Today is one of the most sought-after top models of the 1990s birthday! Of course, we cannot but congratulate you on this.

Cindy was a member of the 1990s top models. According to designer Michael Kors, she “changed the image of a sexy American girl”: a sultry and intelligent brunette replaced the silly, blue-eyed blonde.

At the beginning of her career, Cindy got the nickname “Little Gia” - in honor of the model Gia Garanji, which she was very similar to. True, the resemblance was limited to appearance: Jia died of AIDS, while Cindy was arms and legs for a healthy lifestyle. Her aerobics video courses were very popular.

Perhaps the most memorable feature in Cindy’s appearance was a mole above her lip. It is curious that once Crawford's employers did not find the birthmark charming: in the early photo shoots, the model was diligently eradicated by photoshop. In 1998, Cindy’s birthmark and, accordingly, Cindy herself starred in a commercial for chocolate milk. Look carefully: the most interesting at the end.

Cindy was married to Richard Gere. Now she is not married to Richard Gere, but she has two children.

Once again, we congratulate Cindy on his birthday! Since talking about the age of a woman is not comme il faut, we'll just hint: Cindy is under 54, but over 52 years old.

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