MAXIM - At once we will say that with the guests this term of modern relations is not connected in any way.

Text: Maxim Rafstein

More and more foreign words break into our lives to change it! (And we naively believed that we would limit ourselves to "baguette"). We recently told you about the latest trend of modern relations - stashing. Now it's time to tell you about the no less recent trend of modern relations - the guest.

The concept of "ghosting" (English ghosting - from the word ghost, "ghost") - appeared in the everyday life of the English-speaking public due to the increasing role of social networks in the life of the individual. Actually, without social networks, a hotel would not be possible, or at least not be so bright.

So, what is a welcome and how do you understand that you became its victim?

Let's say you're dating a girl. Suddenly it disappears. And disappears not as a detective - without a trace, from the life of relatives and friends - and specifically from your life. First, she ceases to lykat your cool posts in the Instagram about how to cut sausage, then for some reason does not respond to the comment that you left under the photograph of her cat, and then does not respond to your messages (note, given the rhythm of modern life , all these dramatic events may well be within a couple of hours).

At the same time, you see that she is not just alive, but leads the former socially active way of life: repostit in "Facebook" other people's publications on renovation, husks photos of her friends, retweet funny tweets. But your messages to her in instant messengers are still unread.

Then you decide on a desperate step at this time - to call the girl. She does not answer the phone. And does not call back. Of course, one could assume that she does not know that a smartphone can also be used as a phone, and not just sit with it in social networks and instant messengers, but you should not rely on such luck.

In general, congratulations: you became a victim of the guest.

The girl continues to maintain a relationship with the rest of the people, and as if you do not exist for her at all, you seem to have turned into a ghost. Well, or it turned into a ghost for you - it's impossible to connect with her, as with most ghosts.

But there were times when to part with a person using a message was considered a bad form! The only thing we can advise is: even if you became a victim of a guest, do not go down to such a low level of inter-sex communications. Do not you know how to leave a girl, so that it would not be painfully painful for her or for parts of your body? Easy, here you will find detailed instructions. (Maxim Russia)

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