The best way to celebrate the loss of your favorite team!

MAXIM - The fact that the fans are capable of anything, we have known for a long time. But we did not suspect that baseball fans are also not a blunder. But in vain: the network appeared scandalous video (and we, mind you, only in exceptional cases we call the video "scandalous").

The video captures the fans of the New York Yankees baseball team, returning after a match lost by their team, home on the subway. Apparently, they wanted to drown out the pain of the recent loss of their idols ... Although why do we justify them? Perhaps they just wanted to have sex.

In general, instead of, like all normal couples, first get to the house and only then quarrel and never have sex, these two have sex in the subway car. Of course, one of the passengers had a camera ready.

And, of course, in a matter of hours the fans became the heroes of the Internet.

We warn: if you are a prude or have not had sex for a long time, better not watch this video.

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This incident reminded us of another story - when the groom engaged in sex in the cabin of the plane, while a pregnant bride was waiting for him at home. Do you remember?

( Maxim Russia )

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