Kristina Cheban-Belkova

Maxim - Christina has traveled a long way from Chita to the Moscow region to forever be imprinted in the interiors of the village attic.

Photo: Yury Koltsov
Interview: Igor Cher-skiy
Style: Irina Volkova
Produced by: Anna Mira

That's the main annual beauty and sexuality contest MISS MAXIM 2017! We have a little bit of a rest, have breathed a spirit after the grandiose finale and we acquaint you with ten finalists. Every day we upload photos and videos of one participant. Today, visiting Christina Cheban-Belkova from Chita.

Christina every day talks about the weather on the channel "ZabTV 24". Spectators are grateful to Cristina for the fact that she does it in a bikini: any weather immediately gets better.

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Instagram: / _princesska_666 /

Your main virtues?

Quickly learn anything. For example, if I do not know something yet, and the man needed it, I will learn to do it better than anyone else.

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And the main disadvantages?

I'm lazy and spend most of my life sleeping. But if I need sex, then, of course, I'll find the time.
List your achievements.

Dancing for ten years, participated in various beauty contests: "Miss Internet Transbaikalia - 2011", "Miss photo", "Miss billiards - 2016" and others.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I have a wonderful husband, and we have a beautiful daughter. I, of course, am pleased that I got into your top ten, but I still love only my husband.

Cameras, shootings, flashes, interviews, hordes of journalists - that's all.

How long can you (or can not) do without sex?

And I can not take a day. Will you let me go soon?

Do you have any tattoos?

I stopped on time, so only one - behind my neck. There's my name and crown. I'm a princess!

The most pleasant compliment that you ever made a man?

"I do not need anyone but you". This is the best, and it tells me my husband.

How are you with jealousy? Are you jealous? What are you capable of because of jealousy and whether you suffered from jealousy of someone else?

I'm hellishly jealous. If my husband hugs a tree, I'll upload such a scandal! I'm next door! And I'm better than a tree!

And why the double surname?

I have two families, and both are equally dear to me. My parents' home and the family that I created. ( Maxim Russia )

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