Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Photo: Roma Petrovsky
Style: Xenia Bezuglaya

The series "Kitchen" has already bypassed all the other series on the number of actresses who have visited the pages of MAXIM, but we are not going to stop. Fortunately, the series also. True, it is now called the Hotel Eleon, but it should be continued regularly.

I know that behind your fragile shoulders there are 48 more roles, but still let's start with the one you play in "Eleon".

Come on. I appeared in the fifth season of "Kitchen", but she was already in the hotel at the time. And I have a role as a porter. I live at the reception desk, but sometimes I go out because of her to make different tricks.

Rina Grishina.

After the kitchen moved to the hotel, the number of bed scenes increased?

I think so. Yes. Yeah, yeah! I had a very beautiful love scene with Dan in the sixth season.

Was that even before he changed Katya with her mother?

No, this is after he began to change her with me. More precisely, he first slept with her mother, then glued to Katya, and as a result began to change to both of them with me. But then he returned to Katya anyway. In general, a complex, confusing story with so interesting to you and the readers of bed scenes.

Rina Grishina.

But the plot about the kitchen?

Of course. And about the hotel. It's just that in the process of the heroes, they painfully search for themselves and find themselves in various interesting situations and love affairs.

And you have a crib, who, what and with whom happens, so as not to get confused?

No, I remember so. I just have the same story in all seasons. First I take away the main character from someone, and then he leaves me to the main character.

Probably, after you it seems to him that he is a god and none will stand before him. You inspire. Do you remember all your 48 roles?

Of course not. Especially the first ones, when I studied and starred in small roles in TV shows. Sometimes it's funny when one of the friends says that he saw me in such a way. I'm surprised: "Was it exactly me?" Just nothing as large as "Kitchen" and "Hotel Eleon", I had not before. I'll never forget them for sure! And for this I am very grateful to the creators.

Rina Grishina

What role do you dream of playing, but not yet?

I want the main role in the film about mutual love! Not all intrigues are muddy, but real and mutual feelings are straight. Let there be difficulties and obstacles, and you can even without a happy ending. Let one of us even die. And even I, and not he, as in the Titanic.

Where should we send readers who will want to see you not only at the Hotel?

You can send them to me in the Instagram: @rinagrishina. There, I usually write the announcements and dates of the performances in which I play. Among them is the solo performance "Love. Overheard ", which is based on the real stories of six women. I play them all. Or the performance "Trendensetter" in the Meyerhold Center of the same director, Elena Nenasheva. I also play in a musical cover band "Sister Peter" on a double bass.

Rina Grishina

On the double bass? You also know how to do this?

In general, I studied at the music school to play the violin. But then I realized that a miniature fragile girl would look more impressive with a double bass. And I learned to play on it.

And what do you like more? A little violin or a big bass?

Great double bass.

Rina Grishina.

Yeah, then the size does matter. By the way, what do you have with your personal life?

I have a wonderful young man, and we are very well together. But first we were friends for seven years.

While you understood this for seven years, did you have a relationship with other people?

Of course. But ours began after we were both free. Nobody took anyone away. We just did not live with the people we needed. And then we looked at each other and realized: Well, that's it! Friendship proved to be an excellent foundation. And it's cool - to be in a relationship with a person with whom he was friends and very well know him.

(Maxim Russia)

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