Stewardess of the airline "Russia" Alena

Maxim - We continue to acquaint you with the most beautiful heavenly bodies! Today, the stewardess of the airline "Russia" Alena.

The most beautiful thing about flying a plane is not the clouds that float past the porthole somewhere below, not the possibility to get from one part of the world to another in a matter of hours, and not even the right to choose a chicken or fish, no. The most beautiful thing is, undoubtedly, stewardesses.

They exude such confidence that even a seasoned aerophobe calms down, and their patience with capricious passengers knows no bounds. We decided to pay tribute to the noble and selfless profession of the flight attendant. Give due in the style of MAXIM: that is, to introduce our readers to the most beautiful stewardesses of domestic airlines.

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I must say, we have already succeeded very much in this matter (see the links below), and today we are planning to present you another heavenly inhabitant - this time Alena from Rossiya, based in St. Petersburg Pulkovo. Alena is not only incredibly beautiful - in her Instagram she tells interesting information about the life of the stewardess, about flights and even about airports. In general, in every way enlightens almost 33 thousand of its subscribers.

We are sure that after these 11 photos of Alena you will only fly "Russia". Bring the back of the office chair to the upright position. Enjoy watching. (Maxim Russia)

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