Penza Ekaterina Lisina
Maxim - And she is the tallest model in the world! Quickly see her photo - a pleasant dizziness is guaranteed!

Text: Irina Korotchenko

We had no time to rejoice at the success of the Russian model chosen for the Parisian show Victoria's Secret, as there was a new occasion for our pride, our country! The owner of the longest legs of the planet is 29-year-old model from Penza Ekaterina Lisina. And this is not all great news: the girl is also called the model on the Earth! Twice cheers!

The length of her legs - 133 cm, height - 205.74 cm (both achievements were in the Guinness Book of Records in 2018, so that every millimeter counts). These titles she added to the title of the highest woman in Russia.

On the air of the British TV show This Morning, the model told: she is a big dad! Wait, or in Mom? .. In general, in both: the growth of her father is 198 cm, the mother - 188.

Another girl admitted that in childhood she was terribly complex because of the fact that she was such a fan. But she was noticed by basketball coaches (which, unsure, is not surprising), and Katya's life soared to new heights. She made an excellent career in professional basketball: as part of our team, she became the bronze medalist of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the silver medalist of the 2006 World Cup in Brazil and the 2007 European Champion.

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In 2014, Catherine left the big sport and embellished herself with a modeling business (for which she was very grateful to her!).

What we all say and say ... Than a hundred times to hear about Katya (even in our virtuoso performance), it is better to see her once - in her dizzying Instagram. ( Maxim Russia )

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