Saving money (Illustration)

Maxim - The main banking secret, which even the cuckoo does not know, is how much the bank has to live. But experts know how to save their own blood. And here's how.

Study the site of the Central Bank.

You will not have to save money if you follow the progress of your bank. Information about them can be found on Search on the site for the desired bank, in the data on it - column 101, and in it - accounts 47418 and 90904. There are reflected payments that are not translated due to lack of funds. If the amount is decent - it means that the bank is bad, the money is better to take.

Do not skimp on the commission.

If the bank runs out of cash and the ATMs crowded, ignore the battle with the machines. The problem with cash does not mean that the bank has stopped making payments with Visa and MasterCard, so go to any other ATM and try to withdraw for a percentage.
Pay taxes. If the bank does not accept payment orders, this may mean that its CEO is already crawling across the border in the costume of a boar. But payments to the budget can still be conducted. And if you accidentally overpay the tax, excess will be returned from the budget to the account that you specify.

Keep the account. 

Even having handed in the order for money transfer, do not close the account. If the bank falls into a coma, without making a payment, the money will go back and you will be reimbursed by the Deposit Insurance Agency. But if the account is closed, they will have nowhere to return. And you go to the end of the line of creditors, where you get a ruble and a written off stapler.

Transfer money to the Internet. 

Electronic payment systems, such as "Yandex.Money", can have an account in the same bank. Then you can transfer everything through an online bank to an electronic wallet. Yes, your money will remain in the same bank, which has already broken off the feed and water has reached the wheelhouse. But they are now on the account of the payment system, which should return them. (Maxim Russia)

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