Trigubchak Ulyana

Why you should be on the cover of MAXIM?

Because you bare bare boobs and asses and so you have enough, but no one else has such charm and sense of humor as mine.

Do you have experience shooting for men's magazines, linens, etc.?

Yes, there were shooting for linen catalogs. And about the shooting for men's magazines decided not to waste time, and immediately aim at the cover of MAXIM.

Trigubchak Ulyana

What do you like most in yourself? What place do you have the most beautiful?

The most beautiful is my 4 eyes. Most of all I like my catchy name.

What are your other talents besides super-looks? Sports discharge in ...? Ability to play at ...? Knowledge in the field of ...?

Master of Philology. The sexiest girl in the KHL. Master of Sports in ice girls. Nedobloger, journalists of the BASHKIR SATELLITE TELEVISION. Phytochemical. And the wizard for completing the questionnaires.

What mistakes are most often made by men trying to get to know you?

1) Call Julia, not the Beehive. 2) First get acquainted, and only then they call for somewhere to eat, but vice versa! 3) And in general to get acquainted with me already a mistake!

Trigubchak Ulyana

The most pleasant compliment that a man has ever done to you?

It is difficult to choose the most pleasant. But here is one of the latest from Amirabbas Naghash: "Hi lidyi so hot sexy so biutifol".

In what way do you dream to be photographed?

In the image of a sexy clown, with a colored wig, a red nose and large inflatable balls. Well at least in the image of Harley Quinn.

Which girl is erotic - absolutely naked or in clothes? And in what clothes?

If a girl has a beautiful figure, it does not matter whether she is dressed or not.

Trigubchak Ulyana

Your attitude to tattoos and piercings? And to plastic surgery?

Tattoo is. Piercing - is. Plastic surgery - not yet :(

If people's glory and love fall upon you, how will you use this?

If this happens, I will create an interesting and up-to-date news youtube channel about the domestic sport! I'll select a team and cover hockey, football and e-sports news, yuhuu!

Trigubchak Ulyana

In what place on the planet would you like to live, if it did not depend on money and other things?

Next to the ocean, white sand and beautiful nature, but that there were no insects.

If you enter the top ten - who will you call on you to be ill for the final ceremony?

All hockey fans of the country.

(Maxim Russia)

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