Tireless scientists again decided to delve into your sex life.

Maxim - A group of scientists from the Rutgers Institute (USA) once again asked an interesting question: Is there a connection between career and intimate life? Experiments did not involve this study (at least for now), so they decided to focus on the surveys.

500 couples aged 18 to 50 years completed the questionnaire, answering questions about their careers and intimate life. It would be surprising if meticulous scientists did not find any interesting addiction. And it turned out that couples who prefer to start their morning with sex, incomes are higher, because they are more successful in their careers. And for a change, this applies not only to men, but also to women.

According to the advanced version, such a start of the work day gives a charge of vivacity and good mood. And a cheerful, happy and joyful person does all the work better. Here and before promotion in the vicinity. It is still difficult to say whether they are successful because they prefer early sex, or prefer early sex, because they are successful.

But just in case, try to postpone the traditional end of the evening for the morning. And if after a while you will be promoted, do not forget to write about it to the Ratger Institute, because the scientists decided to continue their research and will be glad to experimentally confirm their theory. ( Maxim Russia )

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