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Maxim - The freedom and the way of five beautiful women crisscross in a frenzy of joy in Malinalco.

Brasil, Alessandra Citadin - @alecittadin

Alessandra Citadin
It was at 19 that I started my modeling career and soon I traveled abroad. First I arrived in Chile, where I lived for a good time, from there I came to Mexico for the first time and fell in love with the country. I was also in Turkey and then in India. Now, at 22, I'm back in Mexico, where I decided to stay and get on with my life. I am very happy for all that my career has given me, the experiences that I have lived and the friendships that I made in the way, especially for the opportunity to know countries with so much cultural diversity.

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I already have plans for the future, which do not imply continuing the career of model, but with this I discovered new passions, so I am very grateful for the doors that has opened, and for the course that has taken my life.

Estados Unidos, Melissa Tolzmann - @melissatolzmann

Melissa Tolzmann
If I traveled to my past, when I was 16, I would never have imagined that I would be a model. The only thing that mattered to me then were my family, my friends, reading and school. In short, I was a girl destined for a normal and comfortable life. However, fate decided to intervene.

I was discovered in my first year at university during a fashion show. There is something very noticeable in me: my height. I am 1.82 meters, and I have always attracted attention and thousands of times they asked me the question: "Are you a model?". At first I was very nervous about pursuing a career like this because I did not know much about the industry. Fortunately, I made a leap of faith and signed with a local agency that guided me in the beginning and took me to where I am now: The Face Models.

Despite being young, my career has taken me all over the world and I have lived incredible things. Now I am in Mexico City and I have never been so long in such an imposing place and with so much historical and cultural richness. Mexico has welcomed me with open arms; I am passionate about its music, fashion, architecture, food and above all people. She has incredible energy that shakes me. Thank you, Mexico!

Brasil, Anne Dias - @Annefdias

Anne Dias
Being a model was always my dream. Since I was little I loved that world, I loved to participate in parades and photo sessions with my friends at school.

The cameras, the catwalks and the production process always fascinated me. I do not have the typical story that someone "discovered" me, I was not intercepted in the street by some scouter. In my case it was different, I had to pursue my dream. I started modeling at age 14, and at 15 I left home and went to work in Sao Paulo. When I was 18 I made my first international trip, and I am immensely happy that I have been to Mexico, a place I always wanted to meet. Today I can say with pride that I am a model and that I achieved my childhood dream.

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However, every day I set a new goal. Not everything is as I imagined it when I was little, but without a doubt being a model is what makes me happier.

Estados Unidos, Emily Gula - @emily_gula

Emliy Gula
I started my modeling career when I was studying Psychology in college. In school I learned a lot about myself and realized that I had a different vocation in life. I knew then that I possessed an interior beauty capable of reflecting itself also on the outside. Being in a small town I felt a sense of empowerment that encouraged me to explore. The next day I was in New York, knocking on the doors of several modeling agencies. The first ones were closed. However, she was sure to open them. I just had to figure out how.

I met a great photographer in New York who believed in me. Then my career took off. After working for a short time in the Big Apple, I was sent to Mexico City to continue my career. This is where everything began to flourish. I was lucky to work with the leading international magazines, as well as meeting with beautiful and good-hearted people in the industry, who not only made my career better, but became my friends.

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My parents raised me to be an ambitious and strong woman, I would never give up on her dreams, and I feel that these begin to be true. I know that with my perseverance and determination I will continue to explore new places and work for prestigious brands. I am delighted to continue in this beautiful adventure called Life.

Brasil, Taynara Agra - @taynaraagra

Taynara Agra

I started at 18 years old. At first it was difficult, I had ups and downs and multiple negatives, however, I was persistent and I got to where I am. Unlike the "Taynara" from before, today I feel strong, much more mature and focused. Now I am in Mexico doing my first international job and it has been an incredible experience, both life and professional.

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Now I want to go further, because I think I still have the world ahead of me; I will put all my determination and perseverance to achieve it. My goal is to be able to work with big brands, and give the best of me at all times. I am grateful to God for all that I have lived so far, for all who believe and have done something for me. That is why I will take every second and opportunity for the duration of this dream.

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