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MAXIM - Do not underestimate the educational function of the series!

According to the statistics "Game of Thrones", the premiere of a new season of which we are waiting in the very near future, for 6 seasons it was demonstrated a record number of naked bodies compared to all the rest of the series that ever appeared on the screens. And these bodies were demonstrated for the most good purposes: not in scenes of torture, but in scenes of sex.

Sophie Turner, the actress who played the role of Sansa Stark, was 12 years old when she began to audition for a role in the series, and 15 - when she started acting. Now, by the way, she is 21. And as she herself told The Sunday Times, the series has become a school of life and a school of sex for her. At least about what oral sex is, Sophie learned, after reading the script of one of the series.

"I was 13 years old when I read the script of one of the rather frank scenes and thought something like:" Fu! Do people really do this? "- said the actress.

Given the features of the series, by the beginning of the seventh season, Sophie should already know a lot of interesting things about sex: threesomes, lesbian sex, incest ... By the way, if you consider yourself an expert in this matter, go through the test "Who of the heroes had sex on the series?"

Sophie also talked about her attitude to episodes of sexual abuse: her character Sansa was violated in season 5. "Filming in this scene did not hurt me in any way, I realized that this is just a job. Besides, I was practically dressed, "Sophie said. When this episode came out, the scene of violence caused a lot of discontent among the audience, but the actress believes that violence is a topic that should be talked about on screens, including in this way. "While we will make taboos from the subject of violence and be afraid to speak directly about it, how did the people with whom it happened get the courage to talk about it out loud?"

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