Anna Glaube.

Photo: Roma Petrovski
Interview: Rybik
Style: Catherine Troshko

Their libe Glaube! The photo session of Anna Glaube in which you can see her without theatrical binoculars!

Actress Anna Glaube decided to take a break from the play “Very funny comedy about how the show went wrong” and came to the magazine, where everything always goes like this!

Anya, with the last birthday! Do you like this day?

No more than yes. Since childhood, I could not notice him: I was either sick or performed at various musical and theatrical competitions. Even this year, on my birthday, I played two performances of “The Show Went Wrong,” and went to the night shift. I can say I have a sign: if I am on the scene on my birthday, it means there will be a lot of work all year. In addition, I prefer to give gifts than to receive. I always try to give what a person dreams of. But, of course, if after this interview a familiar man lets slip that he is dreaming of a Porsche Cayenne, then I will leave him without a car.

By the way, about the familiar men. Do you agree that there are no faithful men? There are those who are caught and who are not.

Cheating happen to almost everyone. But yes, the main thing - do not sleep. If a person is dear to you, you will do everything so that he will never know. I do not understand people who have such a burden of responsibility after the betrayal that they need to tell everything about everything. Why? You messed up - and you suffer. And even better - forget it like a bad dream. If I find out about a single treason - forgive. If this happens regularly, I will leave.

Are you climbing in someone else's phone?

The girls who check the phones and social networks of their men are masochist. If you climb into the phone of a man, then you unconsciously want to find something. I do not understand these habits. If a person is self-sufficient, constantly self-improving and doing his job, then he physically does not have the time and desire to climb into the underwear of his second half.

You are a very wise man. And wise people are complex because of growth?

Everyone has complexes. I learned to cope with my own. My height is only 160 centimeters. At school, they screamed at me like in the Scooby-Doo cartoon: “To the puppies! Anya is coming! ” I am the same height with Madonna, Bjork and Britney Spears. It seems that they are complex because of growth? I do not think so.

You, like those of the artists listed, have a wonderful voice. Tell me how you live with a lyric soprano?

Imagine, the other day a vocal teacher said that it turned out that I had a mezzo-soprano, and not a lyric soprano! I have loved theater and music since childhood. I hope someday I can fully combine this, playing a major role in the musical. In the meantime, I sing at my pleasure in karaoke. I love the songs of Lady Gaga and Aguilera, but listening to drunken girls singing them is unbearable. And yes, in karaoke, I do not drink. With age, learned to have fun without alcohol. Apparently, this is old age.

And you there too! All the heroines of MAXIM admit that they are endlessly having fun with green tea! Healthy lifestyle won alcohol?

I had a period of parties. Recently, absolutely indifferent to alcohol. Of course, I can drink some wine for a special occasion, but this happens very rarely. By virtue of my profession, I feel a responsibility to people who look at me, I want to be an example for them.

But after all, it's normal to relax, especially when your show “The Show Went Wrong” goes every day until April!

I love workload and multitasking, so I will rest in retirement. For now I give all my strength to the Broadway play “The Show Went Wrong.” In my opinion, this is the best comedy in Russia! The play has many awards, including the most prestigious world awards: “Tony”, “Moliere”, the Laurence Olivier Prize and others. But what is more important - every day people of different ages from twenty countries of the world on five continents laugh at the performance. I am glad that we manage to make them a little happier.

Do you have a gift to make people laugh from the stage?

Generally they say that I am funny. But I can not joke. You can hear a joke from me once a year, but it will be bombing.

Recently, a note appeared in MAXIM that sex makes teeth healthy and strong.

Then dental clinics would go broke! I do not see a special relationship, but my teeth are good. If we talk about sex, then I will say at once: the first thing that attracts me in men is intelligence.

It turns out that you breathe unevenly to the experts “What? Where? When?"

Not certainly in that way. I divide people into erudite and smart. It is not enough to be well-read and understand the art - first of all, you need to understand life. I am attracted to the intellect combined with life experience.

Do you like insta-ass with quotes?

Love! When I have a bad mood, subscribe to these beautiful women. This is very funny! Just the best antidepressant.

Do you often get acquainted with Instagram? Talented tackles happen?

Yes, they often write. But I am not a fan of epistolary relations. In this age of the Internet, most men think that it’s enough for them to simply write a beautiful message. I more important actions. If a man really wants to meet me, he can always come to the play, and then write. Then it is perceived quite differently. (Maxim Russia)

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