Prince William and Prince Harry.

MAXIM - 39-year-old Prince William (Prince William) did not sort things out with 36-year-old Harry (Prince Harry). Diana's eldest son wants to do this in the presence of his brother's wife.

Diana Spencer's sons spent several days together. But the Queen's grandchildren never had a serious conversation that would dot the i's in their tense relationship. William deliberately discussed football and other events with his brother unrelated to their quarrel.

The awkwardness between husbands Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle manifested itself on their joint exit. The brothers attended the unveiling of a monument to the Princess of Wales in the gardens of Kensington Palace. The rest of the royal family skipped the event so that William and Harry could share an important moment with each other.

Kate Middleton tried to reconcile her husband with the Dukes of Sussex.

“Whatever conversations there were between the princes, they were frivolous. William knows Megan needs to be there to discuss issues. Because everything said has to go through her, "- said the royal expert Richard Eden in the" Palace Confidential "program.

The British were upset with the way the princes' meeting went. Fans of the royal family fear that William and Harry might drag out the reconciliation too long and lose their former connection forever. Hope remains for the visit of the Dukes of Cambridge to America.

“The longer they wait with it, the more difficult the conversation will be.” “William is right, without Megan the conversation is meaningless. She has a strong influence on Harry. And her word will be the last ”,“ How embarrassed they must have been at the meeting. It was such an important event, but we didn’t manage to share the joy of it, as we would like, ”- wrote the users.

William is waiting to be able to talk to his brother in front of Megan.

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