Elena Garas
Maxim - Of artistic gifts in painting and firm steps in the modeling, the arrival of Elena Garas to the city is reason to be hospitable.

She was born in Ukraine, in the city of Donetsk, on the bank of the Kalmius River, where for years the population was mainly engaged in working iron and coal. Unfortunately, the political situation is not the best in recent times, "but I hope that everything changes soon, I feel like returning there for all the memories that are in my memory," explains Elena, the girl of 1.77 meters tall, perfect measurements and innocent blue-eyed gaze. "She was happy, a girl a little crazy, too active, often had her knees scraped and always wanted to discover new places. My mom jokes that if I had been her first child, then I would not have had one. "

Now, far from her place of origin, occupy her free time to paint, explains that is a way to print their feelings. "I paint with tendencies to the impressionism, the nature and the people in a diverse context". She also loves to walk with her dog through the parks, a chihuahua named Florencia. In more relaxed seasons, when modeling is less demanding, there is room to go to the beach, learn new languages ​​(improve your English, begin Romanian and French) and meet new people. At no time forget the key: enjoy life.

Elena Garas
Although she was very restless, her dynamics are different now. While at home, he's probably dancing to some Rhythm and Blues, or drinking red wine and eating Japanese food while watching a movie where Jason Statham (his favorites: The Big Bang, Parker, Adrenaline) is a delight "I also like all the films where Ann Fontaine has worked," I like the psychological scene always unexpected, deep conversations and incredible actors, "explains Elena, being sure to be an expert on the subject of who is director on tapes like Coco before Chanel (2009) and most recently of The Innocents (2016).

At the level of dating with boys, she has an ideal, although she says that defining this trait has cost him some experiences for oblivion, such as the time she came out with a guy so tedious that waited for the moment when she rose from the table to run, without saying more. "It was so boring and everything I said was ridiculous, and I did not know how to tell him I did not want to go on with the date anymore. When I went to the bathroom, I left the restaurant. " Then we wondered about their expectations: "Great feelings, that seeks to give of itself the most difficult, and fun things at the same time; her face must always show happiness. "

Elena Garas
About her path in modeling states: "I would love to work in London and the United States." Meanwhile, she will be in Mexico City for some months trying her luck, and with the firm idea of making exhibitions of her paintings.

Elena says goodbye to us confessing her great qualities as a person: "I can be a loyal friend, in which you can always support", although you should not be too attached to it, recognizing that its weakness is that it can not stay in a single place for a long time, "the images that cross before me need to change constantly," concluded Garas. ( Maxim Mexico )

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