And there are several such dates in the life of each person. Watch your back!

Maxim - One day two American researchers, Adam Alter and Hal Hershfild, peacefully sat in New York and California universities and studied the site, where married people can find a companion for a couple of evenings. We studied for scientific purposes, of course. Turning the questionnaire of married men and married women, scientists tried to find the answer to the question of how many years these dishonest citizens. Is there a scientifically grounded connection between the age of a person and his desire to find a mistress? The answer did not take long.

After analyzing more than eight million questionnaires filled by men on dating sites, the researchers found that the age of 18% of them, that is, about a million married men, ends with a figure of 9.

The result so amazed the scientists that they conducted six different studies on this subject, until they were finally convinced: yes, everything is so. The chances of an individual to go on seeking a new sexual experience on the side increase significantly when he reaches the age that ends at nine, that is, 29, 39 or 49 years.

Protehdirovav all the data, Adam Alter and Hal Hershfild came to the conclusion: this is because at the turn of decades, people tend to ask themselves vague questions about the meaning of life and their own purpose. Did I achieve what I wanted? Could you find yourself? Does not pass away something bright, positive and vital from me - but at least an affair with a neighbor?

Thus, the age-related crisis of the world perception leads people to the path of lies and vice, scientists were delighted and hurried to publish the results of their research.

Professor of Sociology from the University of Connecticut Christine Munsh, familiar with the data of colleagues, adds: the older people become, the more inclined they are to adultery. Therefore, from the point of view of adultery, 49 years look much more explosive than 39 or 29.

Professor Munsh explains this in this way: with age, people change more simply because they have more opportunities for this. For example, a man at the age of 49 can simultaneously become an object of sexual desire for an eighteen-year-old student and colleague a couple of years older than himself, while a twenty-year-old will most likely seek his partner exclusively among peers, significantly narrowing his space for search.

However, to our universal joy, Kristin Munsh does not consider the age ending in nine, a verdict. "The theory sounds plausible, but each of us is able to avoid adultery, if he wants," the professor reassured. "To do this, it's enough just to stay away from situations that provoke adultery: corporate drinking, romantic evening meetings with his wife's friends in the park and the languid looks of neighbors."

Well, with age, decided. But what does statistics say about what months of the year most often the final breakdown of relations occurs. ( Maxim Russia )

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