Blob Opera

MAXIM - You are given an ensemble of pot-bellied drops - tenors and other sopranos. And what to do with them is up to you, Paganini. Basque will soon be out of work.

Experimenters David Lee and the Google team have suddenly realized a very daring idea - to write music not using a drum machine and curves guitar simulators (they are all curves, believe me). They decided it was time to tackle the most painful - the throat. And they wrote a helluva lot of clever simulator of opera singing and a cappella. Moreover, in the form of a funny animated game, where you don't have to think about anything at all, but just move the cursor across the screen and enjoy.

It turned out to be a very, very addictive toy. Please note that in addition to a very easy tutorial, there is a "record" button and a library with examples. The examples are impressive - it turns out that you can really give birth to something complete.

What we recorded on the go in a minute already sounds better than any Russian New Year's "Ogonyok"!

You can have fun and at the same time contribute to science here at Blob Opera. Let's leave Baskov and Kirkorov out of work! Half the money.

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