Alyssa Arce
Maxim - She grew up in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At 25 she is a model and a successful businesswoman.

She thinks of her childhood with affection. "My childhood is full of memories of beach days, football games and endless laughter with my family," she says. Although she wanted to be a dentist or a pediatrician, she found great potential in modeling.

She thinks her greatest quality is compassion, and her worst weakness is cookies.
In his free time she enjoys traveling, learning new cultures, walking with her dog "Kola"; She also loves to read and write. She also dreams of creating a shelter for defenseless animals.

Among her guilty tastes are ice cream and wine. As for music, she prefers the alternative and the indie; Her favorite band is Lord Huron, while his favorite singer is Ben Howard. Look for examples to follow Cindy Crawford, Laura Hutton and Faye Dunaway.

Alyssa Arce

About her perfect man comments: "I would have to have the qualities of my father: compassionate and with a great sense of humor." A sense of the North Myrtle Beach girl does not lack, as she comments with mischief that has always intrigued him: "How many blows are really needed to reach the chiclocentro of a Tutsi Pop?".

"When I was younger I visited Cozumel with my family, and it's a great memory." Alyssa has a great concept about Mexico, thanks to the memories of her childhood. She also said she plans to visit the capital. "I have plans to visit Mexico City this year, I've heard it's a wonderful city," she added. 

Alyssa Arce

At 25 she is a beautiful and successful woman, she sees herself as "businesswoman and philanthropist". He currently works in his own clothing line and in the positioning of his brand. Although the modeling is today his profession and considers it something enriching for the soul, knows that the race as a model is perishable, and is aware that at some point must change course.

"Modeling and fashion have always been my passions, and I plan to pursue them as long as I can. However, I would have no problem in venturing into The television or in the filming of some film ", it emphasized.

Alyssa Arce
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