imitation of Marilyn Monroe 

MAXIM - The most erotic video imitation of Marilyn Monroe in the last 50 years.

Only the most lazy blonde did not try to try on the image of the main sex symbol of the XX century Marilyn Monroe. But this case, to our sophisticated look, is special.

Marilyn Monroe stayed in world history as a reference sex symbol, so it's no surprise that everyone is constantly trying to copy it. And to copy in different hypostases: Marilyn from the film "In Jazz Only Girls"; Marilyn from "The Itch of the Seventh Year" (specifically, a scene with a fluttering skirt); Marilyn, congratulating the birthday of US President John F. Kennedy.

Here is the photographer Chris Applebaum (we periodically introduce you to his defiant works) decided to refer to the last incarnation of the sex symbol, the one that congratulates the president.

In honor of the birthday of former US President Barack Obama, who arrived in 2017 on August 4, Chris made a congratulation in the style of Monroe. Invaluable support in this was provided by the model of Kaisley Collins. This beautiful girl. ( Maxim Russia )

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