Especially for those who think that writing erotic messages is a perversion.

Maxim - There should have been a paragraph telling about how our life changed because of the development of technology, the emergence of social networks and messengers. But, perhaps, this time we will skip it and go straight to the point.

Scientists of the famous Kinsey Institute (the so-called one of the founders of sex, the predecessor of even the two of them) conducted another study, the results of which will be of interest to all who are not-yes and will have sex by correspondence.

Doctors, led by Amanda Gesselman, processed the questionnaires of 140,000 adults from 198 countries. Questionnaires related to the extent to which technology development affected the sexual life of respondents.

So, as many as 67% of respondents said that they regularly have sex by correspondence, or, if you like that language, they exchange erotic messages. And this is a huge step for humanity, considering that a similar study 5 years ago showed that only 22% were engaged in penultimate sex.

Such a behavioral model (it seems to us that scientists speak this way) allowed Amanda and her team to come to the conclusion that sexting is "a new, but already expected, stage in a romantic relationship."

If you always wanted to do sexting, but was afraid that the partner will understand that you had a Russian deuce (10-point system), stop being afraid: the more you make mistakes in erotic correspondence, the better. ( Maxim Russia )

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