Chuiko Natalia - Moscow

Why you should be on the cover of MAXIM?

Because I have a unique sexuality, not cocky and vulgar, but combined of a combination of live facial expressions and youthful attraction ;)

Do you have experience shooting for men's magazines, linens, etc.?

A great experience for filming catalogs of linens and swimsuits. For men's magazines - at Maxim's casting in 2016, when I hit the Top 100 :)

What do you like most in yourself? What place do you have the most beautiful?

Smile and eyes!

Chuiko Natalia - Moscow

What are your other talents besides super-looks? Sports discharge in ...? Ability to play at ...? Knowledge in the field of ...?

I successfully develop a commercial art project. I go in for sports: the second team place at the world championship on akvaysu and the first adult category in martial arts.

What mistakes are most often made by men trying to get to know you?

The most common mistake is an overabundance or a lack of perseverance and flexibility. A harmonious combination of these qualities attracted me to my current man.

The most pleasant compliment that a man has ever done to you?

"Behind your extraordinary appearance lies a rich inner world, purposefulness, activity ...".

In what way do you dream to be photographed?

I love bright and spectacular images.

Chuiko Natalia - Moscow

Which girl is erotic - absolutely naked or in clothes? And in what clothes?

In the clothes you want to take off.

Your attitude to tattoos and piercings? And to plastic surgery?

Positive if it is harmonious and attractive.

If people's glory and love fall upon you, how will you use this?

Make the whole world believe in magic :)

Chuiko Natalia - Moscow

In what place on the planet would you like to live, if it did not depend on money and other things?

I would travel all the time and study the world.

If you enter the top ten - who will you call on you to be ill for the final ceremony?

I'll play in the instagram place at the ceremony of my rewarding :)
Chuiko Natalia - Moscow
( MAXIM - Russia )

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