MAXIM - Avoiding a single miss on the first date is like winning Minesweeper!. The publication iWhiteInstant surveyed 2,187 women, and they told what qualities and actions of men on the first date permanently transfer them to the ignore list.

Pickup technicians pass number one. 77% of the respondents said that if their new acquaintance on the first date tries to do some pick-up things with them, then the second meeting is clearly not in sight for him. So you have to forget about all these phrases like “Are your parents astronomers by any chance? Then where did they get such a star? "

In second place on the list of repulsive masculine qualities is narcissism. 65% of women are not ready to build a relationship with a narcissist. You almost went to Harvard, do you know how to bench press or drank kombucha before it became mainstream? Set aside captivating stories until you get to know each other better.

In third place is bad breath. He was named by 64% of respondents. So the garlic croutons will have to be put aside until after the date. In that case, of course, if it does not end at your new girlfriend's house.

Also, 64% complained that modern men spend too much time on dates on their smartphones. Of course, sometimes it's tempting to check social networks when the story of your new acquaintance, even if very attractive, about how she went to the camp in Anapa in the seventh grade, drags on. But do not give in to temptation - and you will be rewarded!

In last place is the lack of hygiene. 52% of women said they would not agree to a second date with a man who came on a date with a dirty head or smell of sweat. It’s even strange to hear this in the 21st century. Maybe these study participants were last on a date in the 1960s?

They were not included in the list, but were also named "talking about politics", "irritability", "lack of a sense of humor."

So, as you can see, it's not that hard not to screw up on the first date. No more difficult than playing the Minesweeper game.

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