself on the stage, where the gigantic competition and many have already achieved a lot there? Is not it better to return to the image that the audience loves so much?

I just want to prove to everybody that I can do something else. Although yes, "Army store" I really loved. I've been leading him for eleven years. After him there were many projects: "The Last Hero", "City of Women", "Domino Principle", "This morning" on "NTV", and "Business morning" on "RBC". But, judging by the responses, most people loved the "Army store". To me, still fit, thank. He somehow pleased everyone, and everyone remembers him. For a while I did not want to talk about him, but now I remember how the best project in my life.

So, can it be revived?

No. Let all the good end.

And now you're doing some kind of show?

Yes. This is a reality show about blondes that goes to Kazakhstan.

I did not know that there were a lot of blondes.

They are not all real. It's called "Blondes in the pen". They are locked in the house, and the strongest survive.

But in Kazakhstan it is strictly with morality and you can not run naked or fuck under cameras like we do. What are you attracting the audience then?

Scandals, fights, competitions. This is also very in demand.

Hell. Now I understand why you want to do something else.

Yes. For example, I was offered to star in a porn movie for a million dollars. I refused. I need two million.

I correctly understood that for two million dollars, any person can take porn with you?

Anyone can not. Any person does not have two million.

I think that the number of those who have, will allow you to star in a series of forty seasons at least. In a word, you are open to serious suggestions. What's with your private life?

I'm free, so I want to get married and have one more child.

How can I meet you?

I do not walk the streets, I live in the house with security, I go to the store wearing dark glasses. Therefore, on the Internet: www.instagram.com/danaborisovatv and www. Vk.com/danaborisovatv.

Do you have any shortcomings?

I'm a blonde with all my jumps. But at the same time I know how to love a real woman. And I'm also very trusting, than do dishonorable men. For example, not so long ago I had an affair with a guy from another city. And he really wanted me to move to him. And it was very uncomfortable for me at work, it's very far away. And I said that I can not. He got angry and threatened that he would put my intimate photos on the Internet. As a result, he hired a PR agency, which not only laid them out, but also sent them to all editorial offices.

Yes, we liked them very much. Can he still send?

And what do you think, he hurt me? On the contrary. I was immediately invited to appear in all these publications, and the second wave of popularity began. Now, at the request of Yandex, I'm ahead of Kirkorov.

And where can a man invite you? In the theater, cinema, maybe in the opera?

He can invite me to the Maldives! I like swimming and sunbathing very much.

But a normal guy can not lie day and night on the beach. There must be something else in life.

That's right, he has a business, let him do it.

He does. But with you, where can he go except the beach?

In shops Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. But if for the article you need, you can lie that in the museum.

You there last time when was?

In Dresden tried to force to go into a picture, but I did not go. But I was in the Tretyakov Gallery, really long ago.

Do you even know how to cook?

Of course! From the first days, as my daughter was born, I cook her children's food.

Guys are unlikely to appreciate it.

But why? Someone likes. But if necessary, I can cook borscht. The present, Ukrainian. In general, I can become the best hostess in the world. The most important thing is to find someone for whom. That's how I'll find, so I'll be at once. I'll throw all the rest and I will only do love and only family!

(Maxim Ukraine)

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