Maxim - Tatiana Kottova.

Go through, undress. There is an apron, flour and fruit.

Excellent! I love to cook, and the kitchen is my favorite place in the house.

Then you can come every day, we will gladly stop going to the dining room.

Everyday? At me concerts, shootings, work at studio! I still barely found time today.

Thank you! Then we will find time and go to your concert. About the nearest one you can find out?

I have in Instagram - There are two letters "t" in the middle, this is not a typo.

Yes, we know and love your Instagram. And, by the way, thank you, that every day you post there fresh piquant photos. People need it now more than ever. Spring, an exacerbation ...

I noticed, otherwise there would not have been more than one hundred thousand readers. I just got used to taking part in contests and winning from childhood. Both in school and at university. And if I lead the Instagram, then it must be the best. By the way, about the exacerbation: as soon as an article about me appears in MAXIM, a fan's regiment arrives, and either complete idealists write, or incurably sick romantics from Africa and Siberia, from the palace with a view to the sea or from a colony of strict regime.

And what do you wish for them?

And what can you wish gentlemen? Good luck!

A normal people do not write?

Less often. But for every one thousand there will certainly be one person who will write something adequate and interesting. I'm even ready to start talking about these adequate men. Well, for example, about Nikolai from Kemerovo, who offered an excellent idea for the clip. Or about Andrew from Peter, who makes fantastic costumes for the stage - I would have ordered it. In general, the popularity is similar to a woman in a red dress: she will enchant everyone, charm, and then, at the most solemn moment, disappear without leaving a word about herself, no line, just a long-long trail of fragrance. It is difficult to achieve and easy to lose. We must always be at the parade, with a smile, with the mood, with a new idea, with the cherished dream. And express yourself, your thoughts, emotions, feelings is important not only on the stage, on the day of the concert, but also in the morning chats, in the intragram-wishes, in rotations, in contests, in roles ... I believe that events should be multifaceted , Only then will each ability find its own possibility.

How about new roles in movies?

Recently, the comedy "What Men Do! - 2 ". Of course, the shooting drive is contagious and just can not help but inspire you to search for new roles. True, the demands are growing. I want something more twisted in terms of the plot, something from Fincher's "Disappeared" and generally play in a more serious movie. Not a sex bomb with a lush breasts, but a woman with other virtues too.

What are you talking about now?

About the intellect that no one wants to see behind external forms. Why not offer me the role of a great combinator, detective or scientist? I was always impressed with heroines, able to play cat and mouse with the coolest bosses of the world, who can be both a bait and a trap, defenselessly weak and passionately strong. I read somewhere that a woman should smell of musk of a tavern and incense of the temple. Here are the roles I like.

What about the new clips?

Right now I have to get out. It's called "Wrong". There are amazing things happening to me, including a split personality. In each of us two entities are concealed: light and dark. Sometimes these two sides can find a common language, and sometimes they hate each other.

What happens to your person in your spare time? A permanent man is?

The most constant man is a monument. I'm for change, not for treason. The person with whom you live, dream and breathe with one air, must be different, and therefore always new - interesting. And notice, I'm talking about the same person.

Clear. Back to the kitchen. Do you cook anything going?

Of course. And now I, like a magician, will get a rabbit out of my hat. More precisely, from the bag. Here it is, please.

It seems that he suffocated.

Aha. And he took off his skins in the hallway. Do you think I was going to cook it alive? Now I'll put out my signature rabbit in creamy sauce. Only I will need more carrots, onions, garlic, cream, butter, milk and potatoes.

What is the most delicious place for a rabbit?

Hips. I always start with them.

Excellent. And what for dessert?

In my opinion, at this moment the most successful decision will be to change the red semisweet to black lace, and to dessert it will simply not come. But I still cook something simple like an apple pie. Should we have something to eat then?

(Maxim Ukraine)

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