In our tenacious lenses came Anastasia Ivleeva - witty girl with a stunning figure.

Text: Igor Cher-skiy

At what point did you decide that everyone should know about your life?

It turned out quite by accident. Just made a video with a friend without any plan and script. I'm sitting there so lonely in a bar and I drink first from one straw, and then immediately from two. And immediately went husky, feedback. And when I shot the second video, he got into public, where millions of subscribers. And then I realized that you should not abandon this matter. 

If people go, we must show them something! In the second clip there were already words and a script: "What do I like more - you or sweets? Maybe you or the gym? You or new clothes? And you'll leave without knowing that I love more than anything in the world ... buhaaaaaaaaat! "

Really so you like to thump?

In fact, I do not even like this word, it's pretty rude. I, of course, like to drink wine in the evening or on weekends. But sixty percent of the content of my videos is still an image, otherwise I would already look like a station alcoholic. In addition, I can not drink a lot: I become too gay, and then fall asleep. Well, I also sometimes go in for sports. I'm different. Not a stubborn supporter of healthy lifestyles and diets, but normal and lively.

It will be great if you promote the trend, that it's cool to be normal and combine different things. Today vegan, and tomorrow eat a bear cub. Today, a fighter for the protection of nature, and tomorrow dumped in the river three bags of garbage.

And people are just like that. It's just that not all admit, but I try to be sincere and bring everyone to the surface. True, I mainly have a female audience. Now I want to pull up the men's.

After the magazine is published, people will reach out to you. But actually you could have pulled it up earlier: you just had to take off more often in your underwear and bathing suits.

Yes, probably. It's just that I did not immediately realize that this is so important for a male audience. But now I will add, of course, this subject. I really like the beautiful sexuality, I'm not shy about it, I just can not always use it. I'm different!

And what else can you do?

I'm studying on TV presenter. I really want to go to the TV. I am ready to work a lot and start with small projects to grow to large.

Please arrange a short tour of your tattoos. What does that mean?

Let's start with the left hand. Here I have a nest with a swallow, a rose and a ribbon. They do not make much sense: I just scored the old blue inscription in Hebrew "The family is my foundation." Why in Hebrew? I do not know. I made her at the age of eighteen in Chelyabinsk - she wanted to seem dangerous and bold. On the right hand is an owl. It means not only wisdom, but I will keep the true meaning in secret. On the right hip is a portrait of a woman, but it's not me. There is such a style - Chicano. Initially, these tattoos were worn by Latin American gangs in America, but now they are doing everything because it's beautiful. And it went from Mexico, where each figure on the face carried some meaning. And my woman has everything on her face. I also have a butterfly on my shoulder, also from the age of eighteen. I, of course, love her, but soon I will either delete or interrupt.

What's with your private life?

This can be partially learned from my posts. But with me there can be only one who respects what I do, and does not try to remake me or teach me how to live.

Our readers also have wives with accounts in Instagram. Give them a couple of tips how to attract a million audience.

If the husband is rich, you can just buy it. And to honestly attract, you need to come up with some kind of your own theme, which will immediately interest everyone. It's easier, of course, for those who live beautifully and expensively - people are usually interested in all this luxury, palaces, yachts, furnishings, cosmetics ... But if this is not, you need a creative.

Tell me about the reverse side of popularity. Negative writing?

Yes, especially not. But pictures of their penises are sent very often. It's a tin, I already have a whole collection. I wanted to make a detailed report, but I'm afraid of offending someone.

That is, members you better not to send? On the other hand, if so many people send them - it means, on some girls this works? Have you ever seen a member - and immediately a spark? "This is the same one I've been looking for all my life!"

No. I first need to see the eyes and face. These guys just start from the wrong place.

Perhaps, in vain? After all, then the girl can see him and be disappointed.

Yes, this has happened to everyone. Although more often disappointment is not a member, and inability to use it and make love in general. Fortunately, this happens rarely. But if this is a real feeling, then you can still come to harmony. Where it is more difficult, if a person does not have a sense of humor. This is where no member will save.

About creative plans you tell?

In the next month I plan to pass the practice, which will offer "Ostankino", on one of the TV channels. I want to become a show-gerl and the best videobloger in the humor section! (Maxim Russia)

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