Dasha Charusha

Maxim - "Nature has endowed her generously ..." Dasha Charusha in the stunning photo shoot MAXIM

This expression of the classics suits Dasha Charusha without any irony: an actress, singer, composer and director, and still a beauty and a thinker. The last two points we undertake to prove with the help of photographs and interviews.

You have a blooming, but tired look. How do you achieve this?

Yesterday we had a concert in St. Petersburg - Urban Beat. Skriptonite, Smokey Mo, Krec, T-Fest, DJ Pill and I. Have not had enough sleep.

And what genre is it?

It's a rap, baby.

I'm sorry. But I can not believe that from that young, tender, fragile, spiritualized and slightly touched in a good sense of the actress who adorned our cover a decade ago, suddenly a rapper grew up. How did you come to this?

I tried to socialize in Moscow. But in the end I came to the one who really wanted to be. You can not escape from yourself. As a result, now I write music and release albums. My soundtrack for the movie Hardcore, for example, was released by Sony Entertainment, and I'm also a resident of Gazgolder, and that's serious.

And now I, a little girl from the southern village, as an adult, sell my music on iTunes. Be proud of me, Mom, I tried very hard, and it was not in vain. Last summer my first record, Charusha, "Forever", as well as the video "Samsara" with Adil and "Stay with me", which I am very proud of, was released. (Maxim Russia)

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