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MAXIM - But now she will have more time to star in films in the spirit of "Hot Teachers-17"!

When you start to combine a permanent job and freelancing, it not only brings extra money, but it can lead to quite unexpected consequences. Especially if it's such an underworking, like an American Nina Skye, who worked as a junior high school teacher in a Christian school and was also shot in adult films. Unfortunately, Nina had to resign from school when her colleagues, as reported by the Daily Mail, saw her in a porn film. Here we have a question: how did it happen that such highly moral people watched porn? Anyway.

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According to the official representative of the school, where Nina worked, she received several warnings, but she refused to stop filming. The school management felt that with its films in which Nina has sex with both men and women, she violates the moral principles advocated by the school - for example, premarital chastity. Of course, this is difficult to argue with.

But Nina nevertheless has arguments. "I'm a good teacher and still love sex. I do not understand how what I do in my free time affects my work, "she said in an interview. Moreover, this is the "what she does in her free time" brings her $ 2,500 for one series.

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Anyway, Nina had to choose. As you might guess, she did not choose the school at all! Otherwise, most likely, its "Instagram" would not be so interesting. And, by the way, how can I not remember another similar case when the church teacher became a porn actress.

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