Passionate Dolly

Maxim - "Passionate Dolly" enjoys such stunning popularity that it takes visitors only by appointment!

Owners brought the passionate Dolly straight from America. Her most outstanding dignity is a 32E breast, which roughly corresponds to the Russian fifth number. She also has an aspen waist, long legs, a shock of blond hair, puffy, slightly opened lips and a look clouded with lust. In short, if the producers decided to make a Barbie doll for the bad boys, it would look like that.

Dolly also has a metal skeleton and flesh made of medical silicone, which responds to every movement of the client quite like a human body, which is an undoubted advantage in her profession. In addition, the robot is distinguished for its noble flexibility: on the assurances of the owners, its trunk, legs, hands and head move so freely that it is able to accept absolutely any pose at the request of the client. So those who dreamed of sleeping with a gymnast or acrobat from a circus in their childhood, just will not leave offended.

Blonde robot

Dolly receives visitors, settling in bed in her own room with muted lighting. She has everything you need for an intimate date, including condoms and wet wipes. Services Dolly cost 80 pounds per hour - quite comparable to the services of a lively girl. And her success is unquestionable: for a month of work, Dolly has recruited a regular clientele and now accepts customers by appointment. She is already ahead of the popularity of lively and warm gay girls from the institution.

The proprietress argues that Dolly's clients are mostly shy people, suffering from problems with communication, or freaks who prefer robots. But for sure they are just jealous.

So, perhaps, the future of the sex industry for Dolly and her silicone dolls. Already today, according to surveys, two-thirds of men in the United States aged 21 to 60 years, having a choice, would prefer sex with a robot and only a third would still choose a girl of flesh and blood.

And after about fifty years, experts say, sex robots will learn not only to respond to the partner's caresses, but also to move independently. However, by the same time, silicone girls are promised to teach how to talk about what might be a good thing to spoil the pleasure of intimate meetings.

( Maxim Russia )

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