Choi Lin - Moscow

Why you should be on the cover of MAXIM?

I want to prove that the restrictions are only in the head. I like to achieve my goals, try new things. Cover MAXIM will be for me a new step in the career and victory over their complexes.

Do you have experience shooting for men's magazines, linens, etc.?

Playboy, FHM, Wild Orchid.

What do you like most in yourself? What place do you have the most beautiful?

Eyes, waist, brain.

Choi Lin - Moscow

What are your other talents besides super-looks? Sports discharge in ...? Ability to play at ...? Knowledge in the field of ...?

CCM on swimming, snowboard freerider, I play the piano, I sing. The mathematician-programmer.

What mistakes are most often made by men trying to get to know you?

There are too intrusive. In a man, as in a woman, there must be intrigue. The book is read on the shelf.

The most pleasant compliment that a man has ever done to you?

"It is not often that you meet such a beautiful girl with amazing brains"

Choi Lin - Moscow

In what way do you dream to be photographed?

Sexy female vamp.

Which girl is erotic - absolutely naked or in clothes? And in what clothes?

The most erotic girl - a girl, self-confident. Even if she is in training.

Your attitude to tattoos and piercings? And to plastic surgery?

The right tattoo in the right place is beautiful. Piercing is a mauveen and a tribute to provincialities. Especially the navel and eyebrows. Plastic surgery - only in cases of extreme necessity.

Choi Lin - Moscow

If people's glory and love fall upon you, how will you use this?

Give it to people. All that you give, it is necessarily returned, it is karma.

In what place on the planet would you like to live, if it did not depend on money and other things?

Germany. I love their pedantry and over-responsibility. And the language is beautiful.

If you enter the top ten - who will you call on you to be ill for the final ceremony?

Faithful girlfriends.

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