Threesome ilustrate.

As science has learned, when it comes to sex threesomes, men and women have quite different preferences.

Maxim - The scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior published the work of the Canadian group of sexologists "Heterosexual sex with several partners in heterosexual youth: needs, attitudes and experiences". Behind this boring name was hiding a poll about the threesome. The study involved 274 Canadian students, whose sexual life is much more interesting than you.

The survey focused on two types of sex three together: two women and one man (FGM) and two men and one woman (MMW). Sexual threesome, which is logical, was not touched upon in this scientific work. And what fruits the research brought.

24% of men and 8% of women have a threesome experience.

In general, 64% of respondents consider this type of sex positively and, in principle, do not mind practicing it.

In this case, the main condition for consent to participate in group sex depends, in the vast majority of cases, on who will be the other two partners.

As was to be expected, almost every interviewed man preferred that he be the sole owner of a penis of three participants. It is noteworthy that (and it was an unexpected discovery for scientists) that women are also more interested in the sex of FGM than in MMZh.

This is how the diagram looks. Blue denotes sex FGM, and red - MMZH. Coefficient from 1 to 7, where the seven means "I'm with both hands for sex three together at any time and with anyone!", And the unit - "Three of us threesome ?!" Never in my life! "

Threesome graphics.

Presumably, women prefer the option of ZHMM because this species seems to them less fraught with dangers.

If you leave aside the sex of participants, then the next crucial condition for comfortable sex is the threesome, depending on the degree of affinity between partners.

And here the preferences of men and women are very different. It is desirable for guys that he knows partners well. And all the same - he is invited to be the third with a familiar couple or invites someone to join his established partner.

A woman prefers to know with whom she will have sex, only if she is invited to become a third. If she and her partner invite a third party, it will be much better if this third participant turns out to be an absolute stranger or a cap friend.

So, these were the fundamentals of the theory of sex three together. But the practice - Threesomes: 9 best poses and 4 golden rules. ( Maxim Russia )

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