Hailey Baldwin
Heiress of a dynasty Hollywoodense, this young one - the number one of the 100 sexiest of Maxim - is being made of its own fame.

Given her glamorous Instagram profile with more than 10 million followers - with selfies of sexy red lips and bikinis - it was a surprise to see Hailey Baldwin without makeup and with her hair combed back and wet when the young model and actress met with Maxim to talk about getting the coveted first place in Maxim's 100 Sexiest. "I know, I look very disappointing," jokes the twenty-year-old with a famous name. (By the way, it is the daughter of Stephen and niece of Alec). "I just got out of the shower".
Hailey Baldwin
But disappointing is not the right word. Although Baldwin hide her dangerous curves under a too-large sweater during our date at the Arlo Hotel on Soho Street, the first thing that came to my mind when i met her was that she was gorgeous. That's the kind of impression you make when you have fine blond hair, big brown eyes, and fleshy lips. But being pretty is not enough to get a place on Maxim's legendary list. You also have to be amazing. And Baldwin is. She is a teacher in the art of seduction in the best sense of the word. Keeping the public excited when dealing with Justin Bieber and tossing biting comments on gossip magazines like "Yes, I'm pregnant and @ KendallJenner is Mom."

Now that I think about it, Baldwin's attitude may be the best of it. When she says, "At the end of the day, I do not need the approval of the people," you truly believe; although in practice many people approve and identify in one way or another. In fact, during last year Baldwin, who began modeling at 17, transcended her famous surname by leaving her mark on the fashion world by gracefully giving the pages of Vogue, Elle and V. Now the rising star is preparing for her transition to television as the host of James Corden's new comedy reality show, Drop the Mic, in which celebrities are competing in a rap battle (which opens this fall on TBS). For Baldwin, following the family path was natural.
 "I honestly have always felt it was inevitable for me," she says and adds. "I've always been entertaining in my family. Everyone said, 'That's the one you have to take care of.' "

Hailey Baldwin

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