Fedotova Anna

Why you should be on the cover of MAXIM?

I believe that miniature girls are not inferior in their attractiveness to long-legged divas.

Do you have experience shooting for men's magazines, linens, etc.?

I have experience in filming in linen, namely for magazines or catalogs there.

Fedotova Anna

What do you like most in yourself? What place do you have the most beautiful?

In appearance, I love in myself, everything that I have. I am pleased with what I have been given from above. And figure and face, and hair.

Fedotova Anna

What are your other talents besides super-looks? Sports discharge in ...? Ability to play at ...? Knowledge in the field of ...?

I graduated from music school in piano and guitar. Courses of hairdressing art. And so, I always like to occupy myself with something. Any study or interesting projects.

What mistakes are most often made by men trying to get to know you?

Cynical attitude. That he is so handsome, and I lose a lot. It also repels rudeness and bad manners.

Fedotova Anna

The most pleasant compliment that a man has ever done to you?

Most of all, I have to myself praise, admiration for my achievements, than compliments on appearance. Compliments about appearance, I hear quite often and they are all very pleasant.

In what way do you dream to be photographed?

I like very simple images, natural. But I would like to arrange a survey on the sea at the rocks or at the waterfall.

Which girl is erotic - absolutely naked or in clothes? And in what clothes?

Not exactly naked, I think that there must be a mystery in the girl :)

Fedotova Anna

Your attitude to tattoos and piercings? And to plastic surgery?

I'm for naturalness and naturalness, I do not have tattoos and no piercings. Plastic operations I did not do and do not want, I'm happy with everything.

In what place on the planet would you like to live, if it did not depend on money and other things?

In the Caribbean islands :)

Fedotova Anna
(Maxim Russia)

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