Elena Gornostayeva
In the distant 2008 year, student Elena Gornostayeva won our radio contest Energy Radio "The Battle of Blondes" with our informational assistance and became the leading Morning Show Black2White. At that time, the fans of the beginning DJ recognized her only by voice. We showed them what other talents are hiding the broadcast. Perhaps, thanks to our surveys, Lena passed a probationary period - and for the fourth year now she has been ruthlessly awakening you on the wave of 104.2. During this time, we managed to lose the video with her - and find again. For four years, it only got better: it was properly settled and saturated with new, sustained notes.

Tell me, how did you decide to enter into the most severe "Battle of Blondes"?

Standing in a traffic jam, I heard an announcement about casting for the role of the leading morning show Black 2 White. The questionnaire I filled about a week - very responsibly approached this. I listened to almost all the broadcasts, I was determined to win. And won - a contract for the year of broadcasting on Radio Energy!

Elena Gornostayeva

What did you find most fun in the contest?

For example, it was necessary to depict a conversation with a Gzhel member. Before me put this statuette, and I said something like: "Hello, my dear, you are such a nice form ..." In general, the entire contest was sexy. Girls basically undressed, danced the striptease. And I decided to approach the task more creatively. After all, listeners are unlikely to see me naked, so it's better to create some kind of audiovisual picture that connects the imagination. I came up with a fortune-telling fortune. We need to touch and determine what kind of fruit the breast looks like, and so to reveal the girl's temperament.

And what kind of fruit lies under your pink T-shirt?

Pomelo. But not Anderson! This fruit personifies a bright and exotic girl. And in general, the contest was a lot of unexpected tasks. There was a stage of provocative questions. It was necessary not just to answer, but to do it creatively, with imagination. The work of the radio presenter requires an instant reaction. For example, they give me a task: "Everything, the ether is switched on. Three minutes talk about buying underwear. " And of course, in advance we do not plan our speech. Pure improvisation.

Elena Gornostayeva
And imagine yourself on the spot asking provocative questions. What would you ask a beautiful girl?

Well, for example: "What was the most vivid you had in sex?" The answer will characterize a person one hundred percent.

You probably already guessed which question will be next.

(He laughs). The most vivid sex - after a long separation from a loved one. Another change of places is very stimulating. If I try to remember my coolest experience, I will not have the usual situation, but someone at the dacha, suddenly, three times in the morning, then three more ... Then they got into the car and, once in a traffic jam, once again engaged in sex. But in the club never happened. Although I like to hang out, listen to good music.

( Maxim Russia )

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