Maxim - The variety of modern research is amazing: it seems that scientists decided to get into all areas of our lives and tell us what we are doing right and what is not. Or when we do something right, and when we do not.

So we learned how to attract women of what age.

And also how much sex we are supposed to have at our age.

Now scientists have reached the sacred question for humanity: at what time of day is it best to have sex? And if you thought that the answer to this question is "at any time", then you are not alone, we also thought so. It turned out that from a medical point of view, this answer is completely wrong.

The study was ordered by an English company that produces vitamins and supplements for Forza Supplements. Scientists have studied the questionnaire data and medical indicators of 1000 people who have an active sexual life. That's what happened.

The best time to have sex is drum roll! - 7.45 in the morning! Yes, the time you spend running around the apartment with screams: "Where the hell is my second striped sock?" And I'd rather have sex. And that's why.

Since the average time of awakening among the respondents was at 7 am (respondents are clearly not freelancers), by 7.45 they managed to wake up completely and were full of energy. The release into the blood of the hormone endorphin - a constant companion of happy sex - guaranteed them a drop in blood pressure and mood enhancement for the whole day.

That is, you will be the most cheerful and efficient employee who so annoys his gloomy colleagues. ( Maxim Russia )

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