MAXIM - Judging by the memoirs of the actress, she was convinced to act without underwear by deception.

The scene during interrogation in the thriller "Basic Instinct", when Katherine Trammel, the heroine of Sharon Stone, demonstrates the absence of the presence of underwear on herself, firmly entered the top of the most indelible movie episodes from male memory. The actress has published a new book of memoirs - "The Beauty of Living Twice", where, in particular, she tells how it was filmed.

Vanity Fair published an excerpt from the book. Basic Instinct, Stone recalls, was her eighteenth film. By that time, she had been filming for a long time and tediously in all kinds of slag, and she was 32 years old - the age by which she is supposed to achieve something. So for Sharon, Verhoeven's thriller was the last chance to jump on the last train of a big movie.

It was not possible to get the script with good, as a result, the artist's manager got it dishonestly. Stone read it and decided: "She must be mine, this role!" To get screen tests, the manager called Verhoeven every day for 7-8 months. Only after 12 actresses, who were offered to play Catherine Tramell, refused, the audition took place.

For Stone, this role turned out to be the takeoff and the most difficult in her career: she had to bring out her dark side in full growth. "It was terrible. During filming, I walked three times in a dream, twice woke up fully dressed in a car in the garage. I had terrible nightmares, ”she recalls.

The very scene, about which the fuss, she saw after the shooting was finished. She was not invited to watch a tete-a-tete with the director, as one might expect, given the circumstances - agents and lawyers were packed into the hall, most of whom had nothing to do with the film.

“So I saw the filming of my intimate place long after I was told: 'We can't see anything, we just need you to take off your panties, because the white reflects the light, we know that you are wearing them.' writes in the book by Sharon Stone.

The actress approached director Paul Verhoeven and slapped him in the face. Then I called my lawyer Marty Singer. He assured that the film would not be allowed in this form and that he could obtain an injunction. Sharon had to make a decision.

“I knew what movie I was shooting. For heaven's sake, I fought for this role, and all this time only this director stood up for me. I needed to find a way to be objective. I thought, thought - and decided to allow this scene. Why? Because it was right for both the film and the character, and because, in the end, I did it, ”explains the actress.

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