The elite closed sex club SNCTM

Maxim - Erotic theater, masquerade and intimate experiments: about a closed VIP club for the rich and famous filmed a documentary series

We tell where to look, and show a brief summary of the most heartfelt scenes.

The glory of the elite closed sex club SNCTM, based in Beverly Hills, that in California, runs ahead of him. This institution is extremely erotic sense positioning itself in narrow circles as a VIP class institution, which lets on the threshold of extremely rich and famous people.

Founded in 2013 under the name Sanctum, Damon Lauer swears that the coolest megastars such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend, filmmaker Brad Falchuk, come to him to expand his horizons and enrich the inner world.

About secret parties, which they book, they say everything. The organizers themselves speak of them, just rolling their eyes from the senses - it's supposedly a completely dizzying mixture of burlesque, masquerade, erotic theater and the most daring sexual experiments!

According to The Sun, the annual membership fee is 750,000 pounds, applicants need to fill out a long and candid questionnaire. There is an elite - 12 members: 11 men and one woman, they give a "blood vow", and in return receive higher privileges - separate rooms, access to a cult silver necklace, advice from experts on sex and other special services.

Members can more easily count on discount tickets and other pleasant bonuses. Guests do not pay entrance fees for events, but they must submit the entry photo in full. Men who want to join the celebration of flesh and free-thinking, too, must send a couple of fresh photos to be evaluated for compliance with aesthetic standards.

The dress code of the club is strict: men should appear in tuxedos, ladies in evening dresses or sexy underwear. The club strictly observes confidentiality: maxi are mandatory for everyone (however, in the midst of action, those who are particularly interested can dump them), the phones at the entrance are withdrawn.

There is one more firm condition: everything that happens in the club, occurs solely with the consent of all parties involved. Personnel are strictly prohibited from participating in orgies, but it is rumored that Lowner himself likes to watch.

Until recently, the club enjoyed the reputation of an institution completely closed, but now the covers are dropped: about it, a documentary film was shot from eight series entitled "Naked SNCTM". The premiere took place in mid-August 2017, and now the show is shown without embarrassment by Showtime. (Maxim Russia)

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