MAXIM - The guy on the air demonstrated how you can cruelly take revenge on the one who threw your backpack in the women's toilet.

Rarely does anyone have a school that evokes pleasant memories. And even those who were subjected to bulling in school years, memories are completely bad. True, not all the victims of the bulling are ready to carry out their thirst for revenge in a year and sometime to really put it into practice. But one such rancorous character was found ...

A resident of Boston, named Ariel, called a live broadcast on the relationship. She said she spent the night with a young man named Rob. Since then, he disappeared from her life, but did not answer the calls. Although, according to Ariel, everything went fine, even though it is twice the age of Rob.

Radio hosts, not long thinking (very valuable quality for working on the air), dialed Rob's phone number. What followed, you can no doubt call the most dramatic call in the history of radio.

When Rob went to the phone, the hosts introduced themselves and asked him to explain his disappearance after the meeting with Ariel. At first, Rob did not believe that he was being telephoned from the radio, and only exclaimed: "I can not believe that this is really happening. It's hilarious! "

After finally verifying that this was not a rally and that the presenters really wanted him to give a reason, Rob replied: "Look, I, of course, will look like a complete goat, but it was revenge. I saw her on the Net, found out her name and realized that it was her son who, in my school years, dubbed me in school. So I decided that if I sleep with his mother, we'll be even. "

The reaction of the leaders - however, like Ariel, who was still on the line - was noisy. "So you're a friend of Sam?" - asked dumbfounded Ariel. "No, I'm not your damn son's friend," Rob answered. "He broke my life." Now I answered him the same. "

No sooner had the listeners recovered from Rob's statement, as he added: "I, by the way, made a couple of excellent photos. I will send them to your son. "

We do not even know what morality to take out of this story. Do not offend anyone while you are in school? Raising children so that they do not poison anyone and could stand up for themselves? One thing is for sure: listen to the radio more often. Sometimes there is something really shocking.

( Maxim Russia )

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