Paris Hilton lingerie line.

Breaking news: Paris Hilton is launching her own lingerie line, and she's the model for the brand.

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And guess what? I'm here for it. It's hot, and I love it.

The 36-year old socialite posted a photo of herself wearing a sexy getup from her own collection, and captioned it: “She’s all about mystery, adventure & risk. And her heart was wild & full of magic…”

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Ooh, risqué. Just look at those fishnets.

And right after the first picture, she posted another bomb photo of her and her squad wearing matching lingerie, standing in front of what looks like a nuclear explosion.

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That's hot.

It’s nice to see Paris doing so well these days. Just yesterday she announced the launch of her own clothing brand, and now we’re getting a Paris Hilton lingerie collection? I feel blessed.

Remember when she had a sex tape and hung out with Kim Kardashian? Yeah, she’s come a long way.

Currently, she's worth a cool $100 million thanks to her fragrance line and side gig as a DJ, and no doubt her new lingerie brand will only add to that.

Well, even though she kinda sorta fell from grace and isn’t exactly a topic of discussion anymore, Paris Hilton will always be one of the OG Hollywood socialites of the 21 century. (maxim)

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